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Palmistry / can you please read my palm
May 03, 2012, 04:48:42 PM
Dear 1234,

You will earn much more from the age of 49 as per the indications of your palm. Try meditation for success even earlier than that. I have feedbacks of quite a few persons who have changed their lives after meditating. I cannot post them here as last time such posts were deleted from this forum. So if you want you can send me mail at my e mail address and I can send you the feedback of a lady of how she got success in life and improved her life considerably in just 2 months.

If the forum has no objection to my posting the same here I will post the same here itself.

Pravin Kumar
Palmistry / can you please read my palm
May 01, 2012, 05:37:02 PM
Dear 1234,

You have a Solomon\'s Ring which means a person whom others love to consult or seek guidance. Also a person interested in Occult science. Definitely you will earn lots of money but the money comes and goes. There is lot of stress on your mind as quite a few lines coming from Lower Mars come and meet the head line and this makes you bossy, follow your path and thus put stress on your brain. Some personal tragedy must have occured in your family when you were quite young when you must have been 3 / 6 and 8 years of age as life line is cut from within the Lower Mount of Mars.

You have a Line of Mars running parallel to your life line and hence a person who has good inner stamina. Your Life Line is not continuous but prominent so I would say your health is unnees bees i.e. some problems occur healthwise for short period and you recover. Your inner stamina as I said is very good.

You are very idealistic person. I cannot comment upon your marriage as I cannot see the marriage line clearly though I can see at least one prominent child line on it.

What I love about your palm (right palm) is that you have a fate line rising from above the head line from the Plain of Mars and runs parallel to your other fate line and this means a person who is a fighter, a person who never gives up and these qualities and I see you rising up high in your career from 49 onwards as your head line then becomes very strong. This is the result of your never give up attitude.

Emotionally you are weak. I would say the best lines in your palm is Life Line and Head Line becomes stronger from 49.

Pravin Kumar
Palmistry / can you please read my palm
April 28, 2012, 08:00:37 PM
Dear 1234,

I was away from this forum for quite some time and it is only by chance that I just logged in and found your request. I will definitely read your palm but give me 3/4 days time and please be specific with your questions.

Pravin Kumar
Astrology Discussions / @virinchi
February 08, 2012, 06:41:22 AM
Dear Jay Tee,

I have read your reply which is very knowledgeable. I will speak as a layman as I do not have knowledge of all that you have quoted so I quote you from personal experience:

I practise palmistry since 1989. In my palm my fate line ends at the age of 52. Right when I entered the year 52 the business started looking uncertain. Initially I did get good business as I had been getting since 1971 upto 1999 but at 1999 April I started feeling that I should retire and I hired a salesperson to help me in my business upcountry, which is what I used to do to get business. This person, though known to me, was not the right type and again I had to relieve him and continue with my work. I was strongly determined to extend this fate line and it did get extended though dimly. The result was the business was up and down and not as smooth as before.

Now the Sun Line supports the weak fate line from 52 and hence despite the ups and down I continued to earn, though not as much as before. I never bothered about my fate and went about my work with determination and got my fate line extended and new one emerged from the heart line, which was prominent.

After this change I came across my own Guru in1995. He is an expert Astrologer, Numerologist and a person who can see past and future through his Vision but this is done only on  Thursdays at Pooja and all were not informed the results of their query., but to those whom he replied he gave accurate information and is known to have given children to even impotent husbands. Even my Guru, when I introduced him to another respectable Aged Astrologer in Bombay was impressed with this Astrologer. My Guru asked him certain astrological questions too though he was himself an expert astrologer.

This Astrologer (Kaka Gajeria) had some 3 months back been hospitalised and Haemoglobin reduced to 4. He would perform Pooja daily at his house for 2 hours. He did free reading to all and because of his honesty and sincerity to help others he would at times give replies which was not from astrological calculations but they all turned out to be correct and we claim it to be the Voice of God (Intuition). When my Guru met him he immediately predicted that 2 years from now you will face even more serious health problems and that turned out to be true. This was done purely through his Future Vision of this Astrologer. He gave him remedy too and when the time arrived I know my Guru protected him. Maybe all this couldbe in his karma but I know for sure this person has survived many times being on the verge of Death and is now a healthy person at the age of 76 with Haemoglobin 15.

