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Title: Karma - fate - remedies
Post by: msrhprasad on May 14, 2011, 08:03:29 PM
we perform remedies reduce / nullify our various problems.
but in many books / some pandits said souls taking birth on earth to get their karma (good or bad)...

In this occasion if we perform remedies completely we nullify our bad karma or can post pone or will get such one in after some time....?:)

Title: where is the
Post by: JayTee on May 14, 2011, 10:51:16 PM
it is already discussed here

no remedy can remove 100% karma because your karma is associated with your family and society.
earlier few gurus existed who postponed karma(even god cannot remove karma, he only adjusts timings of it) to old age or next life if you were suffering a lot now.

But these days such gurus are not seen in reality. we only read books about them.

still its better not to postpone any karma to any age or any life because in that age you may not have capacity to face it.
so when you are facing it now, just face it and let it go after its time is over.

doing remedies and expecting to escape karma is like expecting bail from court in a murder case(someone said in above links ;) )
Title: where is the
Post by: Virinchi on May 15, 2011, 01:22:17 AM
The purpose of human life is not to keep doing remedies or resort to escapism and waste time in meditation and expect to enter some invisible(even may be non existing) heaven.
We\'re supposed to enjoy life here and make earth equal to heaven.
Nature has provided everything for us to live happily but we just ignore them and live in dirt and there by accumulate karma.

now that majority of humans are already trapped into karmic cycle, how does astrology help?

in nature(god)\'s court, only punishment or reward are given without disclosing the reason behind it.
If someone is born rich and enjoying life, it is assumed that he did good karma in past life.
If others are struggling, it is assumed to be result of bad karma.

actually karma and result only exist. Good or bad results depend on our perception.

But in human court, judge reads out the crime committed and explains why so and so punishment is given.
If you help police solve a crime or prevent it, you\'re appreciated and rewarded.

Here astrology helps you discover the hidden reasons behind results you experience in this life(past,present and future).
Thats why its called \'JYOTI\'SH, which throws light on reasons.

So if we know whats in store for us in future, we can be mentally prepared.
Also if we know reasons for bad karmic results, atleast we wont commit same mistakes in this life again.

we may not change whats going on around us but we can certainly try and change whats going on inside us.
Title: where is the
Post by: msrhprasad on May 15, 2011, 09:35:15 AM
Thank you very much Dear Mr.Jay Tee and Virinchi.

well, what we are getting from life, ready to accept (good or bad). till now I am in some confusion about that why some people without much effort / effort becoming rich or enjoying life...?

due to their good karma in past life...such fruits they are enjoying now...

on which places based in a chart A Astrologers saying about past punya / papa karma...

I read at some where by leaving body (before death...just in seconds) what we want next birth we will get it...
i.e if a Human(poor in present life) before death he wanted deeply become rich take birth in rich family...:)

So, humans taking birth / body on the Earth to clear(get) their good / bad karmas...

Where is the end...this life cycle where it ends?
if we say that it is called Moksha - in that stage what soul doing?

Title: where is the
Post by: msrhprasad on May 15, 2011, 09:40:54 AM

what I realize that what we are getting from life...whether it is good or bad if we accept with sincerely, then we can lead our lives with peace...:)  and Joy...

but in most of occasions we can\'t take life(especially when we are in troubles)...:(

visit piligrams / perform poojas / temples / etc., to purify our minds...

Title: where is the
Post by: SaSirEkha on May 15, 2011, 11:32:27 AM
now that you know why you dont have what other have, atleast you can now try to do something so that you can have the same in future.
Karmic implementations are changing.
earlier souls waited for multiple lives to see good/bad results of karma done now.
but very soon karmic judgement will speed up and if you do something now, you\'ll face its result in this life itself
Title: where is the
Post by: sonipravin on May 15, 2011, 06:29:32 PM

Read the below para written in Osho\'s Book \"The Path of Meditation\"

Then there are some minor things which I would also like to say. It is important for you to know that all of your thoughts come from the outside. None of them come from within, they all come from the outside. There may be some inner basis for the thought inside you, but remember that all your thoughts come from the outside. The thoughts themselves come from the outside but there are grooves along which they run inside you.

