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Horary Astrology / Business Contract
July 18, 2011, 09:21:10 PM
Respected Astrologers,

I may enter into a business contract in a couple of days. I got the number 57 on 13th Night in Bombay. May I know whether this will be favourable as the contract is very big and I am likely to get continuous business in bulk from this source. My only worry is that the party should make payments as promised and should be a good businessman. There are some who are very very critical of dealings pointing out mistakes where there are none and such people I avoid.

Pravin Kumar
How to Meditate - Getting Rid of Thought

By Lisa Hepner  
============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========
The short answer is, \'You can\'t\'.

Now, you might think that may sound harsh, but it\'s the truth.

And it\'s complete freedom!

In the past, when I tried meditating, I was told (or somehow led
to believe) that meditation was about getting rid of thought. Of
course, I failed at meditation. I remember my first meditation
being extremely painful because of all the thoughts. After the
meditation, I didn\'t feel any better because I felt like a
complete and utter failure.

Believing that meditation is about getting rid of thought will
set anyone up for failure.

I\'ll never forget the scene from The Hitchhiker\'s Guide to the
Galaxy where the crew is walking through the desert and one of
the men says, \"I was thinking...\" and a big shovel comes up and
hits him in the face. They continue walking and he says \"I thought
that...\" and the shovel again comes up and smacks him in the face.

They make the connection that every time they think a thought,
the shovel will come up and hit them in the face. So someone says,
\"Okay everyone, don\'t think,\" and the shovel comes up and hits
him in the face. Then you see the entire crew running through the
desert getting bonked with shovels in their faces.

That\'s what happens when you try to get rid of the thoughts! When
you tell yourself to stop thinking about what\'s for dinner
tonight, all you can think about is what\'s for dinner! And here\'s
the cold hard truth, the only time you will EVER get rid of
thought is when you\'re dead. Even Buddhist monks who have
practiced meditation since young ages, have thoughts during
meditation. Here\'s the key:

Meditation is NOT about getting rid of thought, it\'s about
becoming the OBSERVER of thought.

You might want to read that sentence again because it\'s

When I check in with people, in our 21 day meditation circles,
and they express that they noticed they had lots of thoughts
during the meditation, I tell them to celebrate the fact that
they noticed all the thoughts!

Just by noticing the thoughts, they have become the observer of
thought. Just the fact that you are aware of the thoughts means
you have dis-identified from them.

Most of the time we aren\'t even aware of the incessant mind
chatter that is going on non-stop, so to even notice the thoughts
is a great!

When you notice the thought you have become the witnessing
Presence. And this is truly the gift of meditation, to become the
observer of thought instead of the \"reactor.\"

So, what does it mean to be the observer of thought?

Let\'s say you\'re sitting down to meditate. You have cultivated
the practice of meditation in your daily life. But as you are
meditating the thought comes into your mind, \"I wonder what we\'re
having for dinner?\" You notice the thought, just as you\'d notice
a cloud floating by and then you\'re done with it, you direct your
attention back to meditation and feel the aliveness within.

Contrast that to this: You sit down to meditate. As you are
meditating the thought comes to mind, \"I wonder what we\'re having
for dinner?\" Then you think \"I hope we\'re not going to have
onions. I hate onions.\" Then the thought comes to mind, \"That
reminds me, I\'ve got to go to the store tomorrow and get toilet
paper.\" Then, \"When am I going to find time to go to the store
tomorrow when I have such a hectic day at the office?\" Then you
think, \"I really don\'t like what I\'m doing, I wish I could do
something else,\" then your mind wanders \"but how would we make
ends meet financially if I were to do something different?\" Then
you think \"I shouldn\'t have tried to make my parents proud of me
by going to law school, I should have stuck with music which was
my real passion.\" Then you think, \"but the music industry is hard
to break into.\" Then you think \"but Celine Dion did it. If one
person can do it, I can do it too.\" Then you wonder, \"what would
I do if I had all that money?\" Then that thought leads to, \"I\'d
buy a bigger house with a jacuzzi bath, I\'ve always wanted a
jacuzzi bath and a three car garage and music studio.\" Then you
think, \"what am I thinking? There\'s no way I can do anything
about my situation, I\'m trapped!\" Then you wonder, \"what\'s the
purpose of life any way? There\'s got to be more than this daily
grind!\" All this from the original thought \"I wonder what we\'re
having for dinner?\"


Becoming the observer of thought means you notice the thought you
just don\'t follow it out. You don\'t have to become wrapped up in
it! You don\'t get sucked in to the drama! You\'re not attached to
the thought.

I remember once, after starting a regular meditation practice,
that I was working on some project and for a moment I had those
self-limiting thoughts we all have, I thought \"I can\'t do this
project.\" And it was like it wasn\'t even me saying it. I noticed
the thought and smiled like, \"hmmmm, that was interesting. \" Then
I was done with it!

The most important thing I could tell any beginning mediator is
to not try and get rid of the thoughts. Observe them, notice them,
and then go back to whatever \"technique\" you were working with
for your meditation. Continue to do this, as it\'s a practice,
especially when first starting meditation. In this way, you are
slowly becoming the observer of thought instead of the reactor
and this is a powerful \"place\" to be!

Lisa Hepner is an author, speaker and meditation facilitator. She
is the creator of Project Meditate and the international Don\'t
Wait-Meditate (R) campaign. Her goal is to help people develop
the habit of meditation through simple and fun tips and techniques.
Alternate Medicine & Healing / SPONDYLITIS
June 04, 2011, 03:13:07 PM

When we use the keyboard often while sitting on the computer we are bound to get semi or full spondylitis. I got it 4 years back in the right neck where it touches the right shoulder blade and got it treated and now I have it on my left neck touching the left shoulder lade.

