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Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Virinchi on February 22, 2010, 09:17:36 PM
many people close eyes, chant some mantras, pray to gods, keep a photo/idol in front of them or a source of light, or even try to concentrate on some object/form/person/diety during meditation.

People have been doing these since ages and we\'ve observed that it took them ages to achieve what they want.
(because god they believe is slow in action)

the best i\'ve found is not to meditate.
do not concentrate, do no try to think, do not close eyes, do not focus on any single image/idol/object/form/person.

instead just let your mind wander and follow it.
observe what is does, what it thinks, whom it follows, where it goes and just remain a spectator.
do not try n restrict it.
within short period of time, you will gain lot of control over mind, which usually takes years to achieve in closed eyes traditional meditation.

if someone wants to try, they can.. and post some feedback here
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Samantha on February 22, 2010, 09:54:57 PM
ohh . is this something like contemplation without actual meditation ?
i\'ve been practicing this since some time and i find lot of peace and have life under total control
not many agree with this though

they believe lord/god is someone else up \'there\' but not within you.
they will only speak words from books and others experiences but will never see for themselves
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Virinchi on February 23, 2010, 11:59:49 AM
exactly ;) as long as you worship god in some form or use mantras, you may gain materialistically but will never achieve god.
you need to believe that god has no shape (believe..not just say) and its not somewhere else but within you
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: pravin kumar on February 23, 2010, 12:45:12 PM


That is what Osho has also written but it amounts to the same. When you observe your thoughts you are not going to think something sensual or about hatred/money etc. etc. because that is not observation. It is like this a child cannot do anything wrong in the presence of his parents so observation is similar. You purify your thoughts by doing that too. There are many ways of meditation.

Another way Osho suggests is doing vigorous exercises. This way you dissolve all the blockages in your body and once they are dissolved the path is clear to reach HIM and contemplate on HIM and ultimately HE lies within and nowhere else. We look higher up to God only because looking up or going up is considered good. Even in Palmistry lines going up are considered positive and those going downwards negative excepting the main lines. Influence lines going up from Life Line, Head Line or Heart Line are considered good indication.

One can meditate even by working hard daily and getting a good sleep. Working hard also does the same i.e. dissolve the blockages inside which block you from meditating.

Pravin Kumar
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Sushma on February 23, 2010, 12:50:01 PM
great ! i liked the idea of mind being left like a child to wander and we acting like parent and just observing it
this looks the best way to train and control it
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Ravi Varma on March 02, 2010, 10:30:19 PM
this is how yogis achieve permanent peace
its called vimarsa.. just observe and get detached
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: shadow on March 03, 2010, 05:43:26 AM
At first glance when I read it.. I remembered famous saying idle mind devils workshop.

Anyhow if we wander around the thoughts I think we can never attain an end.

I will try to give it a shot.

Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: JayTee on March 03, 2010, 08:39:11 AM
dont misunderstand it with idle mind - devils workshop

let your mind wander like a child but you keep a watch on it like a parent.
a child with no parenting around can become a devil, but when kid knows someone is watching, he\'ll learn how to behave

it\'ll take time but its best way
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: shadow on March 04, 2010, 01:59:03 AM
only thing I got out of trying this.. crazy thoughts !

I think I need better control and patience. LOL
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: SaSirEkha on March 05, 2010, 01:33:05 PM
this method is for people who have already attained samadhi atleast once

for others they better follow a guru
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Star Dust on March 24, 2010, 08:00:32 AM
since most gurus we find are cheats. wait for a right guru to find you.
contemplation is like making your \'BUDDHI\' act as parent to your \'MIND\'
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: JayTee on July 11, 2010, 12:15:23 PM
good revealtion star dust
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Samantha on July 12, 2010, 11:23:14 AM
usually all sadgurus ban reciting of mantras (except OM and Gayatri by few) and also they ban going to temples, offering rituals to deceased ancestors, doing religious rituals, fasting on name of god/festivals etc.

they advise only meditation without reciting any words/prayers
just concentrate on your thoughts and though it looks tough initially, it will make you realise yourself completely in long term
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: DCP on August 12, 2010, 11:32:15 AM
one who leaves his family, work and responsibilities to god and runs around saffron clothed people or just try to escape by closing eyes and trying to meditate will never see any major changes in his life or family.

