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Does a person's horoscope change after marriage? Hello Senior members,

I follow this site closely and have always been a fan of your work. Specially, Virinchi, Varenya, Seetaram, Stardust, Bhavani, Apparao. Thank you for doing what you all are doing and I hope you go a long way.

I just had this naive thought does a person's individual horoscope have the ability to influence other people's horoscope when they are married? I've been told by couple of astrologers that my charts indicate a good time after getting married. I just wanted to know if they are totally baseless or if there's any hidden logic behind those predictions?

Also, if anyone knows about who predicts those Daily, weekly and monthly predictions on this site please let me know. I've never seen more accurate predictions and I'm thankful to the person who's doing that job.


December 07, 2016, 10:13:29 PM