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Title: Palmistry VS other methods of prediction
Post by: NKS on March 30, 2010, 05:45:54 PM
No grudes against any profession. I heard that palmistry predicts only 12-15% of perfection in life. More or so, it cannot cut down to accuracy level as the vedic astrology can. It it true?:(
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: Sushma on March 30, 2010, 05:50:15 PM
thats because new lines emerge and few disappear as age passes.

but in astrology one can see vimsottari dasas for complete life cycle
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: pravin kumar on March 30, 2010, 07:44:08 PM

Dear NKS,

You have heard but not read or experienced about what you write. Every Occult Science subject have their plus and minus. Palmist will praise Astrologers who will praise numerologist and numerologist praise palmist. Why? They find the other science more accurate or easy? I have met many astrologers who have wondered how easy it is for palmist to just tell about a man\'s character by seeing even the reverse of the palm. If a person is sitting in a train you can tell by just seening how he holds his palm about his character. No complicated calculations involved but simple logic. This is not to belittle the astrologers who especially in this forum are very good.

So it is for one to choose which to learn or whom to acknowledge better. If you just look at the thumb of a person you know how to please that person. Either it is flattery or simple logical reasoning and if the person is not mixing one has to be careful in his speech. All these indications are seen from the thumb. If you want to please your boy/girl friend then the same rule will apply. If you want to see sterility in the boy/girl then again at one glance you can tell the answer. No complicated calculations still astrology is a vast science and has much more depth.

Nowadays latest research by Palmist show that they can predict what disease will attack a person and when much before the Doctor can tell. From the pupils of the eye one lady of China can predict 250 ailments and the number is increasing.

All these are logical calculations and no guess work.

Before you write something think before and then write as you do not have much information but write on hearsay.

Pravin Kumar
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: Seetaram on March 30, 2010, 07:58:01 PM
well, may be those were mediocre astrology students who wondered how a palmist predicted stuff.

over thousands of years astrology is more evolved and accurate.

keeping aside accuracy, people need whats useful for them, not just accurate.
if you tell them they\'ve a problem or will have problem, whats the fun in it ?
you should be able to foresee how and where the problem comes from and also suggest a suitable remedy to overcome it or reduce its effect.

this is clearly missing in sciences evolved in west, like western astrology.
they dont believe in past lives and past karma, so they can never tell you how to clear your past karma which is blocking you now.

so, palmistry is limited only till predicting, but not curing, where as in astrology you can see whats root cause behind a karma like go into past lives of a person too.

also for people who dont have time/date of birth etc, horary can be helpful.

palmistry, card reading can be learnt for fun but seriously cannot help humans solve their problems

whats the fun in naming a disease but not curing it ?

even astrology is not able to cure many problems, because nature doesnt allow humans to dominate everything but astro is better than other sciences.
palmistry or card reading may also evolve in future and may predict a person\'s karma level and his past lives etc, and suggest remedies but they\'re not that much evolved right now

more on this
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: Ravi Varma on March 30, 2010, 10:49:20 PM
your approximation of 10-12 % is wrong when it comes to predicting about life.
palmistry can predict much higher but its range is less compared to astrology.

for example a palmist has to \'look\' at palms or prints to speak and that limited to an individual only.
but astrology doesnt need a person to look at, sometimes doesnt need time/place/date infos when using horary methods and can predict events related to a place, country, event, sport etc too, which palmistry can never reach.

you can look at political and sports(IPL) predictions in this site as best example.
they never needed cricket players personal info but still are accurate.

what seetaram said is right .
astrology has evolved lot more than other sciences and with branches like mundane for politics and country , climate predictions, share market predictions etc and with additions of new methods like K.P etc, it became more accurate.

however, persons with high intuitive powers dont need all these sciences.
they will just talk and it will happen.
they can even prevent or postpone bad events.

so one should try to achieve that state to help fellow humans, rather than just learn some stuff from books and try to make quick money out of it
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: pravin kumar on March 31, 2010, 10:51:36 AM


You are right about astrology but as I wrote a few days back in another forum where one person made a scathing attack on astrologers that what prediction they made had not come right in his case as he waited for marriage as predicted by astrologers and he never got married and many other things. I will just copy paste that reply over here:

Dear Beets,

I am no astrologer but a Palmist. I know for certain that it is those who approach us, be it astrologer palmist numerologists etc. etc., and the way they approach us and ask their questions get the answers as per their manner of approach. I have gone wrong on quite a few times and have been right so many times and at times when I know what I said is wrong but it turns out to be right. That is when I believe HE speaks through us in those cases where words pour out of our heart rather than from our mouth.