As lord krishna said in geetha , \"your work is itself worship. you are given certain tasks to do in this life and in kaliyug only chanting of god\'s name whenever possible is enough.
If you neglect your materialistic works and duties and pray god constantly, you\'ll fail in both\"

i\'ve seen such people talk only from what they read in books or quoted by other gurus, but nothing comes from their practical experience as they are utter failures in their lives and their family is still struggling.
still they expect people to treat them as gurus and follow them,

who would follow a failure?
one need to set an example for others to follow
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: SaSirEkha on August 12, 2010, 12:02:50 PM
yes i agree
a guru can make a good disciple but cannot make a good guru.
Gurus are made by god only

99% fake themselves as gurus but they live for money.
why would someone consult a failure guru who is still struggling to make money and make both ends meet even after crossing age of 60.
his life is not an example to follow
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Ravi Varma on August 25, 2010, 11:24:09 AM
wow ! :punk: great discussion here
every soul is already given enough knowledge, we just have to remove the layer of ignorance.
for this we dont need help of those \'money minting\' fake gurus, who themselves never experienced anything practically
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: babhus on April 15, 2011, 06:28:05 PM
This technique of meditation is used in Maharishi Mahesh Yoga\'s transcendental meditation. However, there also each one will be given an unique, meaningless word which we need to use while meditation. Initially, it seem like waste of time. But over a period of time, the relief and freshness you get out of this meditation is tremendous.
There are no restrictions and it is very effective to beat the stress and bring calm to your mind.
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: orangeprince on April 16, 2011, 04:02:33 PM
This is meditation without any goal just being aware without any judgment just be aware.
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: orangeprince on April 16, 2011, 04:09:46 PM
J. Krishnamurti on how to meditate

[J. Krishnamurti had the following dialogue with students at one of his schools in India.]

[Krishnamurti:] Do you know anything about meditation?

Student: No, Sir.

Krishnamurti: But the older people do not know either. They sit in a corner, close their eyes and concentrate, like school boys trying to concentrate on a book. That is not meditation. Meditation is something extraordinary, if you know how to do it. I am going to talk a little about it.
First of all, sit very quietly; do not force yourself to sit quietly, but sit or lie down quietly without force of any kind. Do you understand? Then watch your thinking. Watch what you are thinking about. You find you are thinking about your shoes, your saris, what you are going to say, the bird outside to which you listen; follow such thoughts and enquire why each thought arises. Do not try to change your thinking. See why certain thoughts arise in your mind so that you begin to understand the meaning of every thought and feeling without any enforcement. And when a thought arises, do not condemn it, do not say it is right, it is wrong, it is good, it is bad. Just watch it, so that you begin to have a perception, a consciousness which is active in seeing every kind of thought, every kind of feeling. You will know every hidden secret thought, every hidden motive, every feeling, without distortion, without saying it is right, wrong, good or bad. When you look, when you go into thought very very deeply, your mind becomes extraordinarily subtle, alive. No part of the mind is asleep. The mind is completely awake.
That is merely the foundation. Then your mind is very quiet. Your whole being becomes very still. Then go through that stillness, deeper, further – that whole process is meditation. Meditation is not to sit in a corner repeating a lot of words; or to think of a picture and go into some wild, ecstatic imaginings.
To understand the whole process of your thinking and feeling is to be free from all thought, to be free from all feeling so that your mind, your whole being becomes very quite. And that is also part of life and with that quietness, you can look at the tree, you can look at people, you can look at the sky and the stars. That is the beauty of life.

On Education, first published 1974, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd., London, , p. 58

So we are asking now: what is the movement of meditation? First of all we must understand the importance of the senses. Most of us react, or act according to the urges, demands and the insistence of our senses. And those senses never act as a whole but only as a part – right? Please understand this. If you don’t mind enquiring into this a little more for yourself, talking over together, but all our senses never function, move, operate as a whole, holistically. If you observe yourself and watch your senses you will see that one or the other of the senses becomes dominant. One or the other of the senses takes a greater part in observation in our daily living, so there is always imbalance in our senses – right? May we go on from there?

