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ICC World Cup 2019 Predictions
Om Shanishcharyah Namah !!

ICC World Cup 2019

Prevailed by numbers of Jupiter (2019) , Saturn (Venue), and Mercury & Moon partially

Blue is the color of the season ....

My top favorite to enter Semi Final - England ( the only ICC event they won was 2010 (3))

Next is India , as like last world cup semis will be crucial ,
 followed by New Zealand ( Too much black in dress  will hurt their chances )

Pakistan is my outsider for this tournament , with West India the black horses .
South Africa again will choke or underperform , they will lose out on a pressure match to get knocked out

Australia might fizzle out due lack of team work , a Blue team will knock them out of the world cup.

SL or Afghanistan can create atleast one historic upset .

Semi Finals sure - England, India , New Zealand
4th semi finalist is very interesting , SL Afghanistan can decide the 4th one.

Cup winners chances in order from highest
England, New Zealand , Pakistan , India , West Indies

I have surpassed my own expectations ....
Om Shanicharyah Namah "

July 15, 2019, 01:08:32 AM
ICC World Cup 2019 Predictions
Wow I didn't think the match would be this balanced! Two tie's and England win on more boundaries scored.

New Zealand got bad luck in the end, especially those overthrows in the end.

It was just meant for England.

The black color as per numerology terms denied them .... England despite being number 8 ... Had less bad luck .... Any other team would have walloped either of them

July 15, 2019, 01:10:46 AM
ICC World Cup 2019 Predictions
As predicted already, hosts England are the strongest contenders for world cup title. Eoin Morgan fate also looks good for next 2 months.

Refer to point 10 in predictions made in early 2019
India looks like a definite qualifier for semis but beyond that is difficult.
Australia can face tough matches against India. Lanka can also scare them.
New Zealand will be knocked out by a hard hitting team (like Windies did in warmup game).
South Africa have multiple issues like injuries (Mars+Rahu <--> Saturn+Ketu).
West Indies batsmen will do well in few matches and dent chances of others.
Lanka can get a surprise win.
Bangladesh are not living upto their own expectations.
Afghans can also have odd unexpected positive game.
Pakistan cannot get both batting and bowling good in same game. Crucial matches will be lost due to failure of either department.

Fate wise, Holder, Du Plessis, Karunaratne, Murtaza, Finch, Naib have no chance to lift the world cup.
More as matches take place...

Superb master

July 15, 2019, 01:12:41 AM
ICC World Cup 2019 Predictions
The black color as per numerology terms denied them .... England despite being number 8 ... Had less bad luck .... Any other team would have walloped either of them
England chasing 242 (adds to 8 number })
Boundary count 26 to 17 .... Both 8... It's all saturn , saturn gives success after failure and hard work , Kiwis thrashed england out of 2015 wc, England worked hard to rebuild and were the most improved , Saturn gives results but after struggle

July 15, 2019, 01:35:56 AM
ICC World Cup 2019 Predictions
There is something called 'Destiny/Fate' which is not dependent on temporary things like Asc/Dsc/Shirt color/Number etc.
If you are destined, you will wear right color/number and win.
Morgan (dont follow his sun sign/moon sign but read his horoscope) was destined.
England were destined NOW because 2023, 2027 are not for them.

Totally agree England was destined to win and as you said , things fall in place if you are supposed to win,
My hypothesis is if you are destined to win, it will happen on a favorable day, venue and you will be wearing a favorable color .... England in last world cup was wearing dark blue and red, they shifted to light blue .... It also means that they could not win wearing dark blue which is Saturn color,
I have studied quite a few tournaments , never have seen any team wearing full black win a tournament, NZ won champions trophy 1999 wearing turquoise ,
Classic example is KKR , they lost miserably wearing black in IPL , shifting to purple they won 2 trophies , I can give lot of examples ... Blue winners this year in non contact sports cricket football,
So for destiny to occur lot of things fall in place including T-shirt
You being master in reading the destiny by charts , I tried using numerology and color, all occult reaches to ultimate truth ....
Both are reading their ways, I am not at that depth as you are
Since Kiwis were destined to lose , they chnged their t-shirt color from last world cup....

July 15, 2019, 04:26:49 AM
Vitality Blast T20 2019 Predictions
Somerset vs glam the team starts well goes down second innings and wins the match ... mostly somerset ll be that team
How would some one read and understand your prediction
"The team starts well  goes down second innings and wins the match ". If a team goes down in second innings they will loose the match , won't they ?

July 19, 2019, 03:47:07 AM
IPL 13 (2020) Predictions !! Om Shanischaryah Namah !!

Date  - 26-Sep, Saturday

With continuous support from all and blessings from the divine, presenting the  predictions for IPL 2020

Year 2020 - ruled by Rahu
Venue league matches – UAE (2,3,8)
League phase ruled by Mercury, Venus
Knockouts ruled by Mars
**** Venue of KO’s currently is UAE (but can shift to India)

This is early predictions based only on Team numbers and captain numbers

Tournament will have many heart-breaking matches & more than fair share of close matches, ties , But extreme scores are possible.
Venus & Mars period (Oct/Nov) will give lower scores as compared to Mercury (Sept).

