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what is rudrabhishek? and how its done? Pradhosha pooja is one of the most important among the poojas performed to the Graceful Lord Shiva. In Shukla Paksha (15 moon days from New moon to Full moon) and Krishna Paksha (15 moon days from Full moon to New moon) the evening of the trayodasi (thirteenth moon day) between 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. is called Pradhosha. It comes once in fifteen moon days. Pradhosha time is especially meant for praying Lord Shiva. Praying in that time will free us from out sins and gives moksha finally (hence the name Pradhosha). During pradoSha time a special type of circumambulating called soma sUtra pradaxiNam(1) is done.

Pradhosha Purana:

Once Dhevas and Asuras using the serpent Vasuki and the hill Mandhara were trying to get Amrutham (nector) from the Kseerabthi (milk ocean). Then the terrible poison Halahalam came up. All got frightened and pleaded to Lord Shiva for rescue. Being the peak of mercy Lord Shiva ate that poison. Then as per His order they resumed their effort to get Amrutham. They got it on Dhwadhasi (twelfth moon day). Without praying and thanking the God, by whom they got Amrutham, Devas started dancing and celebrating their victory.

On thrayodhasi (thirteenth moon day) they realised their sin of not praying the God and pleaded for forgiveness. The pleased graceful Lord Shiva forgave them and danced between the horns of the Nandhi (holy bull). That time is called Pradhosham. Whoever prays Lord Shiva in that time, Lord Shiva fulfills their wishes and give them mukthi.

During Prodhosha time anointing (Abhishekam) the Shiva deity with the following is considered fruitful.

Milk                 gives        long life  
Ghee                 gives        Moksha state  
Curd                 gives        good children  
Honey                gives        melodious voice  
Rice powder          frees        from debts  
Sugar cane juice     gives        good health  
Panjamrutham         gives        wealth  
Lemon                removes      fear of death  
Sugar                removes      enmity  
Tender coconut       gives        enjoyment  
Cooked Rice(Annam)   gives        mejestic life  
Sandal               gives        Lakshmi\'s grace  

Anoint the Lord Shiva with Love, He would give Himself !!

Bilvam and flowers can be given for Shiva pooja. Please go to Shiva temple for every Pradhosham and live in His grace blissfully.

shivAya namaOm bhavAya namaH
bhavAya namaOm namaH shivAya

August 25, 2009, 05:32:27 PM
will china go on a war with india biggest advantage of china is their language and culture which russians didnt have much
but communism always failed in long run

October 09, 2009, 04:10:13 PM
Indigestion is cause of all diseases and Fasting is best Remedy whenever you feel like having indigestion use castor oil
take 20-30ml of pure castor oil and have it on empty stomach early in morning(try to wake up atleast 1 hr earlier on that morning than usual time)
after 1-2 hours all wastage in stomach, intestines, rectum etc will be cleaned out.
castor oil acts as drain cleaning acid naturally.
then fast for that day surviving only on liquids like water, milk, buttermilk, fruit juices (no tea , coffee, alchohol) and have light dinner at night

try this once in a month and you\'ll never fall sick

November 27, 2009, 10:54:04 AM
How to worship Ganapati with the right Sided trunk vakratundaaya hum - says ganapati mantra
but which direction should it be bent is not specific.

left side is logical as people who try ganapati aaradhana in yogic way see trunk as connection between 3 chakras

1. agna chakra (between brows)
2. visuddhi chakra (throat)
3. anahata chakra (heart)

so trunk should be connecting all above three and should be bent towards ganesh\'s left side near his heart.

only vallabha ganapati is seen with right side bent trunk and its a rarity which is not explained properly

February 27, 2010, 09:45:48 AM
will china go on a war with india indians will reach there only after they overcome their biggest hurdle - CORRUPTION
April 26, 2010, 10:19:44 AM
India's political predictions for 2011 Below is a photo from a Swiss Magazine Schweizer Illustriertein (November 1991) – it shows the top holders of Swiss bank accounts at the time.

