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Andhra Pradesh State Horoscope and Future Astrology Predictions They should use capital name as AMARAVATI (remove 'h') which makes it 21 and a lucky number.
Also 3 resonates well with 1 (state name total).
Infact they are using without 'h' only since long time. (refer Wikipedia and other govt sites for past records)
In history, Amaravati was capital for sometime and andhra kings allowed buddhist monks to settle in their region (for political and religious reasons).
Now chandrababu is rumoured to have held talks with Dalai Lama to give him shelter in Amaravati as he is in troubled waters.
In return 50000 crores donations/investments are expected for new capital.
Already Andhra is in deficit budget of 18000 Cr and extra 25000 Cr needed to construct new capital.
So if that deal works out, by 2019 'secular' Amaravati will be ready !

I still have doubts on new AP formation date. So will wait until sept 4th this year and then confirm it.

This year one more cyclone is going to hit Bay of Bengal coast but less damage in Andhra and more in Tamilnadu is expected.
Chennai can see what Vizag has seen in 2014.

April 08, 2015, 07:55:31 AM
Jupiter in Leo [Simha Rasi] from 13 July 2015, Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs Astrological Predictions for 12 Moon Signs and Ascendants when Jupiter transits LEO (Simha Rasi) between 13 July 2015 (17:54 IST) - 11 August 2015 (08:40 IST) according to K.P Ayanamsa.

According to moon signs and moorti predictions, when jupiter enters taurus, moon is in Taurus (Mrigasira-1)

For Taurus,Sagittarius, Cancer, TAURUS owns (1,6,11) houses and jupiter is Suvarna(Gold) moorti : gives 100% best results
For Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, TAURUS owns (2,5,9) houses, and jupiter is Rajata(Silver) moorti : 75% better results
For Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, TAURUS owns (3,7,10) houses and jupiter is Tamra(Copper) moorti : 50-50 results
For Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, TAURUS owns (4,8,12)  and jupiter is Loha(Iron) moorti : bad results

But this varies with points of Jupiter in Cancer sign, in your personal Ashtakavarga chart of your horoscope.

In general, Jupiter in cancer will be very good for people born in Moon Signs of Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries.
The above murti predictions will slightly alter final results.
If Aquarius is meant to have good time but Loha Murti is indicating bad, that means the good will come only after struggle.

June 24, 2015, 08:11:55 PM
Jupiter in Leo [Simha Rasi] from 13 July 2015, Effects on Moon Signs Aries : Jupiter is 5th house and Rahu in 6th house saves you from adverse effects of Saturn in 8th house.
If Ketu, Venus and Sun are signifying benefic houses in your horoscope, then next 12 months will prove to be good.
This is best time for education, initiation of new business, change of place/job, practicing new meditation methods.
Health of elders in family need to be taken care of.

Taurus : Adverse Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu will rob your peace of mind.
Excess pressure at work and home, lack of rest, unnecessary expenditures, being blamed for everything will become common.
However, Rahu gives some relief after 6 months but still people at home will be a bother.

Gemini : Benefic time is ending but Saturn in 6th house keeps you going.
You may decide to breakup with few partners and do independent business or lay low for a while.
Time is not suitable for attempts like second marriage, love proposal etc.

Cancer : Best time to save some money, spend with close friends or family members.
Except for Saturn in 5H, which controls family relations, peace of mind, finance, friends and relatives, everything else looks good in 2015.

Leo : Time for some introspection as you might have wasted lot of time in past 1 year with worthless people and in useless issues.
As next 12 months progress, your ideas will solidify and take a clear shape.
Time to eliminate unnecessary heart breaking issues and stay focussed.

Virgo : Challenging days ahead as promises need to kept and mounting pressure of expectations will rob your peace of mind.
However, Saturn in 3rh House helps you cross multiple barriers with ease.
Support from superiors and partners will be there till end of 2015.
From early 2016, you need to take care regarding legal issues and health.

June 24, 2015, 08:42:18 PM
Jupiter in Leo [Simha Rasi] from 13 July 2015, Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs Libra : Family relations will improve as you will plan to go on a pilgrimage or long awaited journey. Saturn and Rahu will bother you till end of 2015 but from 2016 Rahu will prove beneficial.
However, Guru chandal yog in 1st half of 2016 can disrupt your daily routine or principals and morals.
Good time to spend with kids, relatives and life partner.

Scorpio : Testing times ahead as no planet seems to be helping (except Rahu till end of december).
Long distance travel, tiresome journeys, big responsibilities will bother you from july 2015.
Better to avoid new financial commitments and continue only existing ones for another 13 months.
Knee pain can bother.

Sagittarius : Health can be weak but confidence will be high.
Better understanding with partner, cordial relations at work, visiting new places, working with stimulating people can happen.
Saturn can bother with few occassional disputes, useless journeys etc.
Best time for higher studies, research etc.