You change yourself or you keep yourself much above the normal health limit at such an advanced stage only through Good Karma and this is what this Astrologer did. He helped many people through his Guidance and pooja (both astrologically and spiritually). He was instrumental in saving one IPS Officer from the wrath of a Minister through his Pooja. He saved a Jain Mandir from being demolished through his pooja though Govt. were hell bent on demolishing it as it was unauthorised.

What I am implying is that my Guru and the Astrologers both were good Astrologers and also very high spiritually and still believed in each other and sought the advise of the other or asked the other questions just like you said that I asked the question on astrology advise.

When I met my Guru in 1995 May, he took me to my Sadguru and after meeting HIM I found a person who has total command, control of everything that HE did. HE could do almost anything. In fact there are people who have said that HE never failed in solving the problems of anyone through HIS Wisdom and Spiritual Powers, though HE told me once that all diseases are cured by simple Brainwashing. You have to know where the defect lies and you have to remove it through proper guidance of that person. Even Cancer, Failed Kidneys etc. etc. can be cured through this method and HE always did it. Still despite all HIS powers and a person who can see all your previous births and also where you will in the future, HE also asks us certain things that we cannot understand why?

HE once asked to get an admission for a child of a girl, whose parents were HIS followers, in a school run by my Brother. This girl stayed very near that school. Why did HE ask that for I know He can do it very easily through HIS powers. HIS purpose was that my Bhabhi, who had met this Sadguru too, would erase some of her karmas by giving admission to this child.

I have seen HIM change the destiny of so many persons but would not know whether that person\'s fate showed change or not.

Whether you can change your destiny or not we can believe more strongly once we have changed our own. Only then we can say that one can change his destiny.

Pravin Kumar
Cricket / Australia's Squad for the T20s:
January 18, 2012, 06:49:49 PM

Your comments are correct. Dilip Vengsarkar mentioned the same some 2/3 days back in the newspapers. My observation is this:

A Corrupt person will never be able to think rightly. A greedy person will always think about money and other material benefits and will not work hard to get it but take a short cut which will be unethical and illegal. They do not know the legal and ethical way as they have never followed it.

I give you one classic example. I have travelled a lot for 39 years throughout the country. Once a Vigilance officer with 3 T.C. of train caught some 5 persons and the Vigilance officer asked the T.C.\'s to prepare an arrest report and hand it over to the Railway Police Force so that RPF could hand over the 5 persons to the Railway Court at the next station. These 5 persons were without ticket caught in the train. The T.C\'s in question looked to each other but would not make a report. Then the Vigilance Officer asked them why don\'t you write the report? Don\'t you know how to write the report?

Someone in the crowd commented: T.C.\'s know all the rules of how to collect bribe but they do not know how to write report to RPC because there is no benefit in it for them and hence they never learnt how to do it.

So if corrupt/greedy people head the Cricket then their thinking will be how to get more money. Let Dhoni go and let others go if they do not fit into their scheme of things. See what happened to our Hockey Team. 7 Times Olympic Champions and now struggling to play in an olympic. The players were not even given footwear to wear when they won the hockey trophy some 3/4 months back and the reward given to them by the Hockey Board was mere Rs.25,000/- to each player. All the rest of the money is pocketed by whom? Persons having no knowledge of the game are sent as Managers and advisers and what not just to please some. How can any game propser.

Pravin Kumar
Cricket / Australia's Squad for the T20s:
January 15, 2012, 10:33:12 AM
Dear Gaurang,

It is the greed of the BCCI board to earn as much they can through the Indian Team. Even this could be achieved if they have more foresight. They need to do the following:

1. Make two test teams with different members and let alternate team play in alternate tournament so that every one gets sufficient rest.

2. They need to similarly make 2 One Day Teams too and do similarly as above

3. They have to make 2 T 20 Teams too.

4. They also need to have fast bounce pitches, spinners track, hard pitches, clay pitches and all types of pitches that they may encounter abroad and practise on it.

Pravin Kumar

As it is we have sufficient highly talented players in our country.
Cricket / India vs England 2011 Cricket Series Predictions
September 11, 2011, 09:15:52 PM
Dear Friends,

Even though England are in a better position still I feel through intuition that India will win a very closely contested match. England will cross 270 but still not win.

Let us see.

Pravin Kumar
When negative ppl are removed from our life and positive ppl are attracted to us then that is major achievement. Light is drawn from the Centre of the Universe. It is imagined that the Centre of Universe is directly above our head and we have to imagine a blue/white/yellow light flowing from the top through the centre of the head (which is also a chakra point) and feel it flow through our whole body. This energy then we can impart to others through thought or even touch.

