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Title: Spell to get desired Job?
Post by: Suniljitto on May 01, 2010, 03:46:03 PM
HI,After a long wait this spell worked for me........Trust me i did two spells for helping myself to get a Job in my desired company and yes.I made it today....

Here it Goes
1)How to get successful in the Interview::

You will require a green candle, a banknote(Preferably Rs 100 or above),and a paperclip.
Light the candle and show both sides of the banknote to the flame.
Fasten the note to the back of a photograph of yourself. Blow out the candle.
Carry your photo, with the note attached, in your handbag or wallet during your interview.
This is to be done within 24 hours prior to the interview.

2)This spell should be used only after you have submitted your resume or application.

You will require a sharp knife/pin,Red candle and a Green candle.

With a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company you want to work for on the side of a large green candle from bottom to top.
On a red candle, you need to carve the victory rune
(Tiwaz, it looks like an arrow, pointing up) and your full name. Burn both candles for
30 minutes on Thursday after the sun sets, while visualizing yourself getting the kind
of job you want. At the end of the 30 minutes, snuff the candles (do not blow them out).
Burn them each Thursday after that for 15 minutes until they burn out, or until you get the job.
Dispose of the candles and leave a small bowl of milk outside overnight as an offering.

Note:TIWAZ (Tyr) -- the victory rune.To know more about this or get the picture of TIWAZ plz check

This has been very helpful to me and trust me i am celebrating tonite with my frds for having got a Job just because of these Spells.

Wish all the unemployed ones All the very Best.
Title: For Job
Post by: OMkaar on May 01, 2010, 03:49:07 PM
so jupiter\'s transition\'s early effects worked for you
Title: For Job
Post by: Suniljitto on May 01, 2010, 04:14:53 PM
Cant say............whether its Jupiter\'s transit or hard efforts or these spells,which helped me in getting this Job...
Title: For Job
Post by: OMkaar on May 01, 2010, 04:18:36 PM
it will be effect of both
Title: For Job
Post by: anantha on May 24, 2010, 02:03:14 AM
Please can someone help me getting my desired job as soon as possible please please please as i dont have a job currently and the deadline given to me is one weak.
Please please can somebody help me.
Thanks in Advance

Title: For Job
Post by: Ranjana on May 24, 2010, 11:25:44 AM
instead of asking for help, try to help yourself by above methods