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Famous persons and their Past/Next Lives How many of you know who was Mahatma gandhi, Jawaharlal nehru, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan etc in their past lives ?

Robert Clive (1725-1774), British governor of Bengal, who was one of the founders of British rule in India.
Clive on June 23, 1757, with less than 3000 troops and with the help of a traitor within the enemy ranks, defeated Siraj-ud-Dawlah and his army of 50,000 at Plassey; this victory permanently embedded British power in India.

Clive returned to England in 1760 and bought a seat in Parliament. He was elevated to the Irish peerage in 1762 and knighted in 1764. The following year he returned to India as governor and commander in chief of Bengal.

Ill health forced Clive to resign his office. On his return to England in 1767, the enemies he had made in India and England accused him of having used his offices in India for personal enrichment and caused Parliament to impeach him. He defended himself brilliantly, but although Parliament acquitted him of the charges in 1773, the acquittal was so qualified as to make him feel disgraced. This feeling, continued illness, and addiction to opium at length resulted in his suicide on November 22, 1774.

Now, what happened to Clive\'s soul after committing suicide ?
He died with the blame imposed on him by british government that he misused his position, and also he was feeling sorry for destroying cultural heritage of india.

So, robert clive was reborn as Mohandas karamchand Gandhi on 2nd october 1869 , almost 95 years after his past life ended.

To seek his grudge over british government, gandhi fought against them and made them leave india but his mentality of getting fame by misusing power continued in this life too and he made nehru PM of india, though almost all PCCs supported Sardar patel.
Also to keep up his reputation high and make nehru PM instead of Jinnah, he allowed partition of india-pakistan, for which we are still praying the price.

Clive took revenge on british, who blamed him but indians kept suffering !!!
Thats why gandhi\'s own son wrote an article titled
Mahatma\'s Curse for India

July 24, 2009, 12:45:45 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life this was published in a book also

Bahadur shah Zafar, the last mughal emperor of india, who ran away to Burma during first sepoy mutiny in 1857, died there with the guilt feeling that he couldn\'t help soldiers in their cause to get independence

he was reborn as jawharlal nehru

Nehru fought for independence of india, became its first PM, but died again after depression from the loss in China war after 1962

July 24, 2009, 01:05:37 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life ramakrishna paramahamsa was born in tamilnadu and he met another guru through his disciple knew his past life , as that disciple was a naadi leaf reader.
it was written in his naadi that ramakrishna was supposed to attain salvation but he didnt know or understood god and was made to comeback on to planet earth to realise it, as he thought only godess kaali in idol shape was god
he went into space and searched for godess kaali but failed to realise that space itself is kaali

August 06, 2009, 02:32:21 PM
karma comes first, God comes next whatever comes first or last, its imp. to do karma without any attachment or thought about its result
September 03, 2009, 05:21:17 PM
Retrograde Planets in Horoscope & Past Life Connections usually people with saturn retros always think that they are getting underpaid for their job
since saturn represents paid work under someone, retro position will give dissatisfaction
it\'ll make you resign a job and start own business if its in 9th house as 9th is 12th to 10th H
but checkout the Dasas also
if they\'re unfavuorable, business will also end up with loss

September 17, 2009, 09:12:18 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life who knows??
if they die as nobody in crowd in next life we will never know
because only celebrities get importance

September 21, 2009, 02:47:25 PM
Shortage of Space in Graveyards by 2050 World population is more than 6,815,100,000 now and it will be doubled by 2050 atleast.
If we go on burying all deceased bodies , then in next few years where on earth will we have space to bury 6 billion people ?

if we bury all of them and leave those areas for graveyards, then how much land will be left for agriculture, business, buildings, roads etc?

Already there are proposals for double burials with 2 bodies on top of one another in few countries.
Isn\'t this an insult to the dead ?

April 18, 2010, 02:54:43 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life check 9th lord, planets in 9th H, 9th lord in navamsa, 9th sublord and afflictions of moon also
June 28, 2010, 01:08:45 PM
Pitru Dosha After the demise of someone, people say “May his soul rest in peace”. This wish clearly indicates that there may be millions of souls who are not resting in peace. All the souls are ancestors of people who are alive today. In Vedic astrology they are referred to as “Pitra” (forefathers). A restless soul can cause many problems to his successors. In astrology it is called “Pitra dosha”. There are special references in astrological classics like “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra” and others on this subject. There are references in “Puranas” also on this topic. The methods of analyzing this affliction in the horoscope of people, its effects on the people and his family members and remedial measures for the problem have also been discussed in detail. Curses of Forefathers can cause serious health problems which may become so complicated that medical practitioners may fail to diagnose the disease and medicine prescribed may become totally ineffective. The problem goes beyond the scope of medical sciences. Symptoms like abnormal behavior, uncontrollable anger, inflicting fatal injuries to others, depression, suicidal tendencies, uncontrollable pain persisting even after medication; rashes in body parts without any visible cause, nausea may have some relationship with such curses. Many such problems have a cyclic occurrence and seem related to the movement of planets. These relationships show that complicated health issues are due to “Pitra dosha” and steps should be taken to solve these problems through astrological methods suggested in the astrological classics. A psychiatrist and an astrologer can work together in finding a solution to such complicated issues.

In addition to the medical problems mentioned above, the “Pitra dosha” can cause some more problems like:

a) Childlessness
b) Repeated miscarriages
c) Family disputes
d) Health issues in the family
e) Obstacles in career and education without any apparent reason
f) Inability to get married
g) Addictions
h) Birth of mentally challenged children
i) Demise of children at young age

In the horoscope the “pitra dosha” can be judged from the afflictions to the 9th lord and the 9th house from the “lagna” (ascendant) and the Moon. If simultaneously Sun is also afflicted by Saturn, “Rahu” or “Ketu”, the karmic issues get further enhanced. If, simultaneously, Moon also gets afflicted, the problem becomes more complicated.

Prescribed methods for dealing with the issues related to forefathers are available in many religions. Forefathers generally target the successors in their own family. The best way for the successor is to pray the divine for forgiveness. Since forefathers are also considered divine souls, one should seek forgiveness from them also. Every restless soul is restless because it is waiting for “mukti” (salvation). The successors should take steps prescribed in religious texts for the “mukti” of the souls of ancestors.

As per Vedic astrology the following steps should be taken for solving the problems of “pitra dosha” as reflected in the horoscope.

a) One should take a vow to provide unconditional services to parents and elders. This helps in getting the grace of ancestors.
b) Good behaviour and charity to needy persons is necessary. Good behaviour to persons who are in our service is also necessary. Both of these are recommended for removing the “pitra dosha”
c) Worshipping Lord Vishnu is recommended because all the souls ultimately merge into the great entity of Lord Vishnu. This merger is called “mukti”.
d) Worship of any “Samarth Sadguru” like “Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi” will also be helpful because Sadgurus are like beacon lights who guide us towards the great divinity of the Almighty.
e) One should take responsibility for the marriage of a girl preferably of a poor family to obtain the grace of God and ancestors.
f) Worship should be performed for the “mukti” of the souls of ancestors as suggested and prescribed in classics.

July 06, 2010, 07:04:41 PM
who stole the items and will you recover them or not ? If you lost an item :

cast a horary lagna for present time and if Lagna/Ascendant is :

Lagna        Direction of lost item

Aries                  East
Taurus               South
Gemini               West
Cancer               North
Leo/Sagittarius  South-east
Virgo/Capricorn  South-west
Libra/Aquarius    North-west
Pisces/Scorpio    North-east

July 07, 2010, 04:58:40 PM