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Nadi Astrology Experiences, Real and Fake ! Naadi astrology is a Divine science. It is one of the
most mystical methods of predicting past, present and future. It is unique
and amazing. It has perhaps all the answers.

When you hear the details of your entire life recorded
by the clairvoyant ancient Indian sages sung and read
to you by the Nadi reader, starting with your name, the names of your parents, the name of your spouse, and other details about your past, present and predictions
of what will happen to 'you' in the future you will be shocked beyond doubt with wonder, hearing about your life written on a Nadi leaf thousands of years ago and stored.

The identification of your leaf is based on your thumb
impression. It is a book about 'you', as you are right now,
this moment. In this leaf it was already written, that you
would have a reading of this text on that very day, it is
your Nadi or destiny.

February 17, 2009, 05:22:43 PM
genuine person ask only ur thumb impressions DETAILS OF KANDAMS

Kandam 1 or General Kandam: To be found out through thumb impression. Gents: Right thumb, and Ladies: Left thumb.
This Kandam will contain your name, parents names, the name of your spouse and details of brothers, sisters, children, husband, wife, details of profession and future predictions in general for all the 12 houses with your horoscope based on the planetary positions at the time of birth as mentioned in the Nadi leaf.

Kandam 2: Money, eyes, family, education and speech.

Kandam 3: Brothers and sisters, affection, help and ill feeling between you and brothers and sisters. It also relates to the ears, courage, writing abilities, music, short travels, and neighbours.

Kandam 4: Mother, house, vehicles, pleasures, land and properties.

Kandam 5: Children and their birth, reason for not having children, adoption of remedial measures for having children, when they will be born, gender, their education and careers. Mantras, next life.

Kandam 6: Disease, debts, enemies and court cases. Remedial measures for avoidance.

Kandam 7: Time of marriage, reasons for delay in marriage, direction and distance of residence, name lagnam or ascendant
and planetary positions of the bride or bridegroom. Future life
with husband or wife.

Kandam 8: Longevity, life span, accident and danger to your life, age, month, date, day, time, star, lagnam or ascendant and place
and gives details of the circumstances at the time of death.

Kandam 9: Father- predictions in regard to father, wealth, long travels, guru, pilgrimages, and visit to temples, luck, teaching
from holy men and charitable deeds.

Kandam 10: Career- Profession and employment, future prediction in regard to job or business, change of place, and the positive and negative aspects in your profession.

Kandam 11: Gains- Profits, friends and additional marriages, any marriage, other than a first marriage.

Kandam 12: Expenditure, losses, foreign or overseas travel, your next birth and attainment of salvation.

Kandam 13 is SANTHI PARIHARAM: Last birth, present life,
how many more lives you have, sins committed and the remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the sins of the past births.

Kandam 14 is DEEKSHAI KANDAM: Avoiding enemies, troubles etc by remedies like wearing Rakshai or talisman and Mantra japam or chanting mantras.

Kandam 15 is AUSHADHA KANDAM: Medicines for long standing disease and the method of taking them.

Kandams 2 to 12 will give you the future predictions, up to the end of your life from the date of perusal of that Kandam.

February 17, 2009, 05:23:23 PM
genuine person ask only ur thumb impressions SEARCHING YOUR NADI LEAF

If you were to get the reading done, the Nadi astrologer would go through the Nadi leaves one by one and for example, he may ask, \"Is your mother\'s name Josephine\"? If you answer \'yes\' he would read from the same leaf and ask other questions such as, \"Is your father\'s name Richard?\" If you answer \'yes\' he would continue to read from that leaf and ask other questions such as, \"Is your father\'s second name Jonathan?\" and so on. He would not ask you to divulge information and you would be required to answer his questions only with a \'yes\' or \'no\'. If your answer is \'no\' to any question he would continue to ask questions, turning leaves one after another. If your leaf is not found in the first bundle he will bring another bundle until all the details match correctly on one particular leaf, from your \'yes\' answers and your exclusive Nadi leaf is found. This procedure of finding your Nadi leaf sometimes takes many hours.
We can be assured of finding the correct leaf for you and not somebody else\'s that may have been born around the same time as you and is similar to yours only with the help of your answers to the questionnaire as there are several thousands of these Nadi leaves.

