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BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions based on Astrology. BJP was formed on 6 April 1980 at 11:45 AM in New Delhi.

Throw some light on its present dasa, transits etc
Andhra Pradesh State's capital has been officially announced on 4th September 2014 at 11:12 AM in assembly by Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Although astrologers have suggested time of 12:17 PM, Naidu chose to announce at 11:12 AM itself.
Now, for AP horoscope, should we consider 11:12 AM at capital Vijayawada or Hyderabad (as announcement was made in Hyd)

If the time is considered at Vijayawada, then AP will suffer multiple setbacks from 2016 and it will take long long time to develop.
If we consider from announced place, then AP will develop soon and in next 20 years will beat all neighbouring states.
Other astrologers can throw in their view on this topic
Telangana State Astrology and future prospects based on its formation date : 2nd June 2014 at 00:00 hrs in Hyderabad
Appointed date for Telangana state is 2nd June 2014 and we can take 00:00 hrs at Hyderabad for judging its horoscope.
It is forming in Kumbha Lagna with moon in Mithuna Rasi (Punarvasu Nakshatra).
Its lagna lord is retrograde and it has Rahu+Mars in 8th bhava (unequal placidus system used in K.P)
Present dasa is of Jupiter (guru) which ends in 2015 June and it will be normal.
Next dasa of Saturn will test patience of people in this new state with new government.

I dont see good future in long term if state forms on this date.

If someone can throw light on what date should be taken for new Andhra Pradesh, it would be helpful.
Should we go back to 1st october 1953 (as the map of andhra state is same as now, but capital is not kurnool) or should we wait for a capital to be decided and then take that date?
Definitely its not 2nd june 2014 as of telangana, but it will be different date
After reading many topics especially in vedic astrology reading section i felt that many people out there need to de-program themselves, else their life is going no where

i see people asking for help to simple problems like i had a fight with wife today, i dont like this job, i love someone but she loves someone else, i have no job , i didnt get married at 21 !!! , i\'m bored , will she/he love me or comeback to me ..etc etc..

most of them dont have a specific belief system and keep going around all sites in search of an answer THEY WANT , not the answer thats REAL !

Can these people discus all these problems with their friends or family?
Do they think astrologers are out of this world and tell them to do a trick and suddenly turns the way they wanted?
Most of the problems are within their minds and they should realise that they have to deprogram themselves to clear their minds and once they did that, they dont need any more answers.
Astrology Discussions / Signs and their work habits
April 28, 2009, 01:23:58 PM

One look around the office space and you can almost tell if Raksha is a Gemini and if Rajesh is a Sagit. Try out the following and you will see how we display our zodiac signs at our workstations.

Aries: These folks are immensely talented when it comes to work but they hardly display it. Must be their philosophy in life: Don\'t worry, Be Happy. A poster about life and beer, a dreamy eyed dude/nymph, a couple of friendship tags, these are the stuff you will find on their desk.

Taurus: Their desks are often as clean as freshly wiped slates. In fact, you would not even find a pen or a scrap of paper on their workstations. Minimalistic and functional, that is the Taurus motto.

Gemini: They do not mind a pic or two of their favourite gods, maybe of their siblings or children. But on the whole, it is very sober. No fun or funkiness for them here. If it is a workstation it better be just work for them.

Cancer: One two-year resume of a friend, a tattered \"Love You\" card, a broken pen mug, and other such unnecessary, but sentimental stuff occupy their desks. They are good workers who will feel distraught if this stuff is removed.

Leo: If it is the Leo\'s desk, you do not have to look for attitude. It is up there, loud, bold and in-your-face. A Garfield poster, a hot wallpaper of the happening star, a funky mobile phone, hundreds of cheeky one-liner strips, the Leo does not spare anything to display his/her attitude.

Virgo: All that talk of these folks being control freaks and perfectionists somehow does not translate onto their desks. They are so busy doing their work and getting projects ready that they have no time to clean their desk. As a result, clutter is the prime attraction out here.

Libra: These people barely care about what is around their desk as long as they can get their work going. They are so unromantic at times that even the most beautiful desk calendar may be lying somewhere down the drawer instead of on the desktop.