If someone thinks abour money, the thought of money must have come from the outside but the desire for money comes from inside, its seed is inside. The thoughts come from the outside and then attach themselves to your desires. If someone is thinking of sex the desire for sex comes from outside, but there is a seed inside to which this desire attaches itself. Your thought comes from outside but there is a seed for this thought inside you. All your thoughts come from the outside.

To purify your thoughts it is important to realize that the thoughts which enter your mind don\'t come accidentally. You should be alert to the fact that the thoughts which enter you are the ones that you actually want; the rest you just throw away.

As I said earlier, if someone is throwing garbage into your house you will fight with that person, but if someone is throwing garbage into your mind you will not fight with him. If I meet you on the road and start telling you the story of a movie, you will not object. But if I come to your house and throw some garbage into your house you will ask me, \"What are you doing? This is not right.\" And if I fill your mind with garbage, if I tell you the story of a movie you will listen to it very happily.

You ar not aware that your mind can also be filled with garbage. You are each others\' enemies: you keep on dumping garbage into each others\' minds. What are the people that you consider to be your friends doing to you? -- nobody betrays you more than they do. Your enemies are better than they are; at least your enemies don\'t fill your head with rubbish because they don\'t talk to you.

You are all filling each others\' heads with garbage and you are so fast asleep that you don\'t realize what you are taking in. You take everything in. You are like a guesthouse where there are no caretakers and no guards outside to see who is coming in and who is going out. You are a place where anyone can come in man, animal, thief or cheat. And when he feels like it he can leave and if he doesn\'t feel like leaving he will stay.

Your mind should not be like a guesthouse. If your mind is like a guesthouse, if it is not well protected, then it will be difficult for you to become free of impure thoughts. You should consciously watch over your mind.

The second step towards achieving purity of thoughts is the need to watch your thoughts. There should be a certain watchfulness. You should be constantly watching what is happening inside you and rejecting whatsoever is useless.

Recently, I was traveling. There were two of us in the train compartment, another man and myself. He wanted to chat with me. As soon as I sat down in my seat he offered  me a cigarette, I said, \"I am sorry, but I don\'t smoke.\"

He put the cigarette back. A little while later he took out a betel leaf and offered it to me: \"Please accept it.\"

I said, \"I am sorry, but I don\'t want it\"

Again he put it away and sat down. Then he picked up his newspaper and asked me, \"Would you like to read it?\"

I said, \"I don\'t want to read.\"

Then he said to me, \"It is so difficult -- you refuse to accept whatever I offer you.\"

I said, \"A person who simply accepts everything is a fool.
And with what you are offering me I would also try to keep away from you. I will not take it, but I also wish it were taken away from you.\"

If you have nothing to do, what do you do? You will pick up the newspaper and start reading it because you have nothing to do. It would be better to simply sit and do nothing than to collect all that junk. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing, but there are some fools who say that it is better to do anything rather than to do nothing. This is not true. It is always better to do nothing than to do something harmful, because at least in those momements you are not losing anything and you are not collecting any rubbish.

So be aware about this. If you watch the movement of thoughts inside you it is not difficult to keep your thoughts pure. And it is not difficult to recognise impure thoughts: thoughts that create a kind of restlessness inside you are impure thoughts and thoughts that create a flow of peace inside you are pure thoughts. Thoughts that bring joy to you are pure thoughts.  Thoughts that bring joy to you are pure and thoughts that create any kind of disturbance are impure thoughts. You have to avoid such thoughts. And if you constantly watch your mind, your thoughts will become more and more pure.

