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Richest country in the world is INDIA - see proof ! Yeah, even I\'ve heard about this news. Actually Mr. Vaidyaraj\'s ancestor was a cook in King Krishna Devaraya\'s court. He gifted these 3 precious stones appreciating his services he did when the King was building the outer walls of Srirangam, Trichy. He used to cook for so many people who was involved in building those fort like walls.

Just think over one thing. King Krishna Devaraya presented these much costly precious stones to his cook itself. Then what would\'ve been his presents too his court\'s poets and ministers and what would be his own property? Where it has gone?? If one king itself was having this much, what about the other Kings??? So where have the entire properties gone????

It\'s really unimaginable and mind boggling to think even.

April 06, 2011, 02:04:21 PM
Antilia, vaastu, Mukesh Ambani and his 27 story house Let's try analyzing the name "ANTILIA"..

The Numerological value of the name is 16, which is not a good number. The number has been described as "Ruining Fort" in Egyptian Pyramidal Predictions. This number indicates both "Constructive Force" as well as "Destructive Force". The Number 16 will give very fast improvement as well as very fast declination soon. This number also indicates good Word Power, Fore-telling capacity, Poetic Sense, Attractive Speech, Entertaining Arts, Interest in Vedas and Revolutionary Thoughts, etc. This Number will affect Marital Bliss and Fertility. This Number is good only for Electronic products and Chemical Products.

The Pyramid Numerological value of this Name is 28, which is also not the best of Numbers. It'll also give improvement in the beginning stages and will start giving continuous declination in the later stages.

The Pronology of the Name "Antilia" is also very very bad. "AN" is the only good vibration in this name. "NT", "TI", "IL", "TIL", "LI", "ILI" and "LIA" are all bad vibrations. Only in the beginning, it'll give good result, after which only very bad results.

Mukesh Ambani has spent these many crores in this building. Wouldn't he have spent few hundreds or thousands to consult a good Vaastu expert before construction? Wouldn't he have spent few hundreds to consult a good Nameologist before deciding the name?? Sounds crazy!!

November 06, 2011, 12:37:24 AM
how to select a odd site? Tara,

Both these plots are not good. These shapes won't give you good fortunes. Try to look for some Rectangular shaped or Square shaped plots. All the 4 corners should be 90 degrees. Only North-East corner is exempted from this rule. It can have curves and extensions. No harm, but shouldn't be shrunk, as it'll affect your financial position.

November 09, 2011, 03:03:23 AM
Vishy Anand's championship @thathwamasi,

I checked Horary with the question \"Will Vishwanathan Anand be able to defend his Title?\". With little difficulties, he should be able to defend his Title, I hope so.. Let\'s pray for that to happen..

We Indians should feel very proud of Vishy. He has brought lots of laurel to this Country. He has been rated as one of the best three players to have ever played Chess.

May 21, 2012, 10:49:05 PM
how to get rid of dandruff especially in winter season @devilz.paradiz,

Apply Neem Oil in your hair fully and take bath after 1 hr. It's good if you use 'Shika Powder' or 'any herbal shampoos' to wash your hair.

Try to do this twice a week. This will give you good remedy. If you feel like the Dandruff intensity is high, then you can try this in every alternative days till you get some relief. After that, you can follow this twice a week. Within 3 - 4 times, you'll see a very good difference.

November 20, 2013, 04:15:23 PM
how to get rid of dandruff especially in winter season To add to the above..

People who are taking only body bath and avoiding head bath daily will suffer from Dandruff, normally. Gents can easily take head bath regularly. That doesn't mean like you gotta apply shampoo or Shika every day. You can use them once in a week and that's enough. But everyone should take head bath daily.

While taking head bath too, there's procedure. If you're using normal / cold water, you should pour the water in your head first and then go down gradually. If you're using hot / warm water, you should start from legs to head.

Ladies can't take head bath daily. So there's a solution for them. They've to wet a white cotton towel and tie it in their head before taking bath. After that only, they should take body bath. They should remove the towel from their head only after completing their bath. Now-a-days, Ladies are doing this after taking head bath. Few people are doing it even when they're taking only body bath. Probably.. Style..  :D

The reason for this is when we pour water in our body, the temperature will change. If we pour cold water in  our body first, the heat will transfer to the head immediately and will affect us. Our body can withstand a bit high temperature but not our skull. That's why, they used to put white wet cotton cloth in the fore head in early days when someone was having fever.

November 20, 2013, 04:29:08 PM
south west entrance ..?? South-West Direction is the least choice to have an Entrance. It's better you change that house. Since it's just a rental house, it won't be much of a problem for you guys.

The house with the entrance in South-West Direction is not good especially for the head of the family. It'll affect them physically, mentally and financially too. Also in Feng-Shui, it's called as "Love & Affection Corner". So the harmony of the residents will get disturbed and hence they'll lose their peace of mind.

November 20, 2013, 04:35:44 PM
Ashes (Australia vs England) 2013-14 Series Predictions That's a nice prediction, ReVan..

Aus should declare after 1 hr. Ke subs are very unfavorable to Eng and Aussies were able to take wickets and finish off their 1st innings on Day 3 too. Today Ke sub starts at 11:33 am. If they make Eng bat at that time, they should be able to take 2 - 3 top order wkts before Lunch. If that happens, they should be able to take all the wkts within tomorrow's 1st session.

Personally, I feel Aus should've enforced follow-on. They could've won by an innings margin.

December 08, 2013, 12:29:51 AM
Ashes (Australia vs England) 2013-14 Series Predictions This match is the interesting one in this series so far..

Star Lords of Day 1 & 4 are unfavorable to Aus and slightly favorable to Eng. Day 2 & 5 are not favorable to anyone. But Subs are mostly favoring Aus more than Eng apart from the first 2 sessions of Day 1 and the first 1.5 sessions of Day 2. Day 4 is gonna be the key. It'll decide the winner.

Day 3 is gonna be slightly favorable to Aus. They should be able to take all the wkts within the first 2 sessions, I guess. Let's see! If Aus bats today in the last session and if the match extends after 16:34 local time, they'll be losing few wkts.

I won't be surprised if they take all the wickets in the 1st session itself. Let's see!

December 15, 2013, 02:42:45 AM
Ashes (Australia vs England) 2013-14 Series Predictions Star Lords of Days 4 & 5 are favorable to England. But subs of both these days are similar and are more favorable to Aus. Hence we can expect some fightback from England, but Aus will win.

Tomorrow, Aus will struggle a bit in the first 1 - 1.30 hrs. They'll be able to gain control from the 2nd session itself. But after 13:51 local time, they should be able to take more control of the game.

December 16, 2013, 12:14:36 AM