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Will Black Money come to India ?

Started by msrhprasad, March 04, 2011, 12:00:45 PM

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Learned Members.

Now a days this Black Money is Hot Topic as many Govt.Sources there is Lakhs of Crores of Money hided in foreign Banks.

My question is will such Black money will come to India..?
if yes when?
or in future who (Leader) can able to take money to India?



Good Day.
Learned Members.

recently I see one article as per that every citizen of India have a Debit avg.51,000/- per head.
Year per Year it is growing...

Will India able to clear its Debits in future?
Shall We expect a Great Leader in future for India?
(I mean the Great Leader who rules India effectively - and takes decisions effectively, keeps India in Top Position in all ways)



No country in world have debt now i believe. This won\'t happen unless there will be change of policies and politics here in India


All countries in the world have a horrible amount of debt piled up at the moment. 2 measures which used to compute a countries debt (also called sovereign debt) are Debt to GDP ratio and fiscal deficit.

Some of the countries with high debt to gdp ratio are
Rank Country % of GDP[1] Date Continent
1  Zimbabwe 241.6%
2  Japan 196.4%
3  Saint Kitts and Nevis 185%
4  Lebanon 150.7%
5  Greece 144.%

You will be surprised to see that most of the developed countries like US, UK, Italy, Canada etc have high debt. So most of the prosperity comes from raising cheap debt.
The worst part is if a country high fiscal deficit as well (meaning the countries expenses are more than its income) it will continue to accumulate debt. This the new fear of many economists that the high debt might lead to another economic crisis.


Learned Members.

Requesting views from Learned Members for my topic.
as if some one can able to get back such Block Money from foreign least taxes will be reduce...
and Government can provide facilities people....

Some views from Members...please



Hope so they would but no question of reduction of taxes
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


Good Day.

Till now Learned Members are not responded...:( on this topic.

What I want to know is our Black Money come to India or Not? in future?
Who have that guts...Any powerful leader comes in politics in future? because in present corrupted leaders no one has such sincerity and ability..(This is my opinion only).

As per my knowledge few leaders have clean Image like Kumari.Mamata Benerji and Mr.Antoni..and about others are in mud...including our Man...:(

As per One survey as on day every citizen has be bear an avg.55k(In India Debits)..Naturally it reflects on our lives.

I request the Learned Members please express your views/readings on this one...Sree.Virinchi,Seetaram Ji,Sasireka Ji, DCP Sir and Jay Tee Ji.

Hope you will consider my request,



Looking views from Learned Members...:)


Good Day.

Since my child hood onwards I am hearing India is Developing Country. (almost 35years onwards)...

But I don\'t understand how long India is treated as Developing Country.

is it possible to say Astrologically when India will be treated as Developed Country?



will be declared as developed, when we\'re developed.
SIMPLE :lol: isn\'t it

its the attitude problem in indians.
older generation which gained experience should stop preaching and start doing and set an example to follow.
But instead in india, every old idiot will assume himself to be a preacher for younger generation and take upon the microphone