Now is it possible – this is part of meditation, what we are doing now – is it possible for the senses to operate as a whole; to look at the movement of the sea, the bright waters, the eternally restless waters, to watch those waters completely, with all your senses? Or a tree, or a person, or a bird in flight, a sheet of water, the setting sun, or the rising moon, to observe it, look at it with all your senses fully awakened. … if you observe this, if you observe this operation of the whole senses acting you will find there is no centre from which the senses are moving. Are you trying this as we are talking together? To look at your girl, or your husband, or your wife or the tree, or the house, with all the highly active sensitive senses. Then in that there is no limitation. You try it. You do it and you will find out for yourself. That is the first thing to understand: the place of the senses. Because most of us operate on partial or particular senses. We never move or live with all our senses fully awakened, flowering. Because as most of us live, operate and think partially, so one of our enquiries into this is for the senses to function fully and realize the importance and the illusion that senses create – are you following all this? And to give the senses their right place, which means not suppressing them, not controlling them, not running away from them but to give the proper place to the senses. This is important because in meditation, if you want to go into it very deeply, unless one is aware of the senses, they create different forms of neurosis, different forms of illusions, they dominate our emotions and so on and so on. So that is the first thing to realize: if when the senses are fully awakened, flowering then the body becomes extraordinarily quiet. Have you noticed all this? Or am I talking to myself? Because most of us force our bodies to sit still, not fidget, not to move about and so on – you know. Whereas if all the senses are functioning healthily and normally, vitally then the body relaxes and becomes very, very quiet, if you do it. Do it as we are talking.

4th Public Talk, Brockwood Park, 1978 , Video and Audio Cassette.
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Ravi Varma on June 10, 2011, 12:24:53 AM
well, lets ask a straight forward question to ourselves.
why should we meditate?
why are we just not able to live happily with whatever we get through nature?

If it is because of our dis-satisfaction with our lives, then we\'ll fail in meditation too and also fail in personal life.
One should start meditation only when he/she has enjoyed life to the fullest and got totally bored of it.
Only then our thoughts will not fly during meditation.
They wont fly because they\'ve already seen enough and our mind is tired enough.
Then it wants rest and it will quickly grab the meditation path as soon as you bring it into this track.

Before reaching that stage, dont even attempt meditation.
Just live your life
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: orangeprince on June 10, 2011, 01:10:11 PM
Sir what is enjoying life to the fullest and have we ever enjoyed and to enjoy shouldn\'t the past go away and observe without any traces of the past?
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Anoo on June 10, 2011, 02:43:51 PM
you\'ve been talking about bad past haunting your mind and not able to enjoy present even in other threads.
what do you mean by enjoyment? is it being happy, making lot of money, eating whatever you want, watching movies, playing with kids, no loans and financial tensions, celebrating festivals ??


you can enjoy even if you are put in jail and beaten up daily.
you\'re over programmed by your parents, friends, family, relatives etc and need to deprogram yourself first before even getting into this path.
read this

let past remain, let future come, just live and enjoy the present.
(you have no choice to pick future or chance to manipulate past, so atleast dont waste present)
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: OMkaar on June 10, 2011, 02:52:34 PM
dear O.Prince,
may be you\'re trying to enter this path because you hate your present life and past too.
Just by reading books of J.Krishnamurti etc, or by discussing or hearing about meditation, you will not achieve what other had.

you need to live life to the fullest first.
Let it be success or failure(in materialistic terms).
Let your mind get tired completely and then it will automatically want rest and will take you towards resting path(meditation)
till then these books and discussions will not even help you.

your mind is your guru and it will tell you when to enter this path.
till then dont force yourself into anything.

method described here in 1st post by Virinchi must have come out of his own experience.
Its the best way to start as you will start realising how silly your mind is and then when you feel childish or silly, you want to grow up.. then comes the next step of stabilization of thought
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: sonipravin on June 10, 2011, 03:46:55 PM
Dear Omkaara,

Following is the text from Osho\'s Book written on Meditation some 40 years back. Observe your thoughts. Be a watcher. You and your body are two different things.