And the third thing: there are  many impure thoughts in the world that keep on repeating. These impure thoughts create a fire, and the smoke from these impure thoughts enters into your consciousness and surrounds you and smothers you. But don\'t forget that there are a few flames of pure thoughts still burning, there are still a few waves of pure thought alive. In this whole ocean of darkness there are still a few sources of light. Try to be close to these. This is what I call satsang.

Although the world is very dark it is not all darkness, there are a few lamps burning. Even if they are made of clay and even if the wick is small, at least they exist. You should try to be close to them because when you take your unlit lamp to one which is lit, there is every possibility that by being so close to a lighted lamp the unlit lamp will light up again. It is possible that it too will lose the smoke and start burning bright again.

Move closer to the flames that stand for truth, goodness and beauty. Bring yourself closer to them. Move cloer to those thoughts, to those people, into the waves of those thoughts where it becomes possible to light your lamp.

You can do this in three ways: by being close to pure and true thoughts, by being close to pure and true people, and mainly and most importantly, by being close to nature. Nature never has impure thoughts. If you look at the sky and you go on looking at it, you will find that the sky does not encourage any impure thoughts in you. Instead it will clear all the rubbish in your head and you will find that by looking at the sky you feel you have become one with it. If you look at a waterfall you will feel that you have become part of the waterfall. If you are in a forest full of greenery you will feel you have also become one of the trees.

Once a man asked a sage, \"I would like to know truth. How do I do it?\"

The sage said, \"There are too many people at the moment, come back when there is no one around.\"

He did not go to see the sage the whole day, he waited until the evening when there was no one around. It was dark, the lamps were being lit and the sage was alone. He was just about to close his door when the man said, \"Wait. Now there is no one. You have seen all the people who came to see you.I have been waiting outside for everyone to leave so that I could come in. Now I am here and I want to ask you how I can become silent and how I can get enlightened?\"

The sage replied, \"Come outside. It is not possible in this hut because the lamp which is burning has been made by man. And it is not possible inside this hut because the hut itself has been made by man. Come outside. There is a big world outside which has not been created by any man, it was created by God. Come outside where there is no sign of human creation.\"

Remember, man is the only animal that leaves impure impressions behind: no other animal does that.

They went outside. There were bamboos, it was a full moon night and the moon was right overhead. The sage stood in front of the minute, two minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes....until the man asked, \"Say something. You are just standing quietly. I don\'t understand.\"

The sage said, \"If you could you would have understood. Simply stand quietly I have become a bamboo and you can also become one.\"

The man said, \"This is very difficult.\"

And the sage said, \"This is my method. When I stand near these bamboos, after some time I forget that I am different and I become a bamboo. Looking at the moon, after some time I forget that I am different and I become the moon.\"

Title: where is the
Post by: Seetaram on May 15, 2011, 11:10:10 PM
sonipravin, all your qoutes are from other gurus and from other books.
you should talk from essense of your life experience like virinchi and jaytee did. because people follow others who have only original ideas.
If it was from some book, you could just suggest page or chapter number of that book.

That old generation method of telling stories is now not creating any interest in listeners of this generation.
A leader/guru should lead the path by setting examples, not just become a sign board
Title: where is the
Post by: sonipravin on May 16, 2011, 07:20:00 AM

From where did Gurus and Saints get their knowledge? From where did Vrinchi and Jay Tee get their experiences. First you go to School and then College and then only you learn and experience life. Knowledge is gained from Books and from Teachers who themselves read it elsewhere and experience it and then quote. It is always a mixture of both. Osho and so many other great men also quote others in their book. Add to this they write their experiences. I observe the hits that my post gets and only then post it. Anyway this is my first Life Experience. I thought I had posted it in this forum but if not again I am doing so.

Right from when I could remember and till now I have passed through different phases of life and experienced a lot. Not a non believer in God but never prayed or went to temples and even sometimes if I went to a temple or a church with friends never believed in them as in our family we never believed in Murti Pooja i.e. worshiping the God in Statue which the sect we followed was not God. God is everywhere I was told and we need not go to a temple or church or any worshipping place to seek HIM. HE can be sought anywhere and you can ask HIS help anytime when you just think about HIM. I followed this principle and it suited me well.