When a Saint is called Fully Siddhha then people who touch their feet also get that power, in fact if you are in that company also you will get that power as the atmosphere is charged.

Pravin Kumar
Politics & Issues / Anna Hazare Lokpal Bill
August 22, 2011, 03:09:03 PM

Thanks for your detailed reply with calculations. Long time back Respected Late V.P.Singh was finance minister under Rajiv Gandhiji. V.P.Singh started raid after raids against all big shots in the Corporate sectors and for the first time in our history the big and mighty were disturbed and afraid to do anything wrong. Quite a few corporates tried to defend themselves but V.P.Singh countered with the report of the Solicitors advising such big Corporates that showed that the Corporates did wrong even after they were advised by their Solicitors. This proof was made public. For the first time we started feeling not to be ashamed of being honest and sincere. For now the honest people are looked down upon as just another person. Only the dishonest, corrupt, rich got honoured and had connections everywhere. Even the Yamraj seem to be granting them extra years and such people also appear to have good, long and happy life.

In the end when V.P.Singh raided a particular Corporate House, the Chairman or Director of that firm was a childhood friend of Rajivji. This person (it is rumoured) got the raids stopped and after that V.P.Singhji\'s portfolio was changed or perhaps he resigned. Do not remember what happened then. Since then again the tide is flowing against the honest people.

Now somewhere this has to stop for the Law of Nature has to work or if challenged it brings destruction. So that destruction has to come through in some form or the other for it cannot be that Stars will always favour the Disnonest, Greedy, Unpatriotic and Corrupt persons to always get success after success. When their Punya Karam or previous Births become Zero then that is the last moment of their life in this Birth. This had happened to Ravana and Kans. They were alive till their Punya Karam was in their favour. Once the Punya Karam came to Zero they were finished off. Even they could not be killed by Rama and Krishna before their Punya Karam were exhausted. It is therefore I put this question whether that time has come. If it has come then no matter what the politicians do they will meet the same fate as Gaddafi is now about to face in Libya and Hosni Mubarak is facing in Egypt. These both were also very powerful in their country.

When corruption stops at the top or even gets diluted it automatically has a drastic effect on others down the ladder. When you find your King Corrupt you become corrupt. When the king himself is corrupt then it is taken for granted that Corruption is a good and normal thing to do.

This will then be the time for us to reform ourselves and keep ourselves free of corruption and cooperate with others for we know where this has led our country to.

Pravin Kumar
Palmistry / Palm reading
August 19, 2011, 07:34:06 AM
Dear Aquamarin,

One thing I can say that your palm has certain indications like two parallel prominent Sun Lines starting from edge of the Mars right upto the sun finger which indicates patience will be amply rewarded after 47/48 years of age and you will be complete satisfaction and happiness there onwards. Your Heart Line is drooping downwards initially and that is what gives you unhappiness as people tend to take you for a ride emotionally. You believe others quite easily and do not see any fault in them initially and hence they make use of your emotions to get benefit. Since your palm has smooth skins the lines do not stand out sharply so it would be better if you apply lipstick or shoe polish to both the palms and then take the snap and post it.

You have double life line. You must have changed residence/city at the age of 28/29. Double Life Line also indicates a person who has good karmas from his/her previous birth and this will always act as a protection from all those who try to cheat you and you will find yourself so well protected that you will be as if saved in the nick of time from absolute danger or loss and it will seem as if it is a miracle. That is all your good karmas of previous Births.

You have to post pictures of the complete palm with the full length fingers picture. Smallest Finger does look to be longer than usual and is slightly crooked with the upper phalange pointing outwards so a person who can communicative very well, is businesslike in her attitude, has sixth sense and despite the odds against her will be able to live life on her terms. Contracdictory in nature but that is your nature. These mercury/smallest finger when independent of the other fingers as it stands out by itself gives the person lots of self confidence and your nature independent of action i.e. a person who is action oriented.

Please post pictures as I requested and I will definitely you a very good reading. Please also post sideways pictures of both the palms to see the relationship lines. If you want to know about your health then post clear pictures of nails too.

Also if you have any specific questions do post them. Your Palm is very good barring some slight problems, which is normal for everyone, and you have nothing to worry but everything to look ahead in your life for you will definitely be successful in life. Are you right handed or left handed and mention your age too.

Pravin Kumar

P.S. I will take up your reading in spare time.