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2nd Wave in India Peak during May 2021 18 years back during 2002, Godhra train burning episode happened, which was followed by riots and cases.
During this time Rahu was in Taurus and Sun, Merc, Venus crossed it.

In earlier cycle, during 1984 June - Operation Bluestar happened with Rahu conjunct these 3 planets in Taurus.
This lead to Indira Gandhi murder later that year and sikh massacre.

Long back in 1909 may, Chagas disease was discovered Brazilian physician Carlos Chagas. Planetary combination in taurus was same.

During mid may 2021, similar planetary position can be seen in Taurus and peak of 2nd wave infections, deaths will be seen.
This graph should fall by mid June 2021 when planets move away into Gemini.
However, economic and social impact of covid-19, lockdowns, deaths will continue till mid 2023 as Jupiter remains in Kalasarpa dosha.

Happiness is shortlived as Saturn conjuncts Rahu in April 2025 and major planets again go into kalasarpa yoga.
The world will be under constant threat and economic pressure until mid 2027, when Jupiter crosses Ketu and frees itself for next 7 years (2034).

Venus transiting 12th H right now is not helping, so number of +ve corona cases are rising every day.

Same is happening again with Venus in Aries now. From 10th may, Venus will transit 1st cusp but conjunct Rahu. Restrictions can be less but infections continue till 2nd week of June.
Saturn in Capricorn not good for western states of India like MH, GJ, RA and middle-east countries

May 06, 2021, 08:57:05 PM
Jupiter in Aquarius temporary Effects on 12 Signs Jupiter enters Satabisha nakshatra on 21 may 2021 and few countries like UK which are relaxing now, will either be hit by next wave or economic collapse during June-August.
South Africa will also be effected severely.
Jupiter in Rahu nakshatra not good for Indian economy too until late September .
Maharashtra, Punjab will suffer as long as Saturn in Capricorn

May 07, 2021, 03:06:23 PM
Maharashtra state political predictions Around 30 years back when Saturn was in capricorn, Sharad Pawar was in congress and MH CM till june 1991.
He cameback to power exactly when saturn entered Aquarius in march 1993. (Saturn changed sign in late hours of 4 march 1993 and pawar became CM on 6 march 1993.
We can expect Shiv sena to be pushed into back seat and pawar's daughter Supriya Sule to take over as Maharashtra CM when Saturn temporarily transits Aquarius during 27 April - 14 July 2022.
This can happen little earlier too as Jupiter is transiting Aquarius now (until 15 september 2021), but this period only leads to power tussle.
Jupiter properly enters aquarius on 20 nov 2021 which should pave way for NCP to take over in 2022.

Coalition will break when Saturn in Aquarius (2023-25) and next elections happen in that state.

May 20, 2021, 06:16:00 AM