The treatment for this is simple:

Do not use Pillow. Sleep on the floor if possible for complete and fast cure without a Pillow however if you cannot sleep on the floor sleeping on the bed without pillow is also effective. You can keep a towel or something similar just below the curve of the neck that lies between the head and chest. This will give protection to the neck. Gradually, very slowly the pain will subside.

While sitting on the table with the keyboard if the angle of the body and keyboard is almost 90 then no chance of spondilities. As the angle changes the change increases. There maybe other reasons for the cause of spondilities but the above is my personal experience.

Pravin Kumar
Alternate Medicine & Healing / COLD COUGH JHUKHAM
June 01, 2011, 01:47:32 PM

This one is about Cold/Cough/JKhukham

Normally change of city results in cure of such small problems but once I had this continuous Coughing and Cold which went one even after I left my homeplace on a business tour. On the business trip I did contact Doctor but to no use. Then one Senior Marwari Person gave me this simple advise:

Do not touch cold water

Do not drink cold water

Do not have bathe with cold water

Do not eat rice.

Do not eat potatoes.

Last two items have starch which aggravate the cold/cough
Alternate Medicine & Healing / Sore Throats
June 01, 2011, 01:39:54 PM

Healing of Sore Throats or Itching inside the Throat can be treated successfully as follows:

In the night before going to sleep take 1 or 2 teaspoon of Pure Ghee and melt it so that it is just sufficiently warm without being hot. With your index finger just put it in the liquid Ghee and apply it on your neck just above the place where you have the irritations or sore throat. Do not rub or massage it. The Ghee should remain there as long as possible. Now having applied ghee at all the affected place just tie a thick cloth over it so that the ghee is not exposed to the moving fan air or aircondition as then it will get evaporated without curing the affected part. Tie this cloth in a way that it is like a scarp tied round your neck tied at the back of the neck.

When you wake up in the morning you will feel your throat cured with no itching or soreness. Ghee absorbs all that.

Pravin Kumar

On an empty stomach without taking even water at least 30 minutes before and even after you have taken this treatment stomach should be empty.

Squeeze One Lime in a cup.

Put 1 or 2 teaspoon of sugar and mix it so that a thick paste of sugar is formed with the lime juice.

Now just lick that and then swallow the balance.

Within 30 minutes at the most the Gas will gush out through your Stool.

Do not try this often for it will treat gas but you will get consipation.

I have been reading Palms since 22 years and have lately concentrated on giving relief to a number of people who approach to me for a reading of their palms. All those who have some problems only approach us. It is like you go to a Doctor and ask his help in curing you of your illness/disease and the prescription is given with advice and you follow up and get well. I follow the same procedure by reading the palm and then give guidance which the person may benefit from. Here are some of the feedbacks which will be important for those who look for a reading and those who learn palmistry as what their aim should be:

Gave reading on 11/5/2010

Received feedback on 12/5/2010

Ohhh have a safe, fulfilling, enriching and wonderful journey Sir!

Thank you so much for your advise. It is certainly helping me a lot in improving myself as a person  

since you said I will be getting married late, and that I will meet my
husband later in life, I figured I should focus on my career as well as
weak health for now  That is why I asked about my struggling career

Received further feedback on 17/5/2010

Hello Sir,

Yes, I have way too many lines in my hand
and my palms are full of crosses and stars. You are right, I get so
upset and tense whenever something wrong happens in my life. I have
started meditation as you suggested and have also incorporated chanting
daily. Hopefully it helps.

I am going through a stressful period and I think I am not helping
myself in terms of health and bringing peace and calmness mentally. I
think I have stress due to family pressure of getting married when I
don\'t believe I have found the suitable match for me.

Sir, I have a dilemma and I hope you can help me solve it. To what
extent should we let our palm reading affect our lives and daily
decisions? Till date, palmistry has interested me more so because I have
wanted to improve myself as a person however, based on your reading and
Nitin\'s I will marry late i.e. between 27-30s. Then, how do I explain
to my relatives that the guys they have selected for me right now are
ill suited and that I would rather wait for the right person to come
into my life having faith that my palms say I will marry a good person
in the future?

Another feedback on 14/6/2010


How are you? I hope all is well with you.

wanted to tell you that I am feeling more positive each day since you
read my palms & adviced me to meditate. I personally feel that the
palm reading gave me a boost as well as confidence that my future will
be alright and I should just focus on making my present cheerful and
bright. I think I have been very naive and immature in my outlook of
life and relationships with guys. And as I have just started my career, I
just need to believe in myself & work hard.

have been chanting, listening to classical music, started reading again
(I couldn\'t do it earlier right after the breakup because it required
concentration) and I have been spending more time on my hobbies during
my leisure time rather than thinking and worrying  

know the results will not show on my palms immediately but do you think
I am on the right path now? Or do you think I need to do more of the
exercises you have suggested?

I do admit that
sometimes at night when I have difficulty sleeping, I fall into the trap
of overthinking, going into the ugly memories of past...this is
happening more now because my ex boyfriend has been contacting me. I
start feeling unsure of whether I should give him another chance or not
:( I have known him and his family ever since I was a little girl so it
is difficult to let go of him sometimes and our memories from school
etc. What would you suggest I do in such cases when I start my bad habit
of overthinking?

Again another feedback on 12/7/2010

Sir, why isn\'t the meditation working for me? I have been doing it
religiously everyday now and I feel so troubled & heartbroken. I
feel like I am unsuccessful in love :( I don\'t know what to do now.
Meditation should at least bring peace to me. My hand prints show so
many lines & they are negative :(

Sent from my iPhone

Again received another feedback after I wrote to her  12/7/2010

Hi Sir,

I had been working on it devotedly, ever
since you told me about the meditation practices. I chant in the morning
while driving to work which is a 30-45 min commute one way and at night
before I sleep, I chanted for 30 minutes daily.And I listen to
instrumental music as I fall asleep. I felt its positive effects
sometimes, and sometimes, my mind would slip and become negative in
assuming the meditation isn\'t helping. During the weekends, I spend time
in gardens and by the beaches with friends and family, because that
soothes me.

