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Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Shree on July 14, 2011, 02:02:26 AM
Dear All,
I would like to ask for some help with respect to my sister\'s problems. She is going through a lot of physical and mental stress and hence seeking help from the knowledgeable people in the forum.

My sister is married and settled at Hyderabad and was working with a Telecom company at Hyderabad. In May she got to know that she is expecting, but it had developed some short of complications and she was advised complete rest.
Later in the month her position in the company was moved to Pune and she was asked to relocate within a month. Given her condition she was unable to move out of Hydbad. Her manager\'s have completely moved her out of the system, abdicated her of all responsibility, and asking her to find some other position, indirectly asking her to find another job. She has taken a month leave and has been looking for something in hydbad without any success.

Her fragile health and the mental stress of losing the job is creating further pressure in her situation.

I would like your sincere advice for her. Will she be able to find some job in hyderabad and will  her health condition improve. Is there any remedy that can be followed which can improve her situation.

Her details are as under:

DOB: 9th March 1982
Place: Puri (Orissa)
Time: 2:30 Pm
Nakhstra 5/11

Your honest response is appreciated.
Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Virinchi on July 14, 2011, 10:24:04 AM
she just have to wait till saturn to get into better transit after september 19th 2011.
More positive transit would be after november 15.(these 2 dates are for her physical health improvement only)
she has 3 retrograde planets which make her life complicated during bad dasas and transits.

Even if she finds an oppurtunity, she\'ll find it tough to handle as mars-jup dasa between june 2011 - may 2012 is tough for her.
She better wait till her delivery date and she will find better oppurtunity where she can continue for long time, after may 2012.
Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Shree on July 14, 2011, 11:13:09 PM
Thanks a lot Viranchi,

Is there any remedy or something which can decrease the negative impact of the retrogate planets. I guess you assessment is correct as she is going through a bad period starting from May 2011.

Once again many thanks for the advice.

Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Shree on July 16, 2011, 05:05:35 PM
Can i ask you one specific question.
My sister is on leave right now for a month due to health reasons. She will be joining the office back in August 1st week. Since her present is relinquished and shifted out of hyderabad, she has requested the team to find some opportunity in the same city. But she is afraid that she might not find a suitable position in the company and then God knows what will happen if she stays idle. Will she be able to find a opportunity within the company. As per your advice the best course of action will be stay put in the same company, if possible. Will she be able to hold on there ?

Thanks for your advice.

Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Virinchi on July 17, 2011, 09:16:56 PM
she will have to wait atleast till sept 19 or nov 15 for any oppurtunity.
But meanwhile her pregnancy may force her to take rest and i can see better days only after may 2012.
3 retro planets wont allow remedies to work for her
Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Shree on July 18, 2011, 12:49:31 AM
Thanks again Viranchi for the help and the advice.
Title: Need help for my sister
Post by: Shree on January 08, 2012, 03:26:06 PM
Dear Viranchi and other members.
Would like to share the good news that i have a beautiful niece born on Dec 27. The baby normal, but my sister is still going through health complications .. which i hope will improve. She has continued to hold on to the job, albeit without any responsibility. Lets see what will happen when she joins back her company.

Viranchi thanks for the advice.