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Any Pooja's or abhishekam will help in slowing down my unnecessary/miscellaneous expenditure ?   :-\
Normally we will do pradakshina around the temple which is a full round, but recently i visited a temple near tirupati where they kept a hoarding the way to do pradakshina in that we should not cross the point of abhisekha theertham flowing out so what is the correct way and what is the difference ?
Actually the persons horoscope will depend on the location/place he was born .
will the marriage location will effect the persons married life?
Dream Interpretation / Dreams and the real life
December 22, 2013, 09:53:20 AM
my dreams are not regular  but some of dreams shows the some location and person (i cannot remember the person tho in morning after wake up) but the dream will replicate it self in the real world one day may be months after i had that dream this not a simple coincidence once but i have no of instances like this . this looks i am getting few instances of my future in my dream  what does it represents , i heard many people will have this kind of dreams.  does any one here faced similar situation?