But, recently, when my ex-boyfriend, who lives in
Fiji told me he wants another chance, my life became complicated again.
My problem is I make decisions with my heart rather than my mind in such
matters and I get hurt very badly in the end. How do I make myself
forgive him time and time again and push the negative feelings away? I
need patience for this don\'t I. The major worry for me is the things I
am failing at in life right now. I am very stubborn and cannot take
failures. I worked hard to attain a good education, land a job as a
scientist and during weekends, train to be a photographer/model
therefore I am a bit ambitious. It hurts when I fail in life and in this
case, my relationship... I am so complicated hehe. I worry because I do
not see any children lines on my hand and that I see a fork in my
marriage line. I should be focusing on the present and improving myself.

I finally crashed last week when I heard a close
friend of mine died in a car accident in Australia.  And I had being
make imprints of my hand to see if there is any improvement. Look at the
latest one...there is none, so many lines.

Another feedback on 17/7/2010 after I guided her

Dear Sir,

I wanted to tell you that your
email was very motivating for me  I am feeling much better especially
now that I believe in the strength of the mantras. I was reading a
concise Gita, & it said surrender to God, and try your best, leave
the rest to God.

You are right. It feels
wonderful making the others around me happy by being there for them,
listening to their problems and helping whichever possible.

I wish to visit a Hanuman Ji\'s temple up on the mountains here. I will
be taking my parents with me. I wish just to participate in the yoga
retreat there & feel the peace of being in God\'s home.

feels pleasant again. I cannot let things come between my meditation
& I. I don\'t do it in the mornings so often, but meditating before
sleep chases most of my worries away  

Her doubts received on 20/7/2010

Another feed back received on 22/7/2010

Sir, have you heard about the book, Eat, Pray & Love by
Elizabeth Gilbert? They have made a movie based on it & it is
releasing next month. It is a true story in which the author feels like
the walls are closing in on her and she cannot breathe. She divorces her
husband, leaves her job and travels to three countries whose names
begin with I\'s: Italy, India & Indonesia.

She eats lots and lots in Italy, prays, practices yoga in India and finds love in Bali.

sometimes feel like she did. I feel like running to a place that gives
me peace and love so I can forget the tears my mum shreds because of
depression and worrying about us, so I can forget the tears my daddy
shreds because of his problems and so that I can stop worrying about my
friends & family and their problems. A place which can heal the pain
I feel because of my rejected love and not feel like I am missing
someone in my life who will make it complete.

I want to once
again find the joy & satisfaction of doing research in lab & in a
way helping the world by trying to find cures for diseases. I don\'t
find the joy nor interest in doing something I used to enjoy so much.

calms me down but the next morning I am reminded of my problems again. I
feel alone. All my friends are either married or have someone with whom
they can do activities together after work or during the weekend. I am
reminded of the future I planned with Santosh & he chose to walk
away :( How unsuccessful I am in matters of love :(

At least I
wish my parents\' problems can disappear. I feel helpless. How does one
convince herself that meditation everyday will make all these problems

Sent from my iPhone

Her Doubts received on 20/7/2010

Dear sir,

Would you be able to describe
the person I am to marry from my palms? And am I going to be separated
from him, because my marriage line is forked?  

Sent from my iPhone

Received request to read her Dad\'s palm on 30/7/2010 and her further feedback.

I have deleted some personal message and posted the rest here

The reason we are concerned for our parents health is because they
both do not have health insurance therefore if either of them fall ill
or have a major health complication, we would find it very difficult and
expensive to get medical treatment. We need to get the insurance for
them soon. So, far Daddy hasn\'t had any major health complications thank
god, however according to his palms, it might be a matter of concern

I do feel cheerful at work, but that is the
way I am...I cannot stay depressed forever and I like to make others
laugh or smile. But, sometimes, I crash as well and fall into a sad
state. I don\'t wish to dwell on my past and feel sorry for myself
because then I am unable to enjoy my present. But, I will work on it and

Sir, I wish I could convince my parents
to meditate...I have tried numerous times and have failed. Daddy wishes
for instant results without working on improving himself. Even if I am
happy around my parents, they still worry about my brother and I. While
we were growing up, they used to be very proud of us and our
achievements. But, now that we are both unmarried and approaching 30,
they worry. It is because of the Indian community here. They keep
pestering you with the silly question of when is your daughter getting
married and she is quite old now blah blah blah. They can only ignore
these people to a certain extent, but they cannot ignore their own
family. So, even when I am happy and so is Rahul, they worry about us.

Received another feedback on 6/8/2010

Hi Sir,

No worries about the reading. You can do it, whenever it is convenient for you.

am doing well  I am close to feeling on top of the world!!  I have
to achieve a lot more and slowly I will attain it. I want to reach a
stage where I do not get angry or upset easily over pity or small
things, and I see positivity in everything!! It might take years, but it
will keep me busy.

I have tried to talk less, but lol, it doesn\'t
really work at home because I am a chatterbox and if I grow quiet, my
family starts thinking I am sad or upset. And I am their entertainment
source I suppose so I have to keep up my chattering at home. Thankfully
at work, I am able to work on my project in peace and quiet while
listening to music. I have yet to reach the stage which you always
describe to me where I would be glowing, radiant and radiate the
beautiful smell, but I do understand what you mean. I feel that way when
I am holding my nephew. He has such a beautiful scent and he makes you
feel so happy, just looking at his picture.

