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USA Horoscope & Future Analysis

Started by tara, August 18, 2011, 08:33:19 PM

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[rquote=10616&topic=1526&author=Virinchi]9 planets in 9 signs in order(when moon enters libra on sept 1) will cause graha malika yoga and effect world and also personal economies of people.
only aquarians, pisceans, geminis, sagittarians and to some extent arians will have better period[/rquote]

Virinchi, is this based on moon signs?



everything in this site is based on indian method, moon signs and lagnas, this is what i\'ve seen so far


Viranchi could you please elaborate on the Graha Malika. I used to think this is like a yoga which exists in the birth chart. Please provide me more info on this.

@Chensree -Fed can not provide more money (or Quantitative Easing) into the system. As more money is only going into the hands of speculative people and traders, who are increasing the prices of commodity and assets. This is leading to inflation across the world. And US govt has the highest amount of Debt, they cant pay it off by printing money. Also the condition in Europe is affecting US economy and trade. So net net i feel its not going to be worse. Also how long can the govt pass on the debt to successive generations.

What would help US if the govt actively creates more jobs at the base level to keep the population employed.


@shree you can check this site\'s home page(not forum) about this


Thanks DCP, i guess the article was not posted earlier.
How long will the effect of the grahamalika last. It mentions abt the alignment till 3rd September, Will the effect last longer than that ?.



the total effects will lasted till 3rd sept, but partial effects will continue till end of the month as remaining 8 planets still move in 7 signs and moon goes to pisces next week to make one more maalika yoga (8 planets in 7 signs)
mos of these turbulances will start ending when saturn enters libra (nov 2011)


Could anybody predict what is the fate of USA in coming year. We are hearing fiery news from US that US going to bankrupt. Even we are hearing the same news from European countries. India and China also going in the same route. This is fearing situation for IT employees and all other sectors as well.


As per economists, it\'ll become even worser in 2012. It\'ll hit the peak by September, 2012. Our government doesn\'t have any other back up plans. Dunno where will it end. Let\'s hope something good happens.
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america can still sustain with bad economy for few more years.
it will recover when jupiter gets stronger in cancer, leo from 2nd half of 2014
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China, USA, Greece, European Union, Philippines, Indonesia, Syria, Nepal, Libya, North Korea, UK, Japan will face tough days in 2016 (either economically or climatically).
UK Prime Minister David Cameroon's decisions will be criticized.
Cameroon did not support BREXIT but his country voted against him and now they want him to step down
Japan has closed markets yesterday. EU is suffering