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Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: Miguel Antonio on May 31, 2010, 08:53:08 AM
Can vedic astrology determine one\'s fitness for a vocation?.

I have some ideas: astrologer, politician, businessman.

Do I fit for any of them?.

September 11, 1983. 5:30 am. Bogotá D.C, Colombia.
Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: Star Dust on May 31, 2010, 10:55:45 AM
add these options too : writer, auditor, accounting
if u aspire to be a politician then it will be a long journey as you are still having long tim jupiter dasha
u have to wait for saturn and mercury dashas
Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: Miguel Antonio on June 01, 2010, 12:13:46 AM
Do I have the ambition, strenght of will and determination to be a good politician?.

Furthermore, do I have the qualities to be a good occultist?.

I want to make astrology respectable in Academia and by the Scientific Stablishment. Is that feasible?.

I want the answers Vedic astrology can give to these sensible questions.
Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: DCP on June 01, 2010, 11:11:29 AM
you dont need to ask astrology about what level of determination you have.
That can be controlled in your mind.

i see you failing in politics as current period of jupiter is not favourable for it.
And your choice of fields are contrast.
occultist, politician dont go together.

i see banking, finance, writing, astrology, law as better choices
Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: kshantaram on June 13, 2010, 11:35:29 AM
with early morning birth guess have sun in leo in the ascendant, while jupiter could be in the 4th scorpio and saturn in the 3rd elevated libra.

sun represents administrative abilities in the government or corporates, while saturn elevated in libra in the 3rd house of enterprise as also the lord of the 7th house for business could represent business capabilities, while jupiter in secretive scorpio as also the lord of the 8th occult house could give ability to study subjects like astrology delving deeper while is lord of the 5th creative house. jupiter aspects the 8th and the 12th occult houses too. astrology could be your private keen hobby at home.  sounds you have potentials for business, astrology, public administration. saturn being lord of the 6th too may start with job and later go for own personal business to guess - guess job could be better as saturn makes a debilated aspect to the 9th house of luck. with 7th lord in the 3rd could marry a close acquaintance/relative/friend/colleague as a possibility.

saturn in libra could suggest law/justice as vocation especially labour laws/labour justice.

hope these random observations would be of some help to reflect further,

wishing you well,


ps : posting the chart could be helpful for ready reference
Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: Miguel Antonio on June 25, 2010, 04:06:23 AM
Here it is:

Title: Miquel Antonio
Post by: kshantaram on June 25, 2010, 08:38:08 AM
thanks for the chart,

the 7th house represents business while the 7th lord saturn is elevated in the 3rd house for enterprise with moon in libra with aptitude for public relations, but moon is also the lord of the 12th house while moon/saturn generally suggest an introvert profile. moreover saturn makes a debilated aspect to the 9th house of luck as well as impacts the 9th lord mars in the 12th house. sun makes an inimical aspect to the 7th from the first house. mercury is elevated in the 2nd house for finances but makes a debilated aspect on the 8th house for losses and recoveries could be difficult. sun in leo represents administration.

jupiter/ketu in scorpio in the 4th house again suggest occult/spiritual detached aptitude and attitude, while jupiter aspects mars-venus in the 12th house. could have astrology as strong hobby.

mars-venus as lords of 9/10 are good for granting success and prosperity but could be in foreign lands or in international trade/finance with elevated aspect from jupiter.

mars makes an elevated aspect to the 6th house for employment, hence could be rather better successful in employment, may in business administration dealing with international trade/finance. rahu in the 10th in taurus also suggests finance and international trade and could give lift in career. could also think of food industry, shipping lines, food and beverages/liquids, hospitality industry, hospital administration, etc.

with the fixed ascendant and planets in the fixed signs could be better off in business planning functions perhaps and areas where one needs to follow fixed administrative rules and procedures with strict administration. sun in leo too is very sensitive though could give good impressive personality. the sun/rahu square and the jupiter/rahu opposition too could put one under stress while could be an authority figure in the area needing diplomacy acting out hiding out personal emotions -  say again in the hospitality industry or hospital administration conributing more to strategic business planning and overall administraition.

currently saturn is over natal mercury in the 2nd/12th from the moon and finances/expenses could be under control/resricted, while jupiter in the 8th aspecting natal jupiter/ketu in the 4th and mars/venus in the 12th and being 6th from the moon could be good for employment in international finance/trade, hospitality, hospital management, while also could be inclined for occult sudies like astrology. ketu in the 11th house may not be conducive now for income generation suggesting a job break and being 9th from the moon could be good again for spirituality.

the next ransit of saturn over saturn 2.5 yrs later could be good for higher initiatives/changes. jupiter after a year moving to the 9th house aspecting the natl sun in the ascendant could bring some luck as well as spiritual development.

hope these hints enable reflect further based on ground realities,

wishing you well,