My parents are very happy whenever they see his picture. He lives very far from us.

Don\'t worry Sir, I will not give up  

Another mail received from her on 7/8/2010


Thank you for answering my questions
 I am so blessed to have found a guru like you. Ever since I was a
little girl I would pick up the Ramayana translation by Morari bapu and
then get confused with lots of questions. I didn\'t know who could answer
them for me.

Today, I read the emails you have
been sending to me to my mum. She loved them and has asked to share
these with her so she too can learn. She thinks I am lucky to have you
to guide me. Thank you so much sir! I shall be a good student to you and
religiously do my homework (meditation).

the author of the book, Eat, Pray, Love also described a blue
energy/current she felt running along her spinal cord while chanting in
India. She said it was overwhelming. And in Tibet, scientists from New
York have scanned the brains of monks while they are meditating, and all
they see in the scannings of their brain, is blue light. The power of
chanting and meditating is unbelievable now that I am doing it myself

Sent on 18/8/2010


I am sorry. I did receive your email. I just haven\'t had time to respond. I have been very tired after work & due to overexposure of some chemicals, I have been vomiting the food I eat. Thus no energy. I  struggling to chant but I just want to sleep before 108 chants. I shall resume with dedication once I am in good shape again.

Sorry for not responding. Thank you for reading his palms  

Send on 20/8/2010


Please if God listens to u, can you please ask to him take my pain away please. I am not strong enough to bare this pain and I wish the person would be punished for inflicting such pain onto me. Please.

Sent from my iPhone

Sent on 20/9/2010

Sir, I was suffering from stomach migraine but I am still going to work. However, this pain I can bear. It is the pain of someone u trust, (my childhood friend and exboyfriend) who has been causing me emotional suffering despite the distance I have placed between us.  He had done something that has been degrading to my character and who I am. I think I am more hurt because of my expectations of him.
Sir, I am praying for God to just take away my pain and make me strong so I can weather this storm.
I am going to chant now.

Sent from my iPhone

Sent on 20/8/2010

Sent from my iPhone

Thank u sir for being there for me. Writing to u brought me some peace.

Sir believe or not, I have feeling calm for several hrs now. I don\'t want to waste time and my energy crying. I certainly haven\'t forgiven him yet and nor do I hate him. I just have let it all go.

I want a deep sleep and wish to wake up strong and clear headed! U helped me get to this positive stage, thank u

Sent from my iPhone

Sent on 24/8/2010

Hello Sir,

I cannot fully describe how I feel because there are times I feel strong and positive as if every decision I am making at that moment is good and positive. But, then there comes moments when I falter from all the positiveness and strength. This makes me start doubting myself, my self worth and strength.
I need to believe in myself, love myself and understand that the future holds something bright and beautiful for me. I know I cannot give up and I have to stay positive. I need to learn how to be strong.

Sent by the girl on 14/9/2010

Sir, I am not able to experience the deep meditation yet. Does it come with a longer duration of meditation? I still have a monkey brain that is hard to calm down.

I have been using excuses like moving into a new house, being very busy at work and helping with my friend\'s wedding to fully focus on my meditation excuses. My durations are shorter now because I tell myself I am tired :(

I want to fully focus on my meditation exercises and connect spiritually. How do I do it?

I do have difficulty sleeping now. I wake up in the middle of the night. Go back to sleep and wake up tired.

Pravin Kumar

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    Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:12 am  

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Sent on 6/1/2010

Hi Mr Kumar,
Hmm everything else sounds good but the only thing is I have already tried meditation my first year of college.... i tried for a while but did not have enough interest in it to keep going.... while it is a good practice, i do not believe it is for me

Sent on 8/1/2010

Mr Kumar,
I would love a reading from you... i have reading your posts on the palmistry forums... I especially liked your views on the \'islands on head line\' posts. It will take time to get the money and when i do, i will send it. Eitherway looking forward to your reading.

Sent on 24/1/2010

Mr Kumar,
I have sent the money via western union to your name.... the code number is 2512723528 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 2512723528 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.... first please let me know if the pictures i gave you are clear or not and give me a general reading regarding financial, health and relationships aspect of my life. second please shed light on the my friend\'s mentioned \'heart problem and will treat daughter badly predictions\'
third is a very important question to me right now.... Right now i am studying to take a medical school admission test (its in April) and would very much like to get into a US medical school if possible .... if i don\'t get in, my second option would prolly be a medical school in the Carribean islands... could u tell by looking at my hand where i will end up for medical school?

Sent on 27/1/2010

Its not that I worry why someone else thinks will happen to me in 20 years or not... its that my friend gave me a prediction based on MY thinking (on my palm). .... it wasn\'t about him or what he said... it was about me and my mentality.
Anyways I tried your exercises. I must say they felt great.... I got a huge confidence boost from them (even if it lasted for like only 10 minutes). Here\'s the thing about me (and i am sure you can see this in my palm also lol)... I have felt this confidence boost/energy serge in me many times before and others around me have also felt its effects.... the thing is it ALWAYS lasts a very small time (like 5 minutes) and for the next like 3 months, I go back to being that same old worrying person and then it hits again for like 10 minutes and then after a while back to the same. What I need to do is to ground that confidence/charm firmly into my subconscious and learn to control my energy which turns into negative/worrying thoughts in my head. See I am a confident/charming person at heart as I have seen flashes of it but I\'ve never been able to keep that confidence/energy for more than a few minutes. ....
Anyways please go ahead with the readings and I will keep on working on those exercises.