Rajiv appears in the august company of other dictators like Saddam Hussein, Suharto of Indonesia, etc. The text below Rajiv’s photo reads: Rajiv Gandhi, Indian, Holds 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (eq. to 13,200 Crores in 1991).

Till date, the Congress party has never refuted/spoken about these allegations.

These are our great leaders on whose birth & death anniversaries the government uses the tax payers’ money to lavishly advertise their so-called ‘achievements’ in all national newspapers and name airports, highways, etc. built by our money on their names! (When counted in the mid-2007, only the Government of A.P. had a total of 17 developmental and business schemes and projects and infrastructure in the name of Rajiv Gandhi.)

The secret behind sonia gandhi\'s health problem and surgery is that, MP subrahmanya swami got proofs of sonia\'s secret swiss accounts and wanted to get her prosecuted.
So, she landed in zurich secretly to change her account numbers and names.
That is why even maran was out of country since same date as sonia

August 27, 2011, 06:07:29 AM
How to worship Ganapati with the right Sided trunk One should prepare the Ganesh idol from china clay or mud. Nowadays, idols are made from plaster of Paris so that they become light weight and more attractive. There is a difference between idols made from mud and plaster of Paris. There are references in the Purans (mythological texts) that Ganapati was created from grime. Hence it is appropriate to use a Ganesh idol made of mud for ritualistic worship. The pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of Ganapati get attracted to a greater extent towards an idol made of mud than to that made of plaster of Paris. The following points shall illustrate how it is improper as well as harmful to make idols from plaster of Paris or from substances other than china clay.

    Plaster of Paris does not dissolve easily in water and hence the idol floats on water after immersion. Sometimes in cities, the remains of idols which have not dissolved in water for a long period are collected and a bulldozer is run over them to convert them into mud. This amounts to extreme denigration of the deity. The deity should be offered the same reverence when immersing it as when it is invoked. Since the idol is not immersed properly, in a way it amounts to dishonouring the deity. It is beneficial if a hole is kept at a specific point on the rear side of the plaster of Paris idol so that during immersion it gets properly immersed in water within minimal time and dissolves completely.

    Mixing of the plaster of Paris in water pollutes the river, sea, lake, etc. and can have an adverse effect on the health of living beings.

    Nowadays a wrong trend has set in whereby idols are even made from coconuts, bananas, betulnut, silver, coins, etc. Some of these objects do not dissolve in water after immersion of the idol. The remains of such idols are used for other purposes or as toys by children.

Many idol makers get the spiritual experience of the God principle when making idols of mud rather than of plaster of Paris. The spiritual experience of an idol maker is given here as an example.

\'I made idols of plaster of Paris as well as clay for the Ganesh festival. I experienced immense Bliss (Anand) when making idols of mud. So also my repetition (chanting) of the Name of my family deity (kuladevata) was occurring continuously. I did not experience this when making plaster of Paris idols.\' - Mr. Lakshman Ahoman Chavan, P.O. Dhule,Maharashtra

eco friendly ganesh

September 01, 2011, 07:57:49 AM
How to worship Ganapati with the right Sided trunk there\'s no such difference.
only idol manufacturers put trunk on left or right according to their wish.
Few people assume that Vallabha Ganapathi has trunk towards right side and has nectar/amrit in that pot which is holded by right twisted trunk. (but this is only an assumption and not defined anywhere)

vakratundaaya hUm is the mantra for worshipping ganapati with trunk on any side.
Ideally, left side trunk is correct and explanation for this is given above.

March 20, 2012, 04:13:17 PM
India's political predictions for 2011 Mercury would turn retrograde on the 8th November 2012.
    Indian political scene could turn confusing after the 8th November 2012.The opposition parties could bring the operations to a stand still while some terrorist attacks are not ruled out after the 9th November 2012.

Financial markets could dip after the 8th November 2012.

November 01, 2012, 11:07:46 AM
India's political predictions for 2011 Upcoming lunar eclipse will create tension in delhi about fall of government but it won\'t materialize.
One more cyclone will hit islands in pacific ocean and Indian south-east coast

November 22, 2012, 06:52:43 AM