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India vs New Zealand 15 March 2016 T20 World Cup Astrology Predictions India never beat New Zealand in T20s and that record can stay on 15th March in Nagpur.
1st innings India, 2nd innings comeback by Kiwis after initial struggle..

Afghanistan have qualified to Group 1 but cannot create any upset there.
Bangladesh most likely will qualify to Group 2, where they get chance to unsettle atleast one team again.

This World Cup would be interesting if every regular member tries their method(s) to predict [including Virinchi ;) ]

March 12, 2016, 07:56:59 PM
West Indies vs Pakistan - World Cup 2019 Predictions Windies play Dsc and win this average scoring match. Not a challenging target from Pakistan.

May 31, 2019, 02:49:00 PM
England vs India - World Cup 2019 Predictions Disappointment for Pakistan fans. England should set good target and Indian batsmen struggle in last hour of chase

June 30, 2019, 03:20:38 PM
1st T20 - India vs Bangladesh 2019 Series Predictions Indians putup a good score till 8:20pm. 2nd innings belongs to Bangla batsmen. 1st T20I win over India possible
November 03, 2019, 07:06:04 PM
3rd ODI - England vs Ireland 2020 ODI Series Predictions Big chance to create upset by Ireland as bowling time favors them.
However, Irish batsmen struggle a lot between 7:00-8:45pm and again during 9:10-10:05pm

August 04, 2020, 06:40:02 PM
England vs West Indies 2020 Test Series Predictions To upset England ,....

Ireland should not giveup till 12:11 ist ..

Ketu sub in fav of Ireland  till  01:41 ist

August 04, 2020, 10:58:01 PM
1st Test Day 3 - England vs Pakistan 2020 Series Predictions Tough first hour for English batsmen. Their bowlers can do well in 3rd session after 4:45pm
August 07, 2020, 03:17:51 PM
England vs Pakistan 2020 Series Predictions England playing as DSC, today Moon on mer starlord favoring them when ketu sub Start's from 7:50 ist (they should start scoring runs freely) till 9:23 ist.
August 08, 2020, 05:18:47 PM
GAW vs JT - Caribbean Premier League 2020 T20 Predictions In 8th match, Tallawahs can win toss. Team that does well in 1st innings, struggle from 4pm
August 22, 2020, 08:03:41 PM
SKNP vs BT - Caribbean Premier League 2020 T20 Predictions After being in decent position till 10:35, Tridents struggle later until 11:10 and from there comeback strongly to stay in the match till 1:20pm. Post 1:25pm, St Kitts should win
August 25, 2020, 07:10:59 PM