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Ancient Indian knowledge VS Modern Western Knowledge sasirekha, your mentioned embryology, 23 chromosomes and Gunavidhi in Aitareya Upanishad, Mahabharata, Bhavata Purana etc are found here
May 01, 2013, 05:41:22 PM
Lord Siva Abhisheka / Archana - secrets and results fresh is first preference but if you cant get it early in the morning, then store it in refrigerator overnight and use it in morning.
add half lemon's juice to it for preservation and also it enhances the effect of the juice

May 15, 2014, 08:07:36 AM
Heritage with Raasi there's so much that can be discussed but i think its beyond an online forum.
i've seen a well educated, top ranking government official wife who is always abused by her husband, but she never chose to divorce him.
when i checked horoscopes, i found strong past life link where both these souls cannot leave each other in this life.
they tried past life regression to find that they were husband and wife (sex interchanged) in past life, where husband (present wife) abused wife (present husband daily) and now she's getting paid back.
until karma gets totally repaid back, they wont seperate and its a lifetime process, so only death of one person can stop this.

similarly, to experience collective karma, a group of souls (usually soul families) take birth in same family or as close relatives or close friends or business partners etc.
we can notice all of them suffering and going through tough time together.

soul families can be like owners of microsoft and intel, who could not make it big at same time if their hardware and software were not made around same time to support each other.
people with lesser karmic targets are born in same family.

it can also be known through a person's horoscope - his would be spouse, kids ruling planets etc

September 24, 2014, 07:14:13 AM
Heritage with Raasi In Ramayana, Rama (punarvasu 4th quarter), Bharata (pushyami), Lakshmana and his twin brother Satrughna (Aslesha) were born in Cancer (Karka Rasi) moon sign.
Many think that Ram, Lakshma, Bharat, Satrughna is the order due to close promixity of Ram and Lakshman, but its wrong.
All 4 brothers lost their father at same time.
2 of them went to forest exile, 3rd lived outside kingdom and worshipped footwear, 4th was wandering along the border trying to protect his kingdom for 14 years.
All 4 of them got united again at same time and lived together till they died on same day at same time

September 26, 2014, 04:30:19 PM
Saturn Transit in Scorpio, 2014-2017 - Effects on Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology Generally this transit of Saturn in Scorpio is bad for moon signs and ascendants of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and also for those who have saturn with less than 3 points in scorpio in their Ashtakavarga table.

To be more precise this transit predicitions based on Nakshatras (moon's placement) :

1. Punarvasu : They should avoid all litigations, court cases etc because they will lose.
People in power and with authority will develop enemity towards them.
There will be few insulting and humiliating situations. Health will not be good.

2. Makha : There will be pressure from banks or individuals to payback loans. One or more family members will suffer from bad health and this will cause medical expenditure. One old person in family or close relation can pass away.
Self control should be practiced regarding food, expenditure and travel.

3. Poorva Phalguni : Financial gains through recommendations of opposite sex, higher officials or relatives.
Few past loans will be cleared and new projects can start.

4. Swati : Ill-Health, Mental depression, pressures to clear loans and death of an old family member or close relative.

5. Visakha : Recommendations or help of officials will bring profits or promotions.
Sudden breakthroughs in business or job.

6. Jyestha : Loss at work or no job for few months, insult and humiliations from opposite sex, all attempts to form a new relation or maintain harmony in existing relation will fail, will be forced to dispose some part or all of ancestral properties and savings.

7. Uttarashada : Depression, sudden death or hospitalization of family members and some unexpected expenditure.

8. Dhanishta : Will be forced to face court cases, which they will lose.

9. Uttarabhadra : Sudden death or hospitalization of family members or close relatives.

10. Revati : This transit of saturn in scorpio will bring huge gains from officials.
If you are into real estate, astrology, jewelry business, entertainment field, then next 27 months will bring long lasting positive results.
Many life changing events will be seen.

