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what is rudrabhishek? and how its done? Material to be used to make Shiv Ling

1. shiv ling made of kasturi and sandal wood will give you moksha/salvation

2. shiv ling made of flowers will give you gains from lands and profits in real estate

3. If its made of candy sugar, it will give relief from ill health

4. if its made of sugar syrup, it will give peace of mind

5. if its made of bamboo stick roots, it will give children

6. shiv ling made of curd after extracting water from it will give wealth and comforts

7. shiv ling made of jaggery and rice mixture will give benefits for farmers

8. if a fruit is treated as shiv ling and worshipped, then production of that fruit will increase for a farmer

9. if Amla pulp is used to make shiv ling and worshipped, it will give moksha/salvation

10. If shiv ling is made of cheese or pearls and worshipped, it will give happy married life for women

11. if Grass if assembled in shape of shiv ling, it will protect from untimely death

12. Shiv ling made of camphor will give peace and salvation

13. iron shiv ling will give achievements

14. golden shiv ling will give prosperity

15. Silver shiv ling will give comforts

16. Brass shiv ling will remove poverty and debts

17. Crystal shiv ling will clear obstacles

18. Shiv ling made of mercury is the best of all and worshipping it will give all wanted results

19. Shiv ling made of Lahsunia (Gold color stone) will give victory over enemies and relief in court cases.

January 27, 2010, 11:00:47 AM
Hanuman Jayanti celebrated on wrong date ! Hanuman was born in Vaisakha (2nd) lunar month of indian almanac, when moon was in poorvabhadra constellation on a saturday.
But many are confusing the date and celebrating on fullmoon day of chaitra (1st) lunar month, when moon is in chitta constellation.

In chaitra (1st) lunar month, when moon is in chitta constellation, on a tuesday, hanuman has found seetha and also burned lanka on same day.

So tuesday and this day are celebrated as Hanuman Vijayam as he accomplished his task of finding seetha and warning Raavan by semi destroying his lanka.

I wonder why even organizations like Bhajrang Dal are ignorant about these

Real hanuman jayanti is on may 15th in 2012.

You can notice that people born with moon in poorvabhadra (Pooratadhi) have good built like hanuman

April 12, 2012, 10:22:57 AM
Ancient Indian knowledge VS Modern Western Knowledge Anicent indians knew about velocity of light thousands of years back while western scientists discovered it in last century.
The terms atom, pre-atomic stage of electrons, neutrons and protons etc were discussed way back in vedic time

March 30, 2013, 10:05:10 AM
Speed of Light calculated in Rig Veda The fourth verse of the Rigvedic hymn 1:50 (50th hymn in book 1 of rigveda) is as follows:

तरणिर्विश्वदर्शतो जयोतिष्क्र्दसि सूर्य |
विश्वमा भासिरोचनम |

taraNir vishvadarshato jyotishkrdasi surya |
vishvamaa bhaasirochanam ||

which means “Swift and all beautiful art thou, O Surya (Surya=Sun), maker of the light,
Illuming all the radiant realm.

Commenting on this verse in his Rigvedic commentary, Sayana who was a minister in the court of Bukka of the great Vijayanagar Empire of Karnataka in South India (in early 14th century) says:

tatha ca smaryate yojananam. sahasre dve dve sate dve ca yojane
ekena nimishardhena kramaman.

which means “It is remembered here that Sun (light) traverses 2,202 yojanas in half a nimisha”

NOTE: Nimisharda= half of a nimisha
In the vedas Yojana is a unit of distance and Nimisha is a unit of time.
Unit of Time: Nimesa
The Moksha dharma parva of Shanti Parva in Mahabharata describes Nimisha as follows:
15 Nimisha = 1 Kastha
30 Kashta = 1 Kala
30.3 Kala = 1 Muhurta
30 Muhurtas = 1 Diva-Ratri (Day-Night)
We know Day-Night is 24 hours
So we get 24 hours = 30 x 30.3 x 30 x 15 nimisha
in other words 409050 nimisha
We know 1 hour = 60 x 60 = 3600 seconds
So 24 hours = 24 x 3600 seconds = 409050 nimisha
409050 nimesa = 86,400 seconds
1 nimesa = 0.2112 seconds (This is a recursive decimal! Wink of an eye=.2112 seconds!)
1/2 nimesa = 0.1056 seconds

