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Karma " Whay goes around, comes around" ??? Dear ani85,

Who ever has wronged you will definitely suffer for his cnnscious will bite him but by having so much of negative thoughts in your mind you will burn out yourself. Why worry about him? After all he will pay for his deeds and get the fruits -- sweet or sour. By thinking about him and wanting him to suffer you are still attaching him to your thoughts and bring more pain on yourself. Time will heal you but the sooner you do the better and do not feel insulted at what he has done to you. At least he has gone away and you know it. What about those who live with their wives and move with other other women all their life? Would you liked that. Now at least you know the truth and you can fight and come up in life on your own. Remember HE is always with you.

I was once stuck up at 1 a.m. in the night some 11 Kms. away in Jorhat town with luggage. The bus drieer refused to take the bus into the city at that period and wanted to go by the byepass road of the city. No amount of pressurising him succeeded. So I got down with luggage. I looked around and it was absolutely lonely with not even a person on the road at that time. It started drizzling at that time. I walked into the city with the luggage and had walked only 199 steps when I found a very big petrol pump fully covered at the top. So I got relief from the rain. The very next moment in the middle of the a cycle riksha came with a passenger who alighted at that petrol pump and the next moment another bus came from the same city (Itanagar) from where I had come in an earlier bus, and entered the petrol pump for a refill. How kind can HE be. Sending 2 helps at a time.

I asked the Driver of the bus for a lift. He said the bus is fully packed and I could go the cycle riksha. I told him riksha will take more than an hour as I have to go some 8 kms. inside the town and in the rain I may get wet. So the driver asked me to board the bus if there is any space inside it. Indeed the bus was overcrowded but I did get a standing place in the bus just at the entrance. He drove the bus and dropped me at the required place with a smile and did not accept any money in return. I had only to walk 50 steps to my hotel.

So always believe in yourself and you will find HIM always guarding you and helping you out. This is only one of the many many episodes of my life which I have told you. I have always experienced HIM in all difficulties and every incident has something to tell us. Do not be weak. Realise your worth and get up and face the world and see how successful and happy you will be.

Pravin Kumar

August 07, 2011, 05:20:21 PM
Palm reading Dear Aquamarin,

One thing I can say that your palm has certain indications like two parallel prominent Sun Lines starting from edge of the Mars right upto the sun finger which indicates patience will be amply rewarded after 47/48 years of age and you will be complete satisfaction and happiness there onwards. Your Heart Line is drooping downwards initially and that is what gives you unhappiness as people tend to take you for a ride emotionally. You believe others quite easily and do not see any fault in them initially and hence they make use of your emotions to get benefit. Since your palm has smooth skins the lines do not stand out sharply so it would be better if you apply lipstick or shoe polish to both the palms and then take the snap and post it.

You have double life line. You must have changed residence/city at the age of 28/29. Double Life Line also indicates a person who has good karmas from his/her previous birth and this will always act as a protection from all those who try to cheat you and you will find yourself so well protected that you will be as if saved in the nick of time from absolute danger or loss and it will seem as if it is a miracle. That is all your good karmas of previous Births.

You have to post pictures of the complete palm with the full length fingers picture. Smallest Finger does look to be longer than usual and is slightly crooked with the upper phalange pointing outwards so a person who can communicative very well, is businesslike in her attitude, has sixth sense and despite the odds against her will be able to live life on her terms. Contracdictory in nature but that is your nature. These mercury/smallest finger when independent of the other fingers as it stands out by itself gives the person lots of self confidence and your nature independent of action i.e. a person who is action oriented.

Please post pictures as I requested and I will definitely you a very good reading. Please also post sideways pictures of both the palms to see the relationship lines. If you want to know about your health then post clear pictures of nails too.

Also if you have any specific questions do post them. Your Palm is very good barring some slight problems, which is normal for everyone, and you have nothing to worry but everything to look ahead in your life for you will definitely be successful in life. Are you right handed or left handed and mention your age too.

Pravin Kumar

P.S. I will take up your reading in spare time.

August 19, 2011, 07:34:06 AM