What we do when we meditate in various ways is already there since ages. It is only our experience which is ours totally. Everything else is already there explained by the Saints longtime back.

The Path of Meditation
When Alexander was returning from India he wanted to take a sannyasin back with him so that he could show people in Greece what an Indian sannyasin looks like. There were many sannyasins who were ready and eager to go. Who wouldn\'t want to go when Alexander was inviting and greeting them with royal honours? But Alexander did not want to take just anyone who was eager, because one who was eager would not be a true sannyasin. He was looking for a sannyasin who had some authenticity.

When he was crossing the border regions, he found out about one particular sannyasin. People told him, \"There is a sannyasin who lives on the bank of the river in the forest. You should take him with you.\"

He went there. First he sent his soldiers to bring the sannyasin to him. The soldiers went to the sannyasin and said, \"You are fortunate. Thousands of other sannyasins have begged Alexander to take them but he did not choose any of them. Now the great Alexander has showered his favor on you and he wants you to go with him. You will be taken to Greece in royal style.\"

The sannyasin said, \"Nobody has the power or the courage to force a sannyasin to go anywhere. \"

The soldiers were shocked. They were the soldiers of the mighty Alexander, and a naked sannyasin  dared to talk to them like this? They said, \"Don\'t say that again, or you will lose your life.\"

But the sannyasin said, \"Nobody can take away a life that I have already dropped on my own. Go and tell your Alexaner that his power may conquer everything, but it cannot conquer those who have already conquered themselves.\"

Alexander was amazed. The words were strange, but significant too because he felt that he had found the sannyasin that he had been searching for. Alexander himself went, naked sword in hand, and he told the sannyasin, \"If you don\'t come, I will cut off your head.\"

And the sannyasin answered, \"Do it. And just as you will see that you have cut the head off this body, I also will see that the head has been cut off the body. I will also see it, I will also be watching this happening. But you will not be able to kill me, because I am the watcher.\" And he went on, \"I also will see that the head has been cut off -- so don\'t be under the wrong impression that you can hurt me in some way. I am beyond the point where anyone can hurt me.\"

This is why Krishna has said, \"That which fire cannot burn, which an arrow cannot pierce, which a sword cannot cut, that is-ness, that being is within us. The integrated being which fire cannot burn and an arrow cannot penetrate is within us.\"

The awareness of that being and the dropping of the identification with the body, the dropping of the feeling that you are the body, is bodilessness. But you will have to do something to drop the identification. You will have to learn how to drop it. And the more pure the body is, the more easy it will be to drop the identification with the body. The more the body is in a state of purity, the more quickly you can become aware that you are not the body. This is why body purity is the basis and bodilessness is its ultimate fruit.

How can you learnt hat you are not the body? You will have to experience it. If standing, sitting, sleeping and waking you try to remember, if there is a little right-mindfulness, if there is a little awareness of the functions of the body, you will have taken the first step towards creating emptiness.

When you are walking along a path, look deeply inside yourself and you will see that there is someone in there who is not walking. You are walking, your hands and feet are moving, but there is something within you which is not walking at all, which is just watching you walk.

When you have some pain in your hand or foot, when you have hurt your foot, then look inside with awarenesss -- are you hurt, or is it that your body is hurt and you are getting identified with the pain? When there is some pain in the  body become aware if the pain is happening to you or whether you are simply witnessing the pain, whether you are a witness to the pain.

When you feel hungry, look with awareness to see if you are hungry, or your body is hungry and you are simply witnessing this. And when there is happiness, also watch and feel where this happiness is actually happening.

With all that is happening in your life, while you are standing, sitting, walking, sleeping and walking, what needs to be remembered is to be aware to make a constant effort to see where things are actuallly happening. Are they actuallly happening to you or are you just a witness?

Your habit of identification is deep. You may even start to cry while you are watching a movie or a play, you may start to laugh. When the lights in the theater come on you secretly wipe away your tears so that nobody sees them. You cried, you became identified with the movie. You became identified with the hero, the character -- something painful may have happened to him, and you identified with this pain and started to cry.