One businessman approached me in Imphal (Capital of Manipur) to do palm reading in his house for his whole family in the night. It is very risky to go out of your hotel after 6 p.m. and still the way that person persuaded me made me go. When I reached his house alongwith him, his wife opened the door on our ringing the bell. When she saw me she simply fell flat on my feet and paid me respect which the most honoured and reverred person like a Saint deserved. What happened was it created an instant reaction in my whole body where I felt my Soul rise up to HIM and asked HIM: OH GOD. THIS GIRLS PROBLEM SHOULD BE SOLVED. I did not say this but my feelings were prompted to ask HIM for an answer. She got the best advise I have ever given to anyone. She had menses problems and I told her until that is solved she could not bear a child. Her problem was that of pregnancy. She got an answer and did pursue with the Doctors to get it rectified.

Next time I visited her house again after 3.1/2 years as I was called once again to read their palms in the night I went alongwith her husband. Again on opening the Door she lay flat on the ground with her forehead on my feet and paid Obeyance to me thrice for she was now 9 months pregnant. You can well imagine her physical status with full pregnancy. This again generated reactions in my body and I prayed to GOD: May she get a child that she wants: Boy or Girl as per her wish. I asked her what she wanted. She said: she wanted a male child. I blessed her with male child and she got a beautiful baby boy in the next 10 days. In this case it was she who got the answer from me to her query and not I who gave her the answer.

When you can do this to anyone i.e. faith in any person you can move mountains. The reaction I felt in my body was described my Guru Maharaj was that the Girl by her total faith in my ability drew Protons from my body and got her reply.

Pravin Kumar

So whichever method you follow the person should get relief and his questions answered. To say that palmistry gives only 12-15% relief then why would anyone go to a palmist? Cheiro had this gift of having knowledge of all 3 sciences: Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology but he has written many books on Palmistry rather than the other 2 subjects which implies that his knowledge in Palmistry and also success in that subject.

Pravin Kumar
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: DCP on March 31, 2010, 11:03:15 AM
many astrologers in many forums are using outdated methods on kaalidas times
they\'ll fail and also bring bad name to astrology.

let them learn K.P, which is accurate and then talk on astrology

its the client\'s mistake to believe a mediocre student of astrology and follow his advice.
you\'ll also find such crap people in palmistry too, who just read a book and open a palmistry predicting office.

as ravi varma said above, palmistry is much above than 15% accuracy but its range is less.

its only limited to humans you can see, where as astrology can see many issues like climate, politics, past life karma of humans, animals, trees, places, countries etc.

i was a follower of vedic(old fashioned) astrology till 2007 and failed on few occassions.
Then someone showed me K.P method in astrology and after that i succeeded in all predictions.

however the thread starter has his own ideas about palmistry or astrology which can be left for himself and better not discussed.

pravinji, please do not open multiple threads for same topic.
discus in same threads
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: Samantha on March 31, 2010, 11:06:33 AM
its purposeless to discus whats better or not
if u prefer palmistry use it else use other method

pls close such useless topics
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: Sachin on March 31, 2010, 02:08:13 PM
You can never say this is beeter or that is better This depends on expertise of individuals in their correspending field
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: SaSirEkha on March 31, 2010, 02:31:56 PM
mediocre pratitioners will give only such baseless predictions which brings bad reputation to a science.
i always believed what my guru taught me long back.
No science is wrong, only few scientists are wrong !

so, its a person\'s responsibility to cross check by earlier readings and then only consult any astrologer or palmist.

no use blaming the science later
Title: Palm Reading
Post by: Seetaram on April 10, 2011, 09:22:55 AM
palmistry gives good predictions if palmist is well versed and experienced.
It can be 90% accurate but however the science of palmistry itself is limited when compared to astrology.

you need a palm print, or need to see some part of body of that person to predict.
It cannot predict cricket matches, weather, politics, missing items, robbery, natural calamities etc

astrology doesnt need any info. just a question is enough to cast horary chart and k.p gives right answer

all these numerology, palmistry, vaasthu etc are only branches of a tree called astrology