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Title: Looking for advice
Post by: sourav123 on February 18, 2016, 10:06:09 PM
Hello senior astrologers,
I'm working as a free freelancer/ self employed entrepreneur  from past 4 years ( As virinchi sir suggested few years back). Now going for startup will be good option for me? I am feeling stuck at the moment and trying to expand through hiring some freelancers remotely. Getting pressure from my family as well. Will it be a good idea to pursuit on my own startup or If you like to advice further?

I am not keen to go for a regular job as I am doing good enough by God grace, But as self employed and freelancer/ solo entrepreneur is not a reputable option in our society at the moment or I must say according to my family and surroundings they don't consider this as  a stable career option. So from here going for startup is advisable ? really looking for suggestion what will be the best approach this time.   

I would appreciate if senior astrologers can take up this query. Virinchi sir if you have time can you please advice me further?

12 July 1990
Bikaner, Rajasthan

I would really appreciate your time and efforts with all my gratitude. I am regular follower of this forum.