A mind which thinks that whatever is happening to the body is happening to you is in misery and pain.  And there is onlly one cause for all your misery , and that is your identification with the body. And there is also only one cause for happiness,  and that is that your identification with the body breaks and you become aware that you are not the body.

For that, right - rememberance is needed. Right rememberance of the activities of the body, right-awareness, right-observation of the activities of the body are needed. It is a process: bodilessness will happen through right-observation of the body.

It is necessary to observe the body. When you go to bed at night, it is important to be aware that your body is going to bed, not you. And in the morning when you get out of bed, it is important to be aware that your body is getting out of bed, not you. It was not you that has slept, it was only your body that slept. When you eat, be aware that your body is eating, and when you wear clothes be aware that the clothes only cover the body, not you. Then when somebody hurts you, with this awareness you will be able to remember that the body is being hurt, not you. In this way, with constant reminders, at some point there will be an explosion and the identification will be broken.

Do you know that when you are dreaming you are not aware of your body? And do you know that when you are in deep sleep you remain unaware of your body? Do you remember your face? The deeper you go within yourself, the more you forget your body. In a dream you are not aware of your body; and in very deep sleep, in a state of unconsciousness, you are not aware of the body at all. When consciousness starts returning, your identification with the body gradually starts to return. In the morning, when you suddenly wake up, look inside, and you will clearly be able to see that your identification with the body is also waking up.

There is an experiment to break this identification with the body. If you go on doing it once or twice a month, it will help you to break the identification. Now try to uderstand this experiment.

Relax the body in the same way as we did for the night meditation: by making the room dark, giving suggestions to each chakra, relaxing the body, and entering into meditation. When the body is relaxed -- when your breathing has become relaxed and your being has becomes silent -- feel as if you have died. And become aware within yourself, since you are dead, which of your loved ones are gathering around you. Watch their images gathering around you -- what they do, which of them cries, who screams, who grieves -- watch them with great clarity; they will be visible to you.

Then see that all the people from the neighborhood, the locality, as well as all your loved onces have gathered and tied your dead body onto the bier. Watch that also. See the people carrying the bier, and let it reach the cremation ground; then let them put it on the funeral pyre.

Watch all this. All this is imagination, but if you experiment with all this in your imagination you will be able to see it very clearly. And then see that they have put your dead body on the funeral pyre; the flames have risen and your dead body has disappeared.

When your imagination reaches the point where the dead body has disappeared and the smoke has risen into the sky, the flames have disappeared into the air and only ashes are left, immediatelly, with total awareness, look inside yourself at what is happening. At that moment you will suddenly find that you are not the body; at that moment the identification will be totally broken.

After doing this experiment many times, when you get up after doing it, when you walk, when you talk, you will know that you are not the body. We have called this state the bodiless state. Someone who comes to know himself through this process becomes bodiless.

If you do this all the time, for twenty-four hours a day - walking, getting up, sitting down, talking and remaining aware that you are not the body -- then the body will be just an emptiness. And to know that you are not the body is rare. It is absolutely rare, nothing is more precious than this. To become disidentified with the body is absolutely rare.

After your body, your thoughts and your emotions have been purified, if you do this experiment with bodilessness, it will happen. And then many changes will start to happen in your life. All your mistakes, all your unconscious acts are connected to the body. You have not made one mistake or done one wrong act which was not connected to the body. And if you become aware that you are not the body, there is no longer any possibility for misery in your life.

Then if somebody stabs you with a sword you will see that he has cut your body with the sword, and you will be aware that nothing has happened to you. You will remain untouched. At that moment you will be like a lotus leaf in the water. The moment you become aware of your bodilessness your life will become peaceful, undisturbed. Then any outside events, any thunder or storms will not touch you because they can touch only the body. Their impact is only on the body; they affect only the body. But you think, mistakenly, that the impact is on you -- this is why you suffer and feel pain or happiness.

This is the first stage of spiritual discipline: you learn to become free from the body. It is not difficult to learn, and those who make the effort will definitely experience it.

