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Asia Cup 2014 Predictions @SSB,

That's good to hear. All the very Best!

After 20:41 hrs local time, PAK will start playing better. So I still feel this match will go in the hands of PAK, even though my Guru has indicated an IND win. Let's see!

@gauranggroups & all - i am using numerology & market odds into consideration.

@sasirekha - still strongly felt india will win & virinchi is  indicating India's victory.

March 02, 2014, 07:41:25 PM
2015 Cricket World Cup Astrology Predictions Hi Guys,

I'm not active in forums these days and especially in this forum for quite a while. Today I've logged in to appreciate this guy "utkaarsh"! I don't think he has got the credit as much as he deserves. He's not using KP Astrology, but has predicted this superbly with his Numerology and that too 2 months back itself! It's really something very much appreciable!!


Kudos! Keep going!!
It's really amazing to see you predicting this close!

I've highlighted your key predictions that have happened by making it "Bold", the predictions that are yet to happen by making it "Bold & Italic".
Two main things are yet to happen. 1. IND winning AUS on March 26th in the Semi Final 2, 2. IND winning the Cup again on March 29th. Let's see how it goes!

+1 to you..  :) If there's a chance, I'll give you +10..  ;)

All the very Best! May God bless U!!


Semifinal 2 is favorable for India against Aussies and SA, exciting against NZ
Final very suitable for india ( last world cup we won on 2nd Apr -Taurus period , similar story here )                     

India - Very bright chances, surely in top4.....

March 25, 2015, 03:25:59 AM