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India General Elections 2014 predictions
This is an experimental calculation based on K.P horary. I've done this for first time, so need to wait till 16th noon and confirm the method.

BJP+alliance : Congress+sister parties+alliance :: 16:9

Great Prediction Sir :)
Vrinchi , As you mentioned Narendera Modi is having death threat or health issues or other parties letting him down. Now there is Only One Major Party will rule Which is BJP. So chances are a few that other parties will letting him down.
Is it death threat or health issue will be cause? Will Jaylalita take charge after that?
Can Indian youth that is so much excited and optimistic for NaMo ( Achey Din Aane Wale Hai flick ) Will be ruined? Or we can expect something great atleast better thn congress party.
Can you throw some light on NaMo as PM :)

May 17, 2014, 09:17:15 AM