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Dear Virinchi sir, hats off to you, what a minute observation.
will the IPL scam and nexus of Indian cricket board and players will ever come out and guilty will be punished?
Politics & Issues / AAM-AADMI party horoscope analysis
February 19, 2015, 03:46:31 PM
there seems to be a lot of amateurish behavior and decisions from government, it seems they dont know what they doing,
Looking at the chart from the vedic astrology perspective, a lot of struggle ahead, they may have to put in lot if extra hours in brainstorming to fulfill their promises, which at present looks like finding water in desert. :P 

The worst thing fro them is three major planet loosing strength in navmansha chart by getting debilitated, Sun, Jupiter and Mars in libra, Capricon and Cancer respectively.

though mostly around August 2015 they may be able to achieve something big to take a breather.

rest I request seniors to shed light as per oath taking chart.

to be exact time of Oath was 12 :14:25 seconds.

Politics & Issues / Kashmir fate
February 19, 2015, 03:32:16 PM
there is a lot going on in J&K and it seems a dead lock after RSS and Army strongly opposing any tampering with Arms act and article 370 in favor of PDP and pro Pakistan elements, its seems talks will fall, and people of state will deprived of a stable government.

Request seniors to interpret whether there will be any government in the state anytime soon and if yes who will form the government?
Cricket / Indian Cricketers Horoscopes and Predictions
February 01, 2015, 09:17:50 PM
Can some one please predict about Virat Kohali, will he be lone warrier at World cup and prove to be another Sachin Tendulkar like world cup 1996 around whom whole team resolved and crumble down as soon as he is out?

Name: Virat Kohli
Date of Birth: Saturday, November 05, 1988
Time of Birth: 10:28:00
Place of Birth: Delhi

Jayesh Agrawal
Dear all,

I am putting this questions out of curiosity and limited info that I have got online on angels and guiding sprits , with reference to hindu society, I have noticed time again my self in graving situations and still saved by some hidden source, dont know what it is.

The more I read on this, more I find that there are some guiding sprit that takes care of you as per western mythology, but more I read as per Indian system(more specifically as per Vedic astro perspective)  I find its Atma karak planet that guids us throughout the life( its my assumption with my limited knowledge).

Do as per hindu system, each one of us have assigned an angel, if yes how to connect  with them?

I want to request my seniors to enlighten us who are new to field of spirituality, show us the light in the right direction.

Requesting in good faith,

Jayesh Agrawal
I aplogise if I have run thorough this thread by mistake, but I would like to request, seniors to give prediction on the basis of chart at the time of modiji's swearing in as PM ( Place: Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi (28.6143° N, 77.1998° E), Time: 6:11 PM, Date: 26 May 2014. Libra lagna – Not Scorpio, lagna does not change till 6.15 PM).

Does it show full term for Modi and BJP?

Dear Seniours,

I have saturn exalted in my chart with BAV of 4 at birth, and 6 in scorpio, the SAV total in my chart for libra is 38, and for scorpio it is 35.

Further to add saturn is in constallation of Jupiter ( vishakha) in his own sub.

now my, humble question is, does an exelted saturn will give bad results even if the SAV totals are higher?

Jayesh Agrawal

now that we have rescheduled date for the series, and Kohli confirmed to lead Indian in first test lets hope India wins the first test. ;D
Dear Sir, I must have applied for job for at least 15 places and not able to crack single interview, cant believe, it my own self who rose from 9k job to 90 k job from 2008 to 2013, and since 2014 Jan not able to crack even a 30k per month job.
please help me with some remedy to get a job as really living in miserable situation.