Sent on 29/1/
thank you for the reading. It was scary but enlightening. and please call me.. there\'s no reason to say ... I should be the one to add that title of respect.... its good to know that my children will be amazing :}but now back to me as i myself am still a child lol. The comment you made on the mercury finger is extremely accurate as many people have told me that i always talk in circles instead of getting to the point. Also when I said I had troubles with power of expression, I meant the power of communicating with women. With men, I talk easily ... no worries. With women, I have the most horrible time especially if its someone i am interested in. and i am pretty sure that that fact is connected to my appollo finger nail and my heart problems. How? well here\'s a bit of background info on me.

Around the age of 15/16 when most boys start developing relationships/talking with opposite sex, I started avoiding them due to extreme fear. Instead of talking to someone i liked, I ignored them in real life and just fantasized about them in my head. Ever since then I repressed my need to companionship and kept fantasizing about them in my head. When this need got extreme, again i didn\'t face it, instead I started watching porn in my vacations when I am lonely and just kept fantasizing. Even at times when I did mustar up the courage to show affection to them, I did not do it consistently and would eventually go back to just fantasizing.Now janab our hearts need that companionship right so without it my heart started suffering. By suffering i mean both ways, physically, and also emotionally as i have a tough time showing interest/affection to women. So your theory on moral defect might be right about me. On my left hand you see that broken life line.... that is also b/c of my heart. I cannot live like this anymore so I have decided to actively go out (so a major lifestyle change) and meet/talk/show interest in women instead of just fantasizing about them in my head, and wishing that somehow they would just fall in my lap. The lack of confidence you can see in my palm is also because of that and the poor decision making skills are also due to this. I am a very confident charismatic person inside as i have felt that confidence in me before many times (even if for short times) so now I want to regain and stabilize that confidence/charm in me now by actively facing my fears as they say.
Now as for the finger nail, to be honest, i cannot really tell on my left hand. When i press it, it seems red and pinkish but my middle finger nail also has the same color and to some extent so does my index finger when i press them. Also that when i press my right hand apolo finger nail, it seems good/red so i am not sure what that means.
Now that mistreating my daughter thing is out of the way, i want to focus and cure the heart issue. For that what advice would you give??... i have started an aerobic workout regiment where i lift weights four times a week and run three times a week and also i plan to go out (after my MCAT\'s) and actively learn to communicate better/build relationships/show affection with women and stay consistent this time.

Sent on 29/1/2010

Have you gotten the new pictures? I sent them in an email. ....
meditation is going OK ... I am still not as consistent on doing them 3 times a day but am trying my best to establish that routine now.

Eitherway some questions for you that came to mind.... 1) the slanted line you saw about children was from my left or right hand? because i see a strong slanted line on my left hand but on my right hand that there are two vertical lines on the marriage lines .... one is long and faint and second one is long but broken ... knowing that does your prediction about my children still stands?

second how did you see the heart trouble that starts at 38/40... i mean which line on the hand showed that b/c it is hard to distinguish and know the difference between pink and light pink exactly without any frame of reference.
Pardon the repetition but i am trying to make SURE that i have taken care of these two problems.

After these two answer please definitely continue the answers to my earlier questions and a general palm reading

Sent on 6/2/2010

Also i have done some meditation and so far the effect seems to be that i feel a rush of confidence as my brain stops thinking/worrying for a while but i have not felt any \'positivity\' yet. \\

Sent on 18/2/2010

I have been doing them but only two times a day and only for like the last three four days consistently .... I could say that I have been doing them but that lie would be disrespectful to you and harmful to me. ... Also I think increase the number of times I do them b/c what i am noticing is that when i do them for three four days consistently (like the last four days), I see some effects but then the next day (like today) I slip back into my old routine of damaging things like porn, mind wondering off and feeling down etc. Also one more thing is that after I do them consistenly, I do not feel much positive energy or confidence but that my mind quiets down. That is the only effects it has on me. I wanted to inform you with all this so maybe you could me good advice regarding my comments.

also do you have any examples of people who changed a lot (like those two boys) but older (around my age or above)

Sent on 21/2/2010

yesterday was the first day I did all my scheduled meditations (4 times a day) .... today is going good too.... I do understand that controlling our mind has tremendous potential and it is something i want but it is tough for many others as I am sure u noticed that my thumb bends backwards like more than 90 degrees lol

Sent on 29/3/2010

i\'ll post my palm prints soon and send you an email when i do. I don\'t know if there will be much of a difference or not but i\'ll still post them. as for te exercises, i am still having trouble staying consistent with them. whenever i get off course or miss a few, i start up again the next day. the inconsistency is not good for me but i am giving it my best shot. As for the exercises themselves, when i do them for a day or two consistently, my mind becomes a lot quieter and i am able to accomplish a lot more things in those days. That\'s the main difference i feel from them.

also just for fun i looked up chakras online and took a test on it and apparently my root or grounding chakra is the most underactive which makes sense because i am not grounded at all.... just some extra info.

Sent on 21/4/2010

I do find meditation very relaxing and helpful especially during these rough times in my life... it does provide good stress relief and makes me happier overall.... wht i want to know is that what are the strength and weaknesses of my type of people? remember i am not a true appollian neither am i a true mercurian..... my highest mound is in the middle of my appollo and mercury finger.... what can you tell me about people like that?

Sent on 23/4/2010

one more question... after doing meditations i\'ve been thinking about being successful financially as one of the goals of my life..... what does my hand say about that? also what strengths do you in me/my hand to get to my goal??

Sent on 28/4/2010

also as for an update... i have been doing the exercises regularly now for 10 days .... its making me much less stressed and my days are happier and more productive and i plan to continue on these exercises

Sent on 29/4/2010

ok so this is the 11th days i\'ve been doing these exercises regularly .... i do feel relatively calm and i fantasize less now.