One of top favourites will flop big time in Sept mostly CSK or MI or both
Non favourite teams will do well in early phase
Points table after first half will look very different from what is anticipated.

Team wise

Mumbai Indians

Safe choice in playoffs
Top 4 is very safe, up down performance as usual is expected more so as in UAE, but unless they mess really badly in series of matches they will be in top 4 (Consecutive losses and injuries can push them to 5 but unlikely)

SunRisers Hyderabad

Strong Contenders but can have difficult September
Mercury phase could be difficult for them with bad starts but if they don’t perform very bad, they can come back very strong … Poor captaincy, poor team selection and bad middle order can  lead to their downfall, again Black color can hurt them.

Kings XI Punjab
Dark horses
KL Rahul has strong chances to lead his team in top 2, but might have to be careful in crucial moments, tentative decision making will make them rue their luck. Final moving to India might not help them, will look at their chart before playoffs again

Royal Challengers Bangalore
Will have pendulum swings, but some luck can take them to playoffs
Will be slightly higher in table surely, cant rule out few magical games … But as usual will leak lot of runs, quite few mistakes
November can be lucky for Kohli but have to scrap thru the league

Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR will remain in contention, only due to young Indian players or foreign players, Morgan or Narine can take them to playoffs along with Gill/Rana, Russell might play well in few games but maybe note like previous years … Kartik has bad stars but Morgan/Narine can help him

Delhi Capitals

Delhi can be very consistent but miss out in unexpected matches especially in October November …. Mercury phase will be great for them. Fall from great position cannot be ruled out, if they perform really well in Sept to offset the poor fall in second half, they can squeak in.

Chennai Super Kings
CSK will face the heat of the desert in the form of meltdown or pressure surely in September, be it chasing or pressure of expectations, but they will surely come back but not the CSK dominance expected this year which happens all IPL ( when they are comfortable after 10 games with playoff secured .. not this time ) … Moving IPL out of India was worst for them but will not rule MS Dhoni, Sadly I find it very difficult for him to win

Rajasthan Royals

RR in pink/blue have the most suitable colors for them to outperform but not all s so hunky dory….
Given they are last favorites, I surely see them them out-perform their position. Surely will upset some and make few high scores … wont totally rule out them to make playoffs as outsiders

This IPL will see even contested points table, and if any team outperforms early on,
surely expect that team to not win the tournament
At-least 2 of 4 from top favourites might find it difficult to reach the playoffs.

One of Punjab and Rajasthan will surely be in top 4 and even beyond

Will put more player-wise predictions shortly on my you tube video 

!! Om Shanischaryah Namah !!

September 27, 2020, 12:22:48 AM
IPL 13 (2020) Predictions
SRH should start well with the bat for 1st half an hour then struggle later on in the first innings and do good in the end
RR should juggle for an hour and then pull back things from 4:56 pm in second innings to win the match
@suraj ... you have been exceptional in the last few predictions... well done Sasirekha who has been consistent

October 11, 2020, 07:18:42 PM
IPL 13 (2020) Predictions
2 blueshade jersey teams Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan should qualify for playoffs. RCB can be 3rd.
Change of captaincy can help KKR to be 4th team.
Actually I’m expecting 2 blue , 2 red (orange) but final winner is blue

Well that's the first time  I am seeing Nivedita or any of KP experts talking about color based predictions ....  8) 8) 8)
Till now handful of us including Suraj, SSB and few ... we were almost like underdogs ... 
Dont think RR despite having Pink Blue , which  very favorable combination ... but no 4 (2020) & even the venue numbers are not in their favor strongly ...
I do see some hope with Morgan coming for KKR .... and as mentioned earlier Russell cannot play a great part this year .... Narine, Morgan youngsters have to take the burden ... looks difficult ...
Virat steps  into his 32 year he is a number 5  ... and Gambhir a number 5 won the IPL in his 32 year too  ... but that was 2012 (5) .... still cant rule out  ....
The year 2020 (4) has been a great leveller .... Dhoni failed in IPL for first time so can Punjab or RCB  ... make it for the first time

October 24, 2020, 07:31:46 PM
IPL 13 (2020) Predictions
Why I asked this time , it being a Rahu year , Rahu is about illusion and deception, so it seems a challenge this time to accurately predict and many have found it challenging to give accurate predictions ... Anyways I have put up mine last week ........ So MI is first choice followed SRH ,  KKR in top 4 but winning difficult .... RCB out of blue can win only due to Virat ( magical moments after his birthday .... But again him being a father could also be indicative ) .... This is only as per color and numbers ....
!! Om Shanischarya Namah !!

Om Shanischarya Namah

Well top two picks in top 3 ....
More special because SRH came from nowhere ...
What worked for Delhi was Iyer’s number suiting UAE and 2020 .....
RCB and KXIP both missed a great chance ....

Credit to Nivedita who mentioned somewhere Kohli,Dhoni and Kartik cannot lift the cup ....

Also Suraj who was clear than Mars is not great position so RCB cannot won , Jupiter changing houses to Makar seems will make the Trophy blue...

November 07, 2020, 04:03:27 AM