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Will Black Money come to India ?

Started by msrhprasad, March 04, 2011, 12:00:45 PM

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well said Mr.Jay Tee:lol:
where is the new generation enter into the politics / movies.

Politician wants to in power till his last breath. ex: Karunanidhi nearly above 85 years, can\'s see and can\'t walk...
 after his son / grand son becoming rules. i.e Karunanidhi - stalin - x,y,z...
In T.N only two persons are ruling..though its proved they are most corrupted people (karunanidhi - jayalalitha)

A.N.R - Nagarjuna - his son - his son...(we should see even their faces like monkeys..:)  after some time we will be habituate to see their faces on silver screen.


firs it is the hostile nature of Indians prevent going towards attaining any heights..

Listen to the problem and solve the problem, rather than finding holes or advantage for self or reacting to it with atrocity !

I have seen several countries , traveled around a lot and seen several people, still the Indian in me questions myself what am I and who I want to be ?? Do anyone share the same feeling..


India is a spiritual country and its always inside out ie we always tried to find out \"what is\" from with in and then explored outside but the west is outside in so no wonder they are rich as materialistic life is quite important than \"what is\" that is why they try to awaken the sensations let it be Touch (sexual), taste (kfc,mc donalds, colas,cigarettes,alcohol) and the sensation of seeing (movies,reality shows,explicit porn etc) as they always try to awaken the sensations but it has to be inside out and not the other way round.So still they arent happy so they resort to drugs and other weird stuff but what we Indians or our fellow humans should realise is not getting into the trap and blindly ape the west but carefully tread the path.

There\'s a joke - A person who saved 2 young peoples lives from drowning was dead the god asks him \"see u\'ve done a great job so i shall give u an option of choosing either heaven or hell so u can be in heaven and hell for 1 week as a guest\" so the person agrees and says anyway i shall live in heaven so show me hell first and he lands up in hell and he feels surprised seeing hell as there are lots of beautiful naked women,liquor,smoking,perfumes and watching movies and eating meat so after a week of his indulgence he says wow man heaven should be far exciting than this and to his disappointment he finds people eating boiled vegetables smell of incense sticks and people sitting and meditating or doing yoga or reading books,so he prays to god to send him to hell.So this is what we have done to ourselves today.
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


India can\'t be a developed country anytime soon. Our percapita income is quite low, even though we are the 4th largest economy in the world. But most importantly we seriously lag in most human development indices like education, literacy, health care, life expectancy, nutrition etc. Need to improve these for common man before anybody will call us developed.


Respected Astrologers,

What are your opinions on the Fast of Baba RamDeo?

How successful will it be?

Do you see unity between Anna Hazare and Bab Ram Deo in their approach to the problems of corruption?

Will our willy politician every allow the above to take control of the situation by getting the needful done i.e. Strong Lok Pal and getting money from Swiss Banks amongst many other demands of Baba Ram Deo?

Pravin Kumar


Regarding Baba Ramdev\'s fast, I don\'t have a positive impression on that. It\'s being done for publicity stunt. He\'s just trying to copy Anna Hazare. When Anna did, there was a truth in it. But this doesn\'t seem to be true. Looks like a political move. He\'s thinking of great publicity for him, his yoga and his other products. Most of the people dunno him. Now everyone will come to know. That\'s the real motive behind this.
Thanks & Regards,

Whoever you are & whatever you do, if your attitude is not good you are just 'Nothing'.


kindly request our senior astrologers to reply this thread..

for our nations concern..


if all of the black money came to india means..the world bank has to bend with us..

so kindly request senior astrologers to start proceeding this black money threat..

when is the possible time for black money to come india?


Hi all.

The latest industrial output figures have been rather depressing. There has been negative growth in almost all the industries. There is huge policy paralysis in this Govt. Are we going to be in such a suspended state till the next elections happen? Would we have to wait till 2014 for things to improve?

Cant bear to see our country in such a state. Could one of our highly accurate astrologers here predict whats going to happen from now on? Will this Govt. fall before its tenure? (I seriously hope it does)... :(:(


congress doesnt have history of losing any govt before 5 yrs term.
they\'ll maintain it by hook or crook
regarding economy, i guess its a temporary phase