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Will Black Money come to India ?

Started by msrhprasad, March 04, 2011, 12:00:45 PM

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When we will get a PM who have no blood relationship with past PMs then India will head.


I think 'NO', it will NEVER come back.
BJP's promises of bringing swiss bank money to india, Telangana in 100 days etc are just fake promises like 'Ram Mandir' which is still pending since more than 20 years


india got independence under kaal-sarp yoga
all planets, including lagna are within rahu-ketu... such countries will always suffer due to corrupt leaders who rule them

hardly some honest leader like L.B.Shastri comes up but they suddenly die, and people who are visionaries (like PV, vajpayee) are forgotten


Will this government be able to make any progress on the issue of black money beyond treaties and negotiations?
Will enough transparency be brought into the system that black money which circulates within India is reduced and money stashed abroad starts coming back?

Much regards and thanks.


Nothing will happen atleast until July 2015 as India still has Sun dasa balance.
Moon dasa will initiate further investigation to collect evidences but India's horoscope suggests that corruption has to stay and it cannot be eliminated completely.