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birth time Sorry forgot his birth time 7:55 AM ( morning)

March 31, 2010, 10:14:13 PM
When will I get my next job? please advice Hello Friends,
 Again the search starts. I know I will be out of job for awhile due to my pregenency. but looking at my chart seetharam had mentioned I have a potential to start something on my own so far nothing has worked all ways has been a failures. working for others also are with on/off breaks here and there..... Insurance kids education thoughts all fears me.... Please advice when will I get back on my feet.
DOB october 12th 1971, TOB=7:26A.M POB=Bangalore Karkataka Raasi, libra ascedent with venues dasa running
Vrinchi had mentioned I will have to have a bread in career which truely happend.
All predictions has come true thus far. Please advice when will I start with small job or some job or some business if at all I will start I may have potentail like seetharam says but will I have courage to implement is the fate ....feared with  much worries if I will set my life straight and manage pregenency well at the same time.
Please advice

March 01, 2014, 02:07:06 AM
Married Life and Profession disturbed ! Wow simply Amazing how can you tell vrinchi just with one DOB full family history? I don't know what to say

April 19, 2016, 11:03:21 PM
Winning true relationship Vs letting go the struggle by think'g they R dead 2 me Dear Friends!!!!!

How how how ????? How to make people like you?

All my life I have lost all the people whom I know seriously something wrong with my horoscope when it comes to relationships woth family and friends I break them all along....

Irony is I have seen my siblings hurt each other more than I hurt their feelings BUT end of the day all siblings get along at one point but they never take me in their circle.

I have a big family, first sibling engagement ONLY I among all siblings are NOT INVITED.

All of us fight but I am the only one to be punished in hard angle.
I have learnt a hard lesson and accepted gracefully People strength is no more in my life.
God blessing is always been there and isn't that good enough to grow old with a happy life?
Winning true relationship Vs letting go the struggle by think'g they R dead 2 me

I started to mend with that I am orphan with no Parents and no siblings but blessed with a loving husband and loving child what more to ask for why does not heart stop crying?

How does human brain accept the dislike occurrence of life?
I knw whole world Is looking for an easy pill or something
I knw it's a daily stretching exercise that has to be taught to our own brain

I might have placed it in wrong section, I wanted someone to listen and say something :-)

Missed you my dear friends!!!
~T (an old timer to and illuminate)

July 06, 2018, 06:28:59 AM