March 30, 2013, 06:32:19 PM
Speed of Light calculated in Rig Veda Unit of Distance: Yojana
Yojana is defined in Chapter 6 of Book 1 of the ancient vedic text “Vishnu Purana” as follows

10 ParamAnus = 1 Parasúkshma
10 Parasúkshmas = 1 Trasarenu
10 Trasarenus = 1 Mahírajas (particle of dust)
10 Mahírajas= 1 Bálágra (hair’s point)
10 Bálágra = 1 Likhsha
10 Likhsha= 1 Yuka
10 Yukas = 1 Yavodara (heart of barley)
10 Yavodaras = 1 Yava (barley grain of middle size)
10 Yava = 1 Angula (1.89 cm or approx 3/4 inch)
6 fingers = 1 Pada (the breadth of it)
2 Padas = 1 Vitasti (span)
2 Vitasti = 1 Hasta (cubit)
4 Hastas = a Dhanu, a Danda, or pauruSa (a man’s height), or 2 Nárikás = 6 feet
2000 Dhanus = 1 Gavyuti (distance to which a cow’s call or lowing can be heard) = 12000 feet
4 Gavyutis = 1 Yojana = 9.09 miles

Calculation: So now we can calculate what is the value of the speed of light in modern units based on the value given as 2202 yojanas in 1/2 nimesa

= 2202 x 9.09 miles per 0.1056 seconds
= 20016.18 miles per 0.1056 seconds
= 189547 miles per second !!
As per the modern science speed of light is 186000 miles per second !

Source : Speed of Light in Rigveda

March 30, 2013, 06:32:40 PM
Ancient Indian Medical Science VS Modern Western Medical Science Medical Sciences

Knowledge    Ancient Reference    Modern Reference

Artificial Limb               RigVed (1-116-15)    20th Century
Number of Chromosomes (23)    Mahabharat-5500    BCE 1890 A.D
Combination of Male and Female    Shrimad Bhagwat    20th Century
Analysis of Ears    RigVed    Labyrinth
Beginning of the Foetal Heart  Eitereya Upanishad -(6000 BCE)    Robinson, 1972
Parthenogenesis    Mahabharat    20th Century
Test Tube Babies:-
from the ovum only           Mahabharat    Not possible yet
Test Tube Babies:-
from the sperm only    Mahabharat    Not possible yet
Elongation of Life in confirmed Space Travel    Shrimad Bhagwat    Not yet
Cell Division (in 3 layers)    Shrimad Bhagwat    20th Century
Embryology    Aitareya Upanishad (6000 BCE)    19th Century
Micro-organisms    Mahabharat    18th Century
A material producing a disease can prevent or cure the disease in minute quantity    S-Bhagwat (1-5-33)    Haneman,18th Century
Developing Embyro in Vitro    Mahabharat    20th Century
Life in trees and plants    Mahabharat    Bose,19th Century
16 Functions of the Brain Eitereya    Upanishad    19-20th Century
Definition of Sleep Prashna-Upanishad    Yogsootra    20th Century
Chromosomes    Gunavidhi(Mahabharat)(5500 BCE)    1860-1910 A.D.


March 31, 2013, 05:19:18 PM
KFC Big Bash T20 League 2013-2014 Predictions If you want to use this method we used so far in other matches but unable to judge who is Asc or Dsc in such league matches or in neutral grounds, then your clue is the Toss which happens 30-40 mins before start of match.

If you can judge Toss and match muhurta chart, then its easy. (If you say muhurta chart's results are too inconsistent with match results, then you haven't studied K.P properly and are in a hurry to predict results using some short cut tricks like ending subs or in a hurry to make some quick money)
If you want to escape them and simply follow moon's subs during end of the match, you'll fail multiple times

January 04, 2014, 05:04:00 PM
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Final - Asia Cup Cricket 2014 Predictions If we consider Pakistan as Ascendant while playing in Bangladesh, they will again lose to Sri Lanka in finals tomorrow.
Match will slip out of Pakistan's hand after 20:50 local time.
My only doubt is how Rx Mars will behave with fall of wickets. When it was stationary at same point, it collapsed Pakistan batting on feb 25

March 07, 2014, 09:58:11 AM
Asia Cup 2014 Predictions I'm with Star Dust and expecting Pakistan have early setbacks and slowdown (from 2nd over itself)
March 08, 2014, 01:19:58 PM
Asia Cup 2014 Predictions
March 08, 2014, 01:39:40 PM