The second element of spiritual discipline is freedom from thoughts. Just as I said that bodilessness happens through the right-observation of the body, freedom from thoughts happens through the right observatin of your thoughts. The basic element of spiritual discipline is right-observation. In these three stages you have to look with right-awareness and right-observation at the body, the mind and the emotions.

Become an observer of the currents of thought that flow through your consciosness. Just like someone sitting by the side of a river watching the river flow by, sit by the side of your mind and watch. Or just as someone sits in the forest and watches a line of birds flying by, just sit and watch. Or the way someone watches the rainy sky and the moving clouds, you just watch the clouds of thoughts moving in the sky of your mind. The flying birds of thoughts, the flowing river of thoughts ...... in the same way, silently standing on the bank, you simply sit and watch. It is the same as if you are sitting on the bank, watching the thoughts flowing by. Don\'t do anything, don\'t interfere, don\'t stop them in any way. Don\'t repress in any way. If there is a thought coming don\'t  stop it, if it is not coming don\'t try to force it to come. You are simply to be an observer.

In that simple observation you will see and experience that your thoughts and you are separate -- because you can see that the one who is watching the thoughts is separate from the thoughts, different from them. And as you become aware of this, a strange peace will envelop you because you will not have any more worries will not be yours. You can be in the midstof many problems but the problems will not be yours. You can be surrounded by the thoughts but you will not be the thoughts.

And if you become aware that you are not your thoughts, the life of these thoughts will begin to grow weaker, they will begin to become more and more lifeless. The power of your thoughts lies in the fact that you think they are yours. When you are argying with someone you say, \"My thought is ....\" No thought is yours. All thoughts are different from you, separate from you. You must be a witness to them.

I will tell you a story so that you understand this more deeply. It happened to Buddha.......

A prince had been initiated, and on the very first day he went to beg for alms. He begged for food at a door where Buddha had told him to go. He received the food, ate and returned. But when he went back he said to Buddha, \"Forgive me, but I will not be able to go there again.\"

Buddha asked, \"What happened?\"

He said, \"When I went, I had to go two miles and on the way I thought of the food I would like to eat. And when I got to the door, the shravika, a lay follower of Buddha had prepared this very food. I was surprised. Still, I thought it was a coincidence. But then it happened that when I sat down to eat, the thought came to my mind that when I was at home I used to rest for a few minutes every day. And I thought: who will ask me now if I would like to rest today? And just as I was thinking this, the shravika said, \'Brother, if you would stay for a while after you have eaten and rest, I would be obliged and grateful, and my house would be purified.\'

\"I was really surprised  --  but then again I thought it must be a coincidence that the thought came to my mind and she also mentioned it. So I lay down and was about to rest when the thought came to my mind: today I have no bed of my own and no shelter of my own; today I am under someone else\'s roof, lying on someone else\'s mat. And at that moment the shravika said from behind me, \'Oh monk, the bed is neiher yours nor mine; and the shelter is neither yours nor mind.\' Then I became afraid.

\"It was difficult to believe that these coincidences could happen again and again, so I said to the shravika, \'Do my thoughts reach you? Are you aware of the thought/waves arising in me?\' And the shravika answered, \'Meditating continuously, my thoughts have disappeared, and now I can see other people\'s thoughts.\' Then I got really scared and came running here to you. Plese forgive, but I will not be able to go there again tomorrow.\"

Buddha asked, \"But why not?\"

And he answered, \"Because .....  how can I say it? Forgive me, just please don\'t ask me to go there again.\"

But Buddha insisted so he had to tell him: \"Seeing this beautiful woman, soome lustful thoughts arose in me -- and she must also have been able to read these thoughts. Now how can I face her? How will I be able to stand at her door? I cannot go there again.\"

But Buddha said, \"You will simply have to go there. It is part of your meditation. Onlly in this way you will become aware of your thoughts.\"

He was helpless ...... he had to go there the next day. But the next day it was not the same man who went there. The first time he had walked along the path asleep: he had not been aware of what thoughts were going through his mind. The next day he went with awareness, because now there was fear. He went there consciously. And when he arrived at her door, he waited for a moment before climbing the steps. He made himself aware and he focussed his awareness inwardly. Buddha had said, \"Just look inside and don\'t do anything -- simply be aware that no thought is unseen. Simply be aware that no thought passes you without your seeing it.\"

He climbed up the steps, watching within himself. He could almost see his breathing. He could even see the movement of his hands and feet. And as he ate, he was aware of each and every bite. It was as if someone else was eating the food and he was simply watching.