Scorpio: Somebody tell them to have some passion in life. Again, these people are so caught up in their own work that nothing but work-related stuff makes it to their workstations. Things to do list, extension number list, important telephone numbers, city maps, these are the unmistakable stuff on their desks.

Sagittarius: Less is more for them. Except perhaps their office bag and a bottle of mineral water, there is not much on their desk. They prefer few distractions and hate it when others bring in stuff there.

Capricorn: The folks do love to do up their space at work but they are so busy restructuring their chairs, their cubicles, getting a new computer etc that they have no time to stick up those little comic strips or download their favourite wallpapers.

Aquarius: The latest desktop calendar, the most advanced palmtop and loads of Net stuff find place on their desk. Throw in a few work-related magazines, a few conference souvenirs etc and you have the Aquarius desk ready.

Pisces: Not one single scrap on their desk gives out their character. They are extremely secretive about their work culture and rarely display their attitude through their desks. Even the coffee mugs and key chains they have would have been gifts.
#6" title="Telangana Astrology" alt="Telangana Astrology Prediction" />
Telangana movement which came for 2nd time has chances to be fruitful and it may be formed as a seperate state in less than 4 years
It should happen in 2013 itself or by max early 2014.
If not, later this movement will slowly fade away

AP's horoscope is running through sade-sathi (7.5 yrs of saturn) and its planetary prospects dont show much prosperity since 2007.

This bad phase will end after mars and jupiter change signs in 2010 may.

however AP's horoscope shows saturn-rahu bhukti during 2013-14 and its the most worst period where state may split.
If it doesnt happen then it wont happen ever
as per YOGA sastra, surya naadi circulates through our right nostril and chandra naadi through left nostril.

so, if you sleep on your left shoulder, your surya naadi is activated and you gain good health during sleep.

if you sleep on right shoulder, chandra naadi is under action and it gives you dreams, disturbances, snoaring etc

1 Mukhi Rudraksha:

 One Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be Brahma. Laxmi (The Goddess of Wealth) resides in places where one Mukhi Rudraksha is worn after performing the proper rites.

This fulfills desires and reduces the problems and impediments created by the Government or superiors. It raises a person to a very high level and leadership qualities are developed by its constant use. In astrology it is also used to remove the malefic effects of Sun.
Moles have an important bearing on human personality, and it is possible that by looking at an individual's natal chart the placement of moles in a person can be predicted. Of course, there are exceptions and not everything can be predicted about moles - there are instances of prediction going wrong too.

Nadi Astrology gives the astrological analysis behind how the position of moles can be predicted by reading one's horoscope ¦

The lagna (ascendant) is taken into consideration to predict about moles. A cut, scar or a wound can be confirmed by looking at the house where Mars is placed. And the house where the planet Ketu is placed shows the body part where an individual will have a mole. For example, Ketu in the second house will give dark spots on the face.

The house in which Rahu is placed also shows moles in that particular area of the body. For instance - if Rahu is associated with the 11th lord or placed in the 11th house the person will have a mole in the leg as the 11th house signifies legs.

Combination of Saturn, Rahu and Mars in a particular house also signify moles in the specified body part.

Moles give negative results if it is formed due to conjunction of evil planets.

For men moles on the right side of the body is considered auspicious, while in women the left side is considered good.
Tarot / A brief History of TAROT
March 27, 2009, 06:00:46 PM
The origin of the tarot cards, the region of the world, and the precise purpose of their origin, are wrapped in a haze of conjecture, doubt and superstition. Some authorities claim that the Tarot evolved from the Chinese divination system called I-Ching; others say that it was adapted from the legendary Book of Thoth. Still others place its origin as recently as fourteenth or fifteenth century Europe, since the earliest known complete deck dates from that time.