Sent on 15/5/2010

my confidence is a little higher than before but i want it to increase a lot more. also what do you mean when you say the heart and head line have \'cleared\' ... i mean what exactly does a clear line mean especially in my situation??

also what i have noticed also is that since meditation my sleep is a lot better... i wake up with more energy and much earlier in the morning than before and now i have some dreams also .... before i was so repressed that even my dreams got suppressed

now i do need you to answer my above question about meaning of \'clear\' lines in my case

Sent on 18/5/2010

hmm these aren\'t easy matters to deal with but i will keep meditating and in time those negative thoughts should turn into positive ones themselves because when i meditate, i do feel more positive and think more kindly about different things including women

Sent on 8.9.2010

i have been doing my meditations and am starting to make efforts to talk to girls. but from many of them here is the problem i am facing... many of them really seem to hate men because of their past experiences and it shows when they talk to me ... how should i deal with this hatred/negativity?? as a man myself, it angers ofcourse when someone insults man in this manner....

Pravin Kumar

Age: 63

Joined: 24 Jun 2005
Posts: 4522
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Location: bombay
    Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:18 am  

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Dear Pravinji,     19th June

I was on the Palmistry reading forum and was wondering if I could get a reading from you.  I noticed that you charge $10 for full reading.

I truly need some insight into my life as it is at a crisis moment.

Thank you,

19th June

Do you take paypal?  Western Union is awful.  They charge exorbitant rates.  

Hello Pravin,                  7th July

Are you still available for palm reading?  I need help asap.

I can use Western Union.

Thank you,

7th July

Hi Pravin, Please tell me if you need better quality photos.  

Thank you,

7th July

I am a 40 year woman, born Sept 16, 1969 in Edmonton, AB Canada

The questions are:

1) What is happening to me right now?  General.

2) Assuming I survive this major upheaval in my life, what will come of it?  Do you see anything positive from this?

3) What kind of future lies ahead for me that you can see?

3) Do I have the coping skills to deal with my life/emotions?

4) I was beaten severely as a child by my neighbour (it is a completely blocked memory), and had other abuses by other men.  I feel that this is following me like a dark cloud my entire life and makes me fearful of life. Will I get over this?

5) I moved 2 years ago from Canada to US.  Do you see me moving back to Canada?

6) I am seriously considering separating/divorcing my husband because we have different wants and needs.  Is this showing up?  Do you see me having a new relationship?

7) Is there really hope for me to move forward in my life in a positive way that gives me joy?  What career path looks good for me?

Thank you,

7th July

I am very afraid of moving forward.  I feel that I continue to repeat self destructive patterns over and over again.  The problems I have now are based on old belief systems worrying what others think of me.  If I show anybody strength, it needs to be me.  I have to find belief in myself again.  I have totally lost faith and trust in myself at this time.  Too  many years of trusting others.  It\'s really obvious to see why I am the way I am, but I feel absolutely lost as to how to prevent myself from repeating the patterns.

I have never felt so confused, alone and such a loss of hope.  This is what has led me to you.  I have talked to many about this, had healing sessions, but have not gotten any answers.  I have meditated and the only answer i have received is that I need to get my life back and start again without my husband.  But beyond that I don\'t know where my life is heading and I am worried about my ability to be a good mother to my teenage daughters.

Based on the above, how do i move forward?  Does my hand provide answers?

8th July

I have sent you the money today

Date of Money Transfer: 07/07/2010
• Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 8986125671

I sent it to \"Pravin Kumar Soni\"

Please let me know that it worked.

Thank you,

10th July

Hi Pravin,

Thank you for the meditation exercise that you have given me.  I tried it today.  Today I also had some accupressure done to assist me.

I really didn\'t see this coming, which is another reason I felt I lost my balance.  I usually have good intuition, but for some reason this was blocked to me.  Does island mean \"mental imbalance\"?

I guess the question is for me.  I thought I was emotionally and mentally strong before I was tricked.  But I was not meditating daily, but I felt good at the time.  That is why I got so down on myself.

Thank you Gavin.  I am putting my faith in you and your ability to see my situation clearly, as I have not been able to do so.

Blessings to you also,

Hmm, I\'m not sure, I think it\'s light red, but my veins show quite blue.  So I\'m not sure.  How long is the island period that you see right now?

I am experiencing random \"heart palpitations\" which I have been having for 3 years.  Also, has definitely increased in the last year.

19th July

Hi Pravin,

I am back in Arizona now and trying to make sense of everything that has happened.  I have been meditating daily several times a day.  The number counting one is one I use the most.  I use it when I notice my thoughts going haywire.  I have been feeling more calm.

My husband has been away for a few days, so I have had privacy, but I am feeling the grief of change and having to move back.  My daughter\'s best friend\'s mother has offered for me to come to a money making opportunity with her.  She offered it as a last chance attempt for me to possibly stay in Arizona (if it worked).  Which brings me to my question for you.  Does it look like I am moving back on my hand?  I know that palmistry can see past events well and also some future.  But you have not told me much about the future and that makes me think you are withholding.
Is that true?

I would appreciate any insight you have.

Thank you,

20th July

I do feel better with the counting method - as I can do it anytime of day which I do often.

At this time, I am just trying to figure out a way to stay in Arizona, but still not sure what is the right path - Arizona or Alberta.  I know that I can start again financially in Alberta and economy is much much better there, but there is a big part of me that does not want to go back - because it feels like going backwards.  That is why I am trying to figure out what my hand says.  This is a MAJOR move if I choose to leave, as not only does it mean back to cold, but it means breakup of relationship and potential breakup of family because youngest wants to stay with dad in Arizona.  You see?