All above results will surely happen if you are born with moon in those constellations and when Saturn’s dasa or antaradasa occurs during this transit period.

October 11, 2014, 09:58:35 AM
Saturn Transit in Scorpio, 2014-2017 - Effects on Signs in Vedic Astrology Scorpio represents the 8th sign and 8th house of upheaval, change and transformation, death-like experiences, inheritances, the sexual organs, the deep bowels, and all that is hidden, ancient, secretive, sexual, and occult in life.  It is a deeply private, hidden sign and house and all that we have kept hidden under the rock of our lives can need attention now.   If there is something dark and uncomfortable inside these areas, it is good to bring it into the light and heal the wound, the hurt, or the misunderstanding and move forward.   
It is important to remember that we have a great chance with this transit to transform our ignorance or avoidance into a positive life supporting energy, because the 8th sign also represents metamorphosis, healing and life.
Saturn makes us work hard !
When Saturn gets involved, it makes us work on things and can bring delays, pressures, contraction, slowness, intensity, and at its worst suffering or misery to the areas of life  if we donot attend to them.
You cannot suppress or ignore an aspect of life when Saturn is involved there.
Jupiter will ease up Saturn's pressure till july 2015, but after that saturn will push your less positive feeling forward.

The most difficult period for this world will be in 2017, when Saturn moves from a watery sign (scorpio) to a fire sign (sagittarius) and comes retrogrades between them, until it finally moves completely into sagittarius towards end of 2017.
So, Saturn has to cross the border between 2 contrast signs THRICE in a year,  which creates so much tension.

October 15, 2014, 06:43:07 AM
Saturn Transit in Scorpio, 2014-2017 - Effects on Signs in Vedic Astrology In general, this transit is BAD for ascendants and moon signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo.

Aries can experience severe health problems to self of some elderly person(s) in family and even a possible death.
It will question all beliefs and can make you want to revolt.

Taurus can be united with their partner after long time but again get seperated soon.
Saturn can push few 'extra marital' thoughts forward.

Gemini will be liberated after having faced long months of frustration in relations. Something new can start.

Cancerians will face tough days in family, money and relations. New work environment, additional pressures can increase.

Leos will be forced to quit few habits, adopt more disciplined life. There can be some pressure of loans and bad health of mother.

Virgos will finally start seeing hope of better days after 5 years long struggle.

Librans will face tough situations in family and health. Will be blamed by many.

Scorpions will face few challenging days ahead (after 2015 july) in terms of relations.

Sagittarians health can be effected, expenditure increased.

Capricorns will finally have some satisfaction through family members, kids, friends, lovers. Health will improve.

Aquarians will also have better days but health should be taken care of and long distance travel must be avoided.

Pisceans will have moderately good time compared to last 5 years.
Few will shed their shy nature and turn aggressive suddenly.

October 15, 2014, 06:54:33 AM
Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces from 13 July 2014 Mercury is going in direct motion and will cross Rahu this week.
While it transits between Rahu and Saturn and being aspected by Ketu, it will create situations which will make people believe that they've been cheated (for ex: fixing in sports, past corruption of politicians)

October 28, 2014, 05:23:40 AM
Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces from 13 July 2014 When both Ketu (from 18 feb 2015) and Saturn transit in constellations owned by Saturn, people will expect sudden and drastic changes in their lives. If both these planets together signify any particular house in your horoscope, then expect these sudden (+/- depends on house) changes between feb-dec 2015
December 20, 2014, 11:14:42 AM
2015 Cricket World Cup Astrology Predictions Australia has best transits during worldcup except that they should avoid playing 2nd semifinal in sydney.
India too should try to play 1st semifinal at auckland and avoid Sydney.
Tendulkar's prediction can come true as South Africa is also doing good till mid-march.

In their first match India needs to put up some special performance to keep up their world cup record against Pakistan in final overs

December 20, 2014, 07:26:45 PM