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Title: career renewal scope/when, what, where, how
Post by: kshantaram on April 12, 2010, 10:29:00 AM

seeking job since dec 25 07, taught MBA-hr weekly classes june-nov 08, free again since then. had literally no job feb 02-dec 05. and again now. practically leading a retired type of life since 2002 impacting family peace. what has happened. is it planets or some other occult forces.

what are chances of my career renewal now, job again by any chance, what are my options now for my earnings with college going daughter and son and daughter to be sooner married. applying all across the country with very rare responses which again do not work out.

dob 6th jan 1956, 01-57am, tenali/andhra
chitra-3, kumbha navamsa, meena dasamsa,
running saturn-jupiter dasa

marriage event ref : 28th may 1983

hr professional by experience dealing with recruitment,training,performance appraisals, etc
astrology is my personal hobby.

started working early jan 1974 alongwith college studies. started as hr assistant to reach Manager-hr 1995-01.

jupiter is in my 11th house leo but saturn-jupiter dasa has not worked out till date. saturn yogakaraka in the 2nd house alongwith mars/rahu.
got a satisfactory assignment during saturn-mars dasa jan 06, a much better one in terms of remuneration during saturn-rahu mid 07 but followed by a quicker fall ending dec 07 saturn-rahu-ketu dasa.

how does one know that a job break would be too long or quite short or permanent.

seek valued empathetic astrocounsel from learned members for hope and learnings -  hope my chart would evoke interest!

thanks in all anticipation and, regards again,


Title: career renewal scope/when, what, where, how
Post by: SaSirEkha on April 13, 2010, 09:55:49 AM
your sani mahardasa till 2011 july is not helping much
even if you get some job it wont stay for long and this happens for next 15 months.
saturn though a yogakarak, is own own constellation but controlled by sublord mercury who is 12th lord and 9th lord.

since 9th lord is 12th w.r.t 10h house, he will cause breaks in career
Title: career renewal scope/when, what, where, how
Post by: Seetaram on April 13, 2010, 08:53:33 PM
your dasas and antardasas are giving too complicated results as those planets are connected to many contradictory result giving planets.

you will have better prospects in budha dasa fom 2011 2nd half
Title: career renewal scope/when, what, where, how
Post by: kshantaram on April 15, 2010, 02:12:20 PM
thanks Ms Sasirekha and Shri Seetaram for the kind observations,

running saturn-jupiter dasa, jupiter moves to own pisces in the 6th for employment matters, while saturn would be transit opposite in the 12th house. any chance of some employment May onwards.

what will be the impact of mercury as lord of the 12th during mercury dasa - will it act as lord of the 9th and help out bringing better days professionally and fortune. mercury is placed 8th from the 9th house in the 4th kendra, while is in trine with the 12th house. aspects the 10th house alongwith ascendant venus placed there. hope i could be enlightened on this.

regards and thanks again,

Title: career renewal scope/when, what, where, how
Post by: Seetaram on April 19, 2010, 01:51:18 PM
saturn is aspecting your nakshatra since january

your current antardasa saturn - jupiter is controlled by ketu (ad jup is on ketu\'s nakshatra) and since ketu is in 9th, which is 12th to 10th House, it gave break in career and income.
also retrograde jupiter is not helping much in chart

there will be some oppurtunities which are short term and will pay something but they wont be satisfactory workwise or income wise

wait till budha dasa starts
Title: career renewal scope/when, what, where, how
Post by: kshantaram on April 19, 2010, 03:07:57 PM
Shri Seetaram,


thanks again indeed for illuminating me on the role of transit ketu in the 9th house
with reference to my chart placements especially jupiter in ketu\'s nakshatra and it\'s impact
during the antardasha of jupiter in saturn.

hope main budha dasa would be really good while the systems approach treats budha as lord of the 12th for tula lagna - but got married during jupiter-budha dasa, saturn-budha dasa was the peak of my career. while jupiter dasa main was quite progressive with stability between 76-86 and further progress 87-92 although with instability.

seems jupiter dasa gave sudden benefits or changes from time to time. jupiter transit leo during jupiter dasa was always beneficial giving promotion with higher increments while jupiter transit leo during saturn dasa was zero effective not even fetching a job, just to share.

thanks and regards again for this critical input,


ps : to share again, my youngest brother has natal ketu in the 9th house in kanya rashi, when ketu transited ketu in the 9th he had a job change for better moving from delhi to bangalore a long distance change.