It\'s very difficult and I thought that after making the decision to go back that everything would feel good and I would start packing, but I still do not feel resolve and have not started packing.  I feel (and hear) that I must wait, but I don\'t know for what.  The thing I hate most is feeling stuck in \'limbo\', because it means I cannot move forward or backward.

Thank you for all your replies,

28th July

Hello Pravin,

You know it is is funny you should ask.  I have been meditating daily, but today, I am feeling myself unravel again.  Yesterday, I put together a webpage for myself (not published) focussing on all my skills. I actually quite like it, but today, I just feel terrible.  

I want to stay here, but I just feel so alone and unsupported.  The reason I feel terrible is because I know my self-confidence has taken a serious blow and I feel as though I am pretending to put on a good face.  I just can\'t pretend.  I am wholly transparent.  

So I suddenly found myself in tears for no apparent reason other than realizing that I have no confidence in my marriage, my home here in AZ or a future here.  

I sent an email to my brother and told him that I was playing \"wait and see\".  But it now feels like a delusion for me to play that.  I will say that when I spent time with my brother, his presence made me feel a lot better.  He has invited me and my girls to live in his home with him in Calgary.  I think I would be a fool to pass up on it.  

That\'s why I have been looking for answers from my hand, astrology or anything I can get my hands on to get \'some idea\' as to where I\'m heading.  But it seems that the picture is completely unclear.  
The LOGICAL thing to do is to move in with my brother and start over again because he will help support me (no need to worry about rent).  He will assist me to help get a job.  He will help bring my confidence back up just by being with him.  Logic tells me that I should go to my brother.

But is it the right thing to do?  Am I being impatient?  Is there a miracle that I might be missing on?  You see my dilemma?

It\'s this terrible position of not knowing what to do.  How can I expect to be helpful to anybody else, when I am so mixed up?  I cannot believe I have allowed myself to get this way.  

I will continue to meditate, but I really wish I could see some hope - it\'s just not happening.

10th August

Hello Pravin,

Thank you for your email.  Meditation is going well.  I have found a wonderful church that studies the application of the principles of Truth as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ and other seers, prophets and teachers of all ages.  They also validate and support physic phenomenon including palmistry, astrology, psychometry etc.  During their service they have a healer that can be visited, which I have visited twice now.  It has been a very good experience for me.  During the service they also do a 15 minute group meditation.  I always find the group meditations very easy.  My mind does not wander so much.

I have also offered to do their webpage for them, as theirs needs updating.  I am doing it as a service to the church and to God.  This makes me feel good about myself because I feel I am offering something that has value.

I know it is dishonest and I don\'t like that part, but another part of me wonders if I should be married.  I like men and I love romance, which has been missing for many years for me.

I\'m sure you will have thoughts on this.  This is a major diversion for me from what I expected.

18th August

Hi Pravin,

Thank you for your email.  My meditation is going well.  I usually only do twice a day - not 3 times like I should.  Night time seems to be hard to meditate as it is too close to sleep time.  I am feeling better.  I have made an effort to be relaxed - easier to do in the warmth of Arizona summer.  

Focusing on how I can help others also gives me a good feeling. The church is so happy with my work as they have been looking for a web designer for years - finally I arrived in their lives; and they in mine.    

I plan on working on business opportunity soon... just waiting a week until I get some questions answered.

I attached my palm prints.

30th August

Hi Pravin,

I am still working on meditation every day.  I am going to the church every Sunday where they also do guided meditation for 20 minutes.  I get a healing there every Sunday also.  

I am finding life much more tolerable.  I have brought music back into my life again.  I love listening to the great composers of today - many who have composed movie soundtracks.  When I listen to this kind of music, it sends me to the higher centers.

I have not found any work yet.  However, I am planning on doing another \'volunteer\' web design project for a non-profit art group.  If the site goes well, then I know that I will get jobs from that.  I have been designing a new website for myself and also new business cards.  I will be going to networking events to share my skills.  It may take a little while to get going but it is ok.

My oldest daughter is struggling with the fact that our lives are not very concrete right now and she wants to move back to Canada and says so every day.  I find this difficult as I am trying to move forward here in AZ.  Thankfully, youngest daughter is very happy and loves her life here.

I have put my trust and faith in God to guide me to where I need to go next.  I know that I cannot function without God\'s presence.

Thank you for thinking of me.

Hi Pravin,

I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you.  I got a job!  It\'s actually a fun job for me.  Believe it or not, I am working for an Indian man and his family.  He has a high end rug store in Scottsdale (high end district) and needs a marketing person to help him.  That is where I come in.  The salary is not high, but the commission is.  I am very excited about it and it was strange how I answered the advertisement and saw how perfect the job was for me.  He even said that it looked like I tailored my resume to his job (which I did not).  I really like him and his family - nice wife, two 20-something boys and other family that come in from time to time.  I am the only white person that works there.  

I wish to thank you for your encouragement and good energy my way.  I have been thinking about you often.  

I also have to tell you that the man that I had and affair with has played a big role by being a good friend to me.  We still talk regularly.  I feel that we have had many past lives together in many different roles like father-daughter, sister-brother, sister-sister, brother-brother, friends, lovers and the like.  I feel entirely at ease with him and his presence has made a huge difference in my life.  So he plays a role in channeling my confidence.  I am also helping him and his life is finally starting to improve also, which gives me feelings of joy.  It is a very profound friendship.

Church has still been very integral to me also as I continue to go every Sunday (except last Sunday because I was in Mexico).  It is very important to me to be a part of this spiritual group - it gives me a lot of hope and light!!

Anyway... much love to you, Pravin, for all your loving kindness.  My heart is full.

Pravin Kumar

Age: 63

Joined: 24 Jun 2005
Posts: 4522
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Location: bombay
    Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:24 am  

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To the Moderator and the Owner of the Site.