The most eminent and profound occultist, several of whom, including Court de Gebelin, Papus, Charles Barlet, boldly affirm that tarot cards are nothing less than the leaves of the sacred Book of Thoth, which contained a summary of the profound occult lore of ancient Egypt. Moreover, these occultists agree that Tarot presents an epitome of the mysteries of the Jews Cabbala, which (Jews Cabbala) is largely Egyptian in its origin. In fact, even the name \'Tarot\' hints on an Egyptian origin. Etteilla, a great exponent of the Tarot, explains that the name has been derived from Egyptian words\' Tar\',\" a path\" and \'ro or ros\', \"royal,\" meaning together \"the royal path of life.\" J. F. Vaillent (in les romes, histoire vraie des vraise bohemiens, 1857), states\" the great divinity Ashtaroth, As-Taroth, is no other than the Indo-Tarter Tan-Tara, the tarot, the zodiac.\" And still other authorities teach that both the Tarot and the Book of Thoth derive their names from the Egyptian word \'taru\' meaning \"to require answer\" or \"to consult\"

Whatever the origin of the Tarot, it is clear that the symbolism on the cards is universal, speaking to many different cultures and philosophies.

Numerology / No. 13
February 13, 2009, 11:41:21 AM
Sinister, Gauche, Untoward, Inauspicious and many more such words are associated with the (so- called) unlucky Friday the 13th.

What is inauspicious in this date and the day? I am sure many of my respected readers must be having this question in mind.

Before giving a numerological view on this myth, I would like to mention some facts :-

* Paraskevidekatriaphobics is the phenomenon which describes those afflicted with a morbid fear of Friday the 13th.

* The Turks so disliked the number 13 that it was practically expunged from their vocabulary

* Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue.

* Many buildings don\'t have a 13th floor.

* Hotels do not have room number 13.

* Even the opera houses in Italy avoid this number.

These facts clearly indicate that the myth of Friday the 13th is worldwide.

The reason why this myth developed is because it is generally associated with the fate of Jesus as the 13th guest among his 12 apostles in the Biblical account of the Last Supper. The Bible tells us that one of the dinner guests ââ,¬â€œ apostles ââ,¬â€œ went on to betray Jesus Christ, setting the stage for the crucifixion of Jesus on the next dayââ,¬â€a Friday! It was, for many years, designated the day for capital punishment and informally referred to as \"hangman\'s day.\" At some places it is also believed that it was Friday the 13th when Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit.

Numerology can surely give a clear and correct answer to this problem. In Numerology every number has a particular meaning; these meanings have been adopted from the Egyptian pyramids. On the pyramids some pictures are engraved and they denote some numbers.

On the pyramids in Egypt, there is a picture number 13, named ââ,¬ËœLA MUERTEââ,¬â,,¢ which symbolises ââ,¬ËœDeathââ,¬â,,¢. In the picture there is a skeleton with scythe (death) reaping down men, and a crowned head of a man has fallen at the point of the scythe. At its back, is a female head with flowing hair parted in the centre.

This is a symbol of the conception of realisation. Most people believe that this indicates death, transmutation, deception, destruction, hope, faith and rebirth.

But here is the point where the mistake arises; people have not understood the hidden meaning of the picture. They just deciphered what was visible and failed to understand the hidden meaning. After my analysis and experience of more than 3 decades, I concluded that this number is not at all lucky. The skeleton with scythe signifies that man has to multiply his efforts during this period and if he tends to be lethargic, then his failure is certain. But if he faces the adversities with confidence and courage then his success is 100% sure.

It was believed that number 13 was very auspicious for Ex- Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpaayee but this time even the election results declared on 13th did not yield any positive result for Mr. Vajpayee. I do not want to discuss politics here but just want to make my readers clear that number 13 is an uncertain number. One never knows how it might work the other time. But this does not mean it is inauspicious. It might be lucky at times and might work against the other time.

A week ago, a business contacted me and told that his brother experienced the negativity of number 13. He prospered in his roadways business and purchased one truck after another, but the moment he purchased the 13th one, his degradation started.

And a few days ago I met a senior manager of HDFC Bank who told me that number 13 has been very lucky in his life. This number has brought huge gains to him.

By now the readers must have become familiar that 13 is lucky for one and unlucky for another. Number 13 signifies a change, and the change can be positive as well as negative. And please donââ,¬â,,¢t develop any myth that a child born on Friday the 13th is jinxed, because in my personal experience there is a reporter in a leading newspaper, which has immense potentials and I see him as a senior executive in the editorial in future.

It is not that 13 is considered unlucky everywhere. In the Indian pantheon there are 13 Buddhas, 13 mystical discs surrounding the Indian and Chinese pagodas, 13 snake Gods of the Mexicans.