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USA Horoscope & Future Analysis

Started by tara, August 18, 2011, 08:33:19 PM

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Astrology Predictions for United States of America Independence Chart formed on 4 July 1776 at 17:10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

America the big gaint is shaking, London has it's bad days with people looting in streets.. now next it appears to be Germany's turn all in all all big systematic countries are in big hot soup can't swallow nor spit out condition...

BUT China and India has a good GDP growth and is stable with irrespective of all the crap politics and corruption what is it with eastern countries these days god knows....

Things are so not predictable ....
Please show some light
1) will America go back to Great depression days like in 1934's?
2) will India and china be the super powers ( with out any eradication of corruption) ?
3) what is next? is all this next based on 2012 world ending effect in a way it appears everything will be ulta-pulta?
Please discuss and bring the astrology light to above topics.


We don\'t need to worry much on America\'s financial conditions, Tara. Even though a major part of our economy is depended on America, we shouldn\'t worry about them. If they regain their financial status, they\'ll start dictating the rest of the world. That\'s not a good sign.

True, China is growing faster. That\'s also not a good sign for India. They\'ll start creating problems for us if they grow. But still our Government is allowing all the China products to be sold in our market. We\'re also buying them. We should stop that first.

Regarding corruption in India, we can\'t eradicate it unless and until we get rid of all the current politicians and the political system. No need of any separate example for that as currently Anna Hazare\'s issue is going on. If someone speaks about anti-corruption in India, they\'ll only get jail and nothing else.
Thanks & Regards,

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@tara, can you look up for date, time and place of USA independence so that we can have a look at its chart.
i guess its 4th july 1776, washington( or philadelphia  ?) and time ???


@JayTee I tried goggling for the time could not find i and i think Washington is the place of declaration if i have it right ..


philadelphia was first capital ,
USA astrology chart
July 4th, 1776 5.10pm [17:10], Philadelphia, PA 39N57 75W09

current dasa of mars 2009-2016 is not good enough
next rahu dasa till 2034 will be better.

also saturn\'s transit is weak till end of 2014.
jupiter transit will make it worse between 2012-13

losing of jobs and unemployment will continue for atleast next 18 months
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Seetaramji, The more I see your knowledge/views  the more i become  curious... Please tell me your back ground...
awhile back i had guessed you were from Bangalore Now i guess you are from North part of India and of-course in one of your reply I understood you have traveled a lot in life. but again I guess, may be your mother tongue is Marathi or Punjabi or Hindi
you don\'t have say it but is my guess correct one of above 3 languages is your MT correct?

honestly i searched the usa time of birth and could not find i nor i had the understanding of Philadelphia as capital...

okay now coming back to USA future it appears that it is going to be a scary outlook for few years...... so India and china be super power while USA struggles?


[rquote=10512&topic=1526&author=JayTee]@tara, can you look up for date, time and place of USA independence so that we can have a look at its chart.
i guess its 4th july 1776, washington( or philadelphia  ?) and time ???[/rquote]

It is assumed to be 4th July 1776 5.10pm Philadelphia.

There are many proposed times for the founding of the United States of America.

    2nd July 1776. Congress passed the resolution declaring independence from Great Britain, Philadelphia, PA.
    4th July 1776. Declaration of Independence drawn up, agreed and (acc. some historians) signed by some or all parties. Philadelphia, PA
    2nd August 1776. Declaration of Independence signed by 56 delegates to Congress.
    3rd September 1783. Treaty of Paris signed. Formal ending of the Revolutionary War.
    14th January 1784. American Congress of the Confederation ratifies Treaty of Paris. Annapolis.
    9th April 1784. King George III ratifies Treaty of Paris.
    30th April 1789. First President Washington took the oath of office. New York, NY.


July 4, 1776; 5:10pm, Philadelphia, PA (39\'57N 75\'09W)

most astrologers say this time resonates the most with the events in the American history..


If you see the Fed president Bernanki speak, he is more confident about america economy and he is telling that there is no crisis in their country since they have lot of money. As per him if america in real trouble then fed release the amount to stop falling of US. But we need to see next quarter\'s performance of USA.


9 planets in 9 signs in order(when moon enters libra on sept 1) will cause graha malika yoga and effect world and also personal economies of people.
only aquarians, pisceans, geminis, sagittarians and to some extent arians will have better period
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

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