When you start to watch yourself there will be two currents within you: one which is doing and one which is only watching. There will be two parts within you: one is the doer and one is only a watcher.

He was eating his food, yet there was one person eating the food and someone else watching. In India we say -- and all the people in the world who have known say -- \"The one who is watching is you, and the one who is doing is not you.\"

He watched. He was surprised. He returned to Buddha dancing and he said to him, \"This is great. I have discovered something. I have had two experiences: one experience is that when I am totally aware, thoughts stop. When I  look inside with total awareness, thoughts stop. The second experience is that when the thoughts stop I see that the doer is different from the watcher.\"

Buddha said, \"That is the key. And the one who finds it has found everything.\"

Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: OMkaar on June 10, 2011, 03:50:17 PM
that is what this topic is about.
there\'s no need to copy text from osho\'s book
content is already being discussed here in simple words rather than long texts
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: orangeprince on June 10, 2011, 05:34:02 PM
but isn\'t mind just a basketful of memories sir and if mind is our guru aren\'t we divided when one says for ex: to smoke and the other says do not so aren\'t both the one? So to live life to the fullest we need to stop the chatter and the duality of the mind should stop isn\'t it sir?

Dear Anoo ji is life just about making money,watching movies and eating what we want ? am sorry i beg to differ ma\'m.
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: JayTee on June 10, 2011, 06:00:47 PM
your posts show that you are still not ready for entering this path
thats why you have this struggle.

Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Bhavani on June 12, 2012, 06:36:28 AM
BEST way of meditating is by imagining any one particular object/shape/target/mantra (reciting or recollecting mantra in your mind without moving your lips and tongue) for few mins each day at same time.
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: gauranggroups on June 13, 2012, 09:23:26 AM

There are two types of Meditation. One is Concentration Meditation and the other one is De-concentration Meditation. Whatever you\'ve explained is Concentration Meditation. That\'s good and a traditional one. Nobody denies that.

But whatever Virinchi has explained here is De-concentration Meditation. It\'s a very easy process and relatively unknown. It\'s very effective. People are charging heavily and conducting classes in hill resorts for 3 - 5 days to teach this. One of my known senior person paid around 20K and attended this class in Shimla. They gave food and shelter for a week and asked them to practice this, it seems. But Virinchi has explained this neatly in free of cost.;)
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: Thinker on March 04, 2013, 09:29:27 AM
I like the effortless meditation approach.  But I am not sure about controlling the mind as the goal of meditation.  Just like spectators wouldn't control the games, meditators observe the mind, distance from the mind but you can't really control the mind.  Does it make sense? 
Title: Easiest way of meditating is - by NOT concentrating
Post by: .Seeker. on June 13, 2013, 07:35:06 PM
I used to try hard to meditate...but i never could understand what it means when we're supposed to clear out our thoughts.
How can one ever clear out all thoughts? How is it even possible?
Mind never rests,the thoughts are ceaseless,it's a cacophony and the more you try to suppress is the more you find yourself concentrating on trying to suppress the thoughts which gets tiresome and is more irksome and in the end you get worked up and it rather defeats the whole purpose of meditation.

I asked anyone I could find but nobody could tell me or properly guide me.
By personal experience I can say that one needs God's grace to truly meditate...a divine enlightenment.One cannot tell when it would happen but it just happens...and when it happens one experiences profound peace and joy.
The cacophony of thoughts is still there but you dont need to suppress them to meditate,you learn to,I guess like Virinchi said be a detached observer and lost in deep thought.

By God's grace Now I can concentrate whenever I want...and I can feel soul and my thoughts trying to get aligned to the cosmic consciousness and be synchronised with nature