Capricorn : Time to lay low as Jupiter enters your 8th house. Combination with Rahu from early 2016 will make matters worse.
However, ketu and saturn will be saving factors.
Need to maintain good relations with life partner and kids. Avoid gossips, loose talk and extra marital relationships.
You will face some insulting situations from early 2016 at work or in public gatherings.

Aquarius : Health can improve but relations with partner will not be good.
Kids can do better and attachment with them will grow.
Start of 2016 can be much better than 2015.

Pisces : Time to put in your best foot forward and display all your talent as this time is for hardwork and rewards can be lucrative too.
Avoid loans and better go for partnerships if either Venus or Sun is benefic in your personal horoscope.
Popularity will increase and at the same time you can be victim of other's jealousy.
Rahu+Jupiter in early 2016 can give you big lift but you need to handle fame carefully.

June 24, 2015, 09:22:04 PM
Jupiter in 3 Nakshatras of Simha Rasi - 13 July 2015, Effects on 12 Ascendants @ above, read last words in first sentence of first post again.
If you dont understand what it means, then ignore this topic.

13 July 2015 (17:54 IST) - 14 September 2015 (09:54 IST) - Jupiter in Makha (owned by Ketu)
14 September 2015 (09:55 IST) - 28 November 2015 (00:20 IST) - Jupiter in Poorva Phalguni (owned by Venus (direct) )
28 November 2015 (00:21 IST) - 08 January 2016 (09:15 IST) - Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni (owned by Sun (direct) )
08 January 2016 (09:16 IST) - 18 February 2016 (20:55 IST) - Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni (owned by Sun (retrograde) )
18 February 2016 (20:56 IST) - 09 May 2016 (17:15 IST) - Jupiter in Poorva Phalguni (owned by Venus (retrograde) )
09 May 2016 (17:16 IST) - 24 July 2016 (06:23 IST) - Jupiter in Poorva Phalguni (owned by Venus (direct) )
24 July 2016 (06:24 IST) - 11 August 2016 (08:39 IST) - Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni (owned by Sun (direct) )

What ever Ketu, Venus, Sun signifies in your personal horoscope (don't ask personal questions here), those results will be delivered by Jupiter during the above periods.
On Makha its only for 2 months, so results will be quicker.
For P.Phalguni & U.Phalguni, results will appear to start after 14 sept 2015 but finals results can be delivered in 2nd direct motion period i.e after 09 May 2016

June 29, 2015, 08:45:34 AM
Jupiter in Leo [Simha Rasi] from 13 July 2015, Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs Not much effect on politics but economy will be effected.
Gold price will drop further.
As Rahu will come closer to Jupiter (by early 2016), terrorism will raise.
The best comjunction of 2015 : Jupiter + Venus  + Mercury will happen in Leo between 04-13 August 2015

July 27, 2015, 11:19:42 PM
Will India vs Pakistan series happen ? The answer looks to be NO ! I wonder about double standards of few people who would watch an India-Pakistan match in a world cup or Asia Cup but do not want a bilateral series played even in Sri Lanka  :o
When Pakistani ex-players can be commentators, coaches for IPL and other Indian series, Pakistani umpires can function in India, Pakistani artists can perform in hindi cinema, why not a series between 2 countries ??

December 10, 2015, 09:34:22 AM
Rahu in Leo, Ketu in Aquarius from 9 January 2016 Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in Leo (Simha Rasi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) respectively from 09 January 2016 after 22:10 hours IST (taking TRUE positions of nodes and k.p ayanamsa)

Both these shadow planets will remain in same signs till 02:54 hrs IST on 11 September 2017.
In general, these transits for next 18 months will be beneficial for people born under Moon Signs of Pisces, Gemini, Libra (partial) and Sagittarius.
Pisceans will see materalistic progress mixed with spiritual growth.
Gemini will be more aggressive as they also enjoy results of good karma from past deeds.
Sagittarians will gain more spiritual knowledge.
Librans will have good progress in materialistic world but will lack concentration and also have issues with kids and lovers

December 12, 2015, 05:10:07 PM
Fate and Future of Pakistan ? Pakistan government will be once again exposed for its double standards on terrorism.
Maharashtra cities Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur will face some tough period in 2016-17.
India will gain more support from other countries to fight cross-border terrorism.
Old city of Hyderabad (towards South) will be exposed as hub of terrorism in India.

December 15, 2015, 11:18:55 PM
BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Horoscope Analysis Narendra Modi's image will go down in 2016 and his charisma wont help BJP in upcoming elections in different states.
BJP wont make any impact in many states except Assam.
It will fight with TDP in AP and TRS in TS to remain lonely.

Jayalalitha's horoscope is not strong enough but AIADMK should win 2016 Tamil Nadu elections.
Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress will also win.
NDA will perform average.

Few mindless BJP MPs and ministers will continue their loose talk and face consequences

December 15, 2015, 11:25:23 PM