As I grew up as a child I got really bad dreams and would suddenly wake up with perspiration in the middle of the night. My Dad would then hug me and let me sleep with him. Ours was a big joint family and being eldest in the family I had to sleep alone on a separate cot.

When I was 12 I used to live with my GrandFather and Grandmother. My Grandmother was very very loving. She used to hand feed us Dinner when we were young ,while telling us stories. We were then 3 sitting by her side, listening to her and eating food from her hand. How loving that was? I wonder if anyone of you have ever had that experience. To be fed by a loving hand of a senior. My GrandFather was very honest to perfection. He held a post in which he could have minted money had he taken bribes but he did not and hence we are now very happy and follow his principles.

I remember during those days when I lived with my Grandparents, I was called upon daily night to massage their feet and head and as I did I got a string of blessings from my Grandfather which I yearn to hear again and again. I once asked him how to get rid of Fear. This is what he said: Son, just recite Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily and you won\'t know what fear is. I knew the mantra and I started reciting it 108 times and since I felt the positive effects I recited it for hours together to a point that I would not love to play with friends or go outside but just recited those mantras.

This is my foundation built strongly on the advise of my Grandparents.  There are so many other experiences as to how to go in the right direction so that you may get that eternal happiness.

Whenever my Grandfather sat down to have his Lunch in the morning the first Roti (Chappati or Loaf of Wheat) he would add to it Vegetable and asked me to take it and give it to a Cow for eating. I would do so. No sooner when I went on the road to search for a Cow I always found her not far away. It was as if the Cow knew that her food is arriving at a particular place and she was well prepared to accept it. Sometimes my Grandfather would ask me to give that Roti to a Beggar and that too it was as if by chance I did not find a Cow but I did find a beggar who happily accepted it. Similarly it was as if the Beggar knew where his next meal was going to come from.

These are small acts of kindness and donation which build your foundation in the right direction by teaching you to give and then get lovingly.

Pravin Kumar

Title: where is the
Post by: msrhprasad on May 16, 2011, 10:35:16 AM
Learned Members.

well, I would like to say some thing...

every book / one say that persons should be sincearely frankly in how many times are be in sinceare / honesty...

I don\'t say 100% but 99.9% are corrupted people..they have their own reasons...

I had a discussion with a Govt.Employee (there are so many allegations on him - reg.corruption) simply he replied see prasad with this salary I could not send my son to USA for higher studies, done good match to my daughter.

People are paying to my post...I am not demanding, just public are paying.(he is working vigilence and enforce ment)

Now, for his family he commits for corruption, due to this he is earling more papa get that result again he has to take another birth... where is the end?

in my own practical experience we approached a Neruro Physican in Medwin Hospital(through ESI scheme) the Doctor is famouns surgeon in twin cities...who demanded Rs.1.5 lakhs for surgery. though we went through ESI.

finally we paid, ofcourse the opertions was failed he was passed way after 2 years with the same problem.(barin tumer)

See, the Doctor getting salary in lakhs from the Hospital...again he demans money from un-officially from the patients....

in this case I don\'t have other option, when I am paying amount,naturally I see for additional income ..ready to take money in corruption ways....

can say many experiences...but due to needs so many people are commtting for corruption...getting bad karma...then when their birth cycle ends?:(

Title: where is the
Post by: sonipravin on May 16, 2011, 11:06:39 AM

Have you sincerely tried being honest in your life? Do try and you will find the result much later on to be very sweet.

