TRS (family) party its future and success in coming elections

Started by msrhprasad, May 15, 2013, 06:57:53 PM

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If Telangana forms then he is the father of telangana for sure. He is the person who lead movement. This is the truth.


don't get carried away by sani dasa of AP or sani's transit in libra, which ends by oct 2014.
if sani had to do some good, he would have done long back itself.

most important point is : it is central govt which has to decide on creation of new state(s).
for that india's present dasa of Sun (till 2015 july) is not supporting much. {SUN is anti to SATURN}
only transits of rahu joining sani is creating some issues.
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

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LOL ... they're not even seen anywhere in sarpanch elections results so far
and ofcourse saturn in libra happened in between 1982-84 too.
only change it bought was that congress was kicked out of power and NTR came in
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Sai Sai

KCR is bringing many Politicians from Telangana TDP, Congress Party etc into TRS Party.

Some MLA's from other political parties who switched to TRS became Mininsters.

It seems like Anti defection law is not applied to MLA's who are switching to TRS Party in Telangana state after being elected as TDP MLA or Congress MLA due to the Power of Chief Minister KCR

Will KCR and TRS Party wipe out or weaken other Political Parties in Telangana State so that TRS will remain Supreme party and KCR can continue to rule Telangana State without strong opposition from any other Political party ?