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Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: sonipravin on April 27, 2010, 04:07:34 PM

Respected Astrologers,

The following is the birth details of a person who is in difficulties.

Birth Date:     13/9/77
Time of Birth:  9.22 p.m.
Place of Birth: London

Question: When will his bad period end? Sucess in career and happiness in love life and personal relationships.

Excepting the bad period I won\'t be able to confirm anything else as the questions relate to his future.

Awaiting your response with interest.

Pravin Kumar
Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: OMkaar on April 27, 2010, 06:08:27 PM
all will happen but with partial results only after 2015 summer when rahu dasa ends
this person is having kaalsarp dosha for which he needs to perform remedies to rahu and ketu before 2015 atleast to have some better future
Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: sonipravin on April 27, 2010, 08:13:06 PM

Dear Omkaarji,

I am waiting for some others to reply before I tell you what problem he is facing. In fact I shall send you the copy of his e mail to me. I am reading his palm and I do not find anywhere in his palm the indication of what he is going through excepting that he is in great difficulties now and this year will be most difficult for him.

Other astrologers please let me know what type of difficult situation is going through now. He is jobless.

Pravin Kumar
Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: Seetaram on April 28, 2010, 09:39:35 AM
his rahu dasa and also sade-sathi of saturn is bad
saturn especially has been showing adverse effects since 2007 july and more from 2009 september
his rahu is in moon\'s constellation showing so much mental pressure on him.
Infact his problems are lesser than what he feels or imagines them.
i can say 70% of his problems are mental and only 30% are physical

so advise him to stop thinking too much.
he has moon conjunct rahu in 5th house showing weak mind who cant take decisions and keep asking advises but never follow anyone sincerely

sade sathi ends by 2014 and rahu dasa ends in 2015 summer
after that he will start seeing better conditions

conditions will improve after may 2nd when jupiter transits his 7th house w.r.t moon sign and it depends on how much he can control his mind

remedies : 1. meditation
2. wear an iron ring on left hand middle finger
3. fast on saturdays and donate food to beggars
4. do not lend money or take loans for next 4 years
Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: sonipravin on April 28, 2010, 01:03:51 PM

Dear Omkaarji and Seetaramji,

The below is the mail sent to me by this boy.

Thank you for your help, I\'m not a criminal the only laws I have ever broke would have been say like smoking hash no criminal record never in any trouble ,BUT I have a friend that I grew up with and he is, not a violent criminal but a criminal none the less ,he went his way in life and I went mine but we stayed friends .One time I went for a drink with him in town it was the first time in years I had been out with him and he came across a guy a friend of his came over to say hello to him and this man is a very very violent criminal ,he was in our presence for two min\'s but an army of cops follow him everywhere and when we left half of them followed us and since have dissected every area of my life and wont leave me be . I\'m sure it will work out in the end. thanks for your help in everything,

Now what do you have to say to the above. I welcome all other learned Astrologers what would be the fate of this boy?

Pravin Kumar
Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: Apparao on April 28, 2010, 06:42:36 PM
as astrologers above said most of his problem is psychological and nobody is \"REALLY\' hurting him.
however his problems will slowly resolve from may 2nd as jupiter\'s transit will be favourable for him and also it will reduce further from 2011 end when saturn moves out of his moon sign virgo.
But i dont see much progress in his life till 2015
he needs to do remedies for saturn as said above and also for Rahu for immediate and quick relief.

add 1 cup of fresh unboiled milk in a bucket of water and have a head bath with that water.
Doing this for 43 days nonstop will reduce ill effects of Rahu
Title: Horoscope reading
Post by: sonipravin on May 17, 2010, 07:01:47 PM

Thanks to all for their valuable readings. You have all read him right. He thinks a lot very negatively and goes on asking questions as if the answers will bring him relief.

Pravin Kumar