February 17, 2009, 05:23:52 PM
Significance of doing Puja Major physically evident reason is that everybody around you is asleep at that time and you can concentrate on your meditation
February 26, 2009, 11:17:16 AM
when will pakistan pay for its crime A period starting from 6th March 2009 to 5th September 2009 is dangerous for Pakistan and there will be an attempt to over rule the government. Some parallel forces will conspire against the existing regime in no case the Pakistani government will survive for its full term and coming close to a precise prediction, astrology will not spare Pakistan even up to third quarter of 2010 for a political polarization and wide spread blood shed across the country. International intervention is inevitable in Pakistan before the end of 2010. Of course 2009 will also be problematic as astrological evidences and ample in number for a countrywide blood shed and international intervention. Asif Jardari is under the check of Saturn and Mars together and is under danger.

i\'ll analyse pakistan\'s chart and write in main site about how an independent country will form by breaking pakistan

May 18, 2009, 05:23:49 PM
Simple remedies for common problems through Tantra Shastra Tantra shastra is an extract from vedas and upanishads and is more method oriented than theories and calculations.

Its more like emperical formulae derived in science, but has hidden meanings behind it.
These methods give fast and accurate results.

few of them :

1. wearing an aluminium ring aroung middle finger will produce enuf heat in body to burn down extra fat and reduce obessity.

2. wearing an iron ring (made from horse shoe) on middle finger will reduce mental tensions and will make you physically strong . This is used as a remedy for saturn related problems.
It also melts kidney stones

3. melt a horse-shoe and wear it as a wrist band to increase verility.

August 18, 2009, 02:19:50 PM
Simple remedies for common problems through Tantra Shastra 4. for jupiter related problems like diabetes,asthma,phlegm and breathing probs, lack of memory power etc, try wearing a banana tree root in yellow thread as necklace or arm-band

5. keeping a just born child\'s dried wombical chord in your wallet or any secret place where store some money/jewelery will produce multiple returns( believed in few eastern countries and proved)

August 18, 2009, 02:20:41 PM
Simple remedies for common problems through Tantra Shastra 6. if suffering through insomnia or bad dreams, keep a coral or a transparent crystal under your head/pillow while sleeping

7. for people suffering from karma planets like saturn and Rahu ( also if they have a combination in their horoscope) and for those suffering from saturn\'s periods, subperiods, sade-sathi etc.
They can keep an Eucalyptus leaf with them through out saturday to get relief.
This can be done on all saturdays during that period

8. if you\'re having problems with mercury, like loss of concentration, memory, though power, skin irritations, speech problems, weak nerves etc
make a hole in a opper coin and throw it in a river

August 18, 2009, 02:21:32 PM
Simple remedies for common problems through Tantra Shastra 9. for people who have more expenditures than income, try to spread a dark blue cloth in your closet, where you keep your clothes/wallet etc
do this on a saturday and see the result

10. for people who have severe problems with uncontrollable expenditure, take a bamboo pipe or a flute made of bamboo and fill it with sugar.
take it to a lonely place (somewhere like woods/desert) when everyone is sleeping(ideal time is 2 hrs before sunrise) and bury it in land where people dont walk.
After doing this, dont look back and drive back home and never again visit that place

August 18, 2009, 02:22:06 PM
Simple remedies for common problems through Tantra Shastra continuation of above :

11. for childless people or for people who have frequent abortions. Man should fill a small pot made of clay with pure honey and close it with clay lid and tie up a cloth tightly around its lid.
At midnight go to graveyard alone and dig near root of a tree and bury this pot. cover with soil and return without looking back.
some back home, have a shower and sleep silently
this should not be revealed even to wife

August 25, 2009, 06:59:28 PM