I have many many personal experiences to tell where I have met honest people and found them to be very very happy. I will relate an incident of a R.T.O. who caught me. The offence was that my car had a reverse horn which is banned. I reasoned with him that the manufacturers of the horn give this in the original piece and if it is banned they should be brought to book and their pieces confiscated. After slight arguments I found the person to be very sincere, a smiling happy face but he did stick to his knowledge of the law. He asked me for my Driving License. I gave him my Driving License (this always means he wants a bribe or you are penalised officially) and I told him to handle my old almost torn license with care as it contained by Sadguru\'s Photograph. He took the book and first bowed before the snap of my Sadguru. Then he returned it back to me but did not demand money from you and asked me to rectify the mistake next time.

I was very impressed by his honesty and I was moved by the character and personality of that Person. While chatting with him I came to know that his daughter was selected in Olympics to go to Australia (Long time back). The officials told him to arrange for Rs.1,35,000/- amount and only then she can go. Actually this amount is to be borned by Govt. but the officials pocket that money. Subsequently this man got in touch with some very educated helpful person who advised him to insert an advertisement in the newspaper and this man himself paid the charges for the advertisement and made the Advertisement matter. Many people contributed money to send this girl of a sincere honest R.T.O. to Olympics. When this person had received Rs.1,35,000/- he refused to accept more money beause he did not require it.

Moved by his story and by his personality I offered him my Sadguru\'s Photograph and told him in case he ever had any such difficulty in future he need to only worship the photograph and ask my Sadguru, who will definitely help him.

There is a case of a Doctor who treated poor people free whereas he charged others. In fact his P.A. was authorised to see whether the patient can afford or not and decide for herself when the patient deserved to be given free treatment or not. I told this to my Sadguru. HE told me: Soniji, mark my words this Doctor will rise very high in his career. Today this Doctor has people waiting for him to meet him, he is earning sufficiently and is till humble, polite and a good human being.

I could go on and on of honest people I have met and their success story but do not expect successs to come immediately. It will take time. With Honesty and Truthfullness you get HIS protection. Without the above you have to fight your own battle and the best in this world have failed at one time or another as we are all human beings and failures do come in life for that is the essence of Life: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum.

When I met a fatal accident in 1978, (This was the 3rd accident that year the last one being near fatal), I immediately recalled what wrong I had done to meet such a fate. I will post this in detail in another post titled: Experiences of my life.

There were 3 occasions when I have prayed for the rainfall to stop as it would resulted in my loss and the rains do stopped. Once it rained heavily overnight in Imphal and there being hardly any drainage facility in that city I feared the market will be closed the next day and my work would not be completed as the day after that I had to leave early in the morning. I prayed to God and when I woke up in the morning at 5 a.m I found the roads just a little wet with no water flooding anywhere.

Again in this same city I was stuck up in my business and I had to get my payments the next day. Students announced Bandh the next day. There in North East even if a child announced Bandh the cities would close down without inquiring the cause of the Bandh. So the shop keepers told me that you won\'t get any payment tomorrow as the whole town will be closed. I told them if the Bandh is utter failure then? They promised payment in such a situation.

I prayed overnight. Next day morning Mr.Reishang Keishing, the then C.M. of state issed a stern warning to all concerned not to disturb the peace. He had CRPF patrolling in every road and police and also army deployed. Nobody dared to create any nuisance. The city worked normally and I got my payments.

Well Mr.Prasad once you start on a journey of honesty you will meet only likewise persons and then when you taste success out of thin air and with seemingly unknown people helping you then you will realise that there is honesty and sincerity everywhere and because of these 5 to 10% honest people others to get comfort otherwise no one would trust the other and there would be looting everywhere.

Pravin Kumar
Title: where is the
Post by: Nivedita on May 16, 2011, 09:06:28 PM
thats the difference between others and sonipravin.
while others explain in simple lines, sonipravin writes a story which nobody wants to read and understand.
(even i didnt feel like reading his post completely, whereas i understood what virinchi & jaytee wrote easily)

well, in the end of the day its your own experience which teaches you in best way
Title: where is the
Post by: msrhprasad on May 17, 2011, 08:32:09 AM
Thank you Nivedita...:):):)