If there is anything that is objectionable and you think it proper to delete the post then I have no objection. My main purpose was for all those who ask for reading they come up with such questions:

Give me a reading about career, finance, marriage, love etc. etc. with no aim whatsoever as to what they want. It is like they go to a Doctor and ask them to please check me up for all the known disease and tell me what I have.

Secondly if a person learns any Science like Palmistry/Astrology/Numerology etc. etc. our aim should be (this is my belief) that humanity should benefit in the long run and people should come to you with trust and faith to get relief.

There are many many other mails but they are so lengthy and it is very difficult to edit the unwanted things that so many boys/girls write.

I hope many many will be benefitted through the postings and look up in life positively and for those who learn this science to try to give the maximum to the society truly, honestly and sincerely.

Pravin Kumar
Horary Astrology / Business related question
May 08, 2011, 10:05:11 AM
Respected Astrologers,

I am a businessman and want to know whether 2 of the inquiries for business transactions which are pending will materialise in the near future. I got the number 145 today morning at approx 9.10 a.m. Mumbai. One deal is for exports and other one in India.

Pravin Kumar

Birth Date Time Place. 2/4/1948, 12.05 p.m. Mumbai
Politics & Issues / Anna Hazare Lokpal Bill
April 07, 2011, 04:56:01 PM
To All the Respected Astrologers.

As you all know Corruptions is abundant in our Indian Society and hence Respected Anna Hazare and his followers are on Hunger Strike. What future do you see in this? Will our Politicians sit up and take notice and take suitable action so that at least Corruption Level goes down considerably if not wiped out totally.

As you know the above has not only National Importance but people the world over, especially the NRI Indians of our country are taking keen interest in this and wishing Anna Hazare and his followers all the best and want the move to succeed.

Pravin Kumar
Respected Astrologers,

As we all read about the Commonwealth Games coming in Delhi and read all negative reports about it I wish to ask the following:

1.  Will the Common Wealth Games be held and be successful venture for our country i.e. with all the adverse comments on the incompletion of Stadiums, road and leakages etc. will those countries who come be happy with the arrangement.

2.   And will everything be completed in time before the Games Comment.

Pravin Kumar
AYURVEDA / How to cure tonsils without Operation
July 19, 2010, 03:05:27 PM

The best and the most effective remedy for Tonsils which I was advised and have experienced:

When we get up early in the morning, without drinking any water/tea/brushing your teeth just take pure Haldi Powder on your palm and use your slightly wet index finger (this finger because it is convenient though any finger can be used) and apply haldi on it. After this open your mouth with your tongue out (In olden days Doctors would verify our throat in this manner) and see the tonsils in the mirror in front of you. You will find 2 tonsils at both end deep inside on the top -- one to the left and the other to the right. Apply this haldi on the finger at that yellowish spot (this is puss) and rub it gently. Keep your mouth open as long as possible -- 30 second, 60 seconds or more. You will feel immediately relief. Do this for 3 days and your tonsils are gone but in case of Chronic and most advanced stage operation is the only answer.

Putting your index finger inside requires at least 2/3 times trial as you are liable to bite your finger initially through reflex action. But once you practise it you will get over it.

Pravin Kumar
Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Horoscope
June 16, 2010, 12:29:23 PM

Respected Astrologers,

I wish to know whether the boy and girl, details mentioned below, match each other as they are about to be engaged if the match is suitable:

Boy Birth Details: 20/10/1985, 22.30 , Ghaziabad

Girl Birth Details:  13/5/1983, 13.42 Delhi

I get boy\'s Moon sign raasi as: Makar and boy is anshik manglik with Mangal being in 4th house where No.6 is present and Jupitor aspects it from the eighth house.

Girl\'s Moon Raasi is Vrushabh with Krittika Nakshatra.

Please inform whether Naadi is same or different and how many Gunas Match in addition to your general comments.

Pravin Kumar.

Palmistry / Palm Reading
May 17, 2010, 07:10:03 PM

Dear Friends,

I wonder why there are no more palm prints posted? Probably there are several expert astrologers over here and that could be the reason.

Pravin Kumar
Horary Astrology / Astrology Question
May 07, 2010, 10:56:48 AM

Dear Learned Astrologers,

I want to know about this Girl who has given me No.12 Numerological Number at the local time in San Francisco at 5.38 p.m. Thursday corresponding to 6.08 a.m. Friday (today) morning at Bombay.

1. Her married life -- personal relationship

2. Health.

3. Career.

I have her Date of Birth which is 19/12/1984 in Fiji. She does not know the time of birth.

Pravin Kumar
Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Horoscope reading
April 27, 2010, 04:07:34 PM

Respected Astrologers,

The following is the birth details of a person who is in difficulties.

Birth Date:     13/9/77
Time of Birth:  9.22 p.m.
Place of Birth: London

Question: When will his bad period end? Sucess in career and happiness in love life and personal relationships.

Excepting the bad period I won\'t be able to confirm anything else as the questions relate to his future.

Awaiting your response with interest.

Pravin Kumar
Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Astrology
April 13, 2010, 10:44:49 AM


I have a question regarding my eldest son: His Birth Details are as follows: 24/9/1976, 8.05 a.m. or 8.07 a.m. Bombay (I am giving you the two time as in two different Kundalis different time is mentioned and due to this there is slight change in horoscope. The number that comes to my mind is 27. Could you tell when he will get well settled in life financially?

Awaiting your reply.

Pravin Kumar
April 05, 2010, 04:01:23 PM

Dear DCP and other learned astrologers,

Do you think Baba Ramdev will succeed in Politics and be able to clear our Political system by decreasing the level of corruption and taking our country forward to being a Developed Country.

Pravin Kumar