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Advantages of Aswagandha and Usages Aswagandha is now becoming famous in herbal/ayurvedic medicines
Its a root which is used in many medicines as a part and is also useful independently.

As the name suggests, it gives your power of Aswa(horse)

April 12, 2009, 02:47:51 PM
Advantages of Aswagandha and Usages
1. Used as anti - depressent.
Its powder should be used with old jaggery to get relief from depression.

2. Aswagandha powder with Yashtimadhuka powder (each half spoon) in cow milk daily twice will stimulate sexual power.

3. Aswagandha oil is rubbed on male reproductive organ(except the tip) to increase its strength

4. Aswagandha powder with milk daily , will keep our body active till sunset. next post

April 12, 2009, 02:51:24 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
some more tips

1. Using water poured in Sankh(conch shell) for abhishek  will reduce quarrels between family members and will bring down hysteria

2. Mustard oil for abhishek will keep enemies at bay

3. using honey will clear throat related problems

4. using buttermilk made from cow milk will reduce all health problems and excess heat in body

5. using milk + gingelly seeds will clear obstacles and is usuallu used as a remedy for ill effects of saturn

6. using sugarcane juice will give more wealth

7. using 1 lakh wheat grains for abhishek will give children

April 12, 2009, 04:02:17 PM
The five elements

The Five Elements
The five Elements are fire, water, earth and air. Spirit is often added to acknowledge the spiritual component of them all. The elements are used in ceremonies, rituals, meditation, zen practices and are sometimes identified differently but the basic meaning is the same. When invoking the elements, they are often associated with the cardinal directions with Fire in the South, Water in the West, Earth in the North and Air in the East.

The Air element is associated with mental processes, creativeness, higher consciousness, wisdom, our ideas about the Universe.

The element of fire is associated with both physical and spiritual powers, energy and passion.

The element of water is associated with the subconscious mind, love, religion, intuition, and emotions. It is the primal substance of life and is symbolized by the womb and fertility.

Earth is the element that is most stable and dependable. It represents abundance, prosperity, wisdom, and practical knowledge. Earth sustains all life.

Represents the mystical aspect of spiritual belief. It is the source of human love and compassion and perhaps is the most \"elemental\" element of all.

Aristotle defines the word element as \"...the primary component immanent in a thing, and indivisible, in kind, into kinds...

He and other philosophers argued about what the most essential or primary element was, whether fire, water, earth or air but I believe Parmenides was most correct when he said, \"Love first of all, the Gods she planned\", and Hesiod when he said:

First of all things was chaos made, and then
Broad-breasted earth...
And love, \'mid all the gods pre-eminent...

It makes sense that love (Spirit) is the primary element, without which, nothing else can have meaning.

April 14, 2009, 12:01:26 PM
"The Permanent Atom"
The mystical heart of the world\'s religions is the identity of the true Self. The understanding of the Self is the most important insight that any individual can have in life. The Self begins with the permanent atom of being, the cause out of which the effect proceeds. We call this cause the I AM THAT I AM, the Presence of the I AM, or the I AM Presence.

God by any name can be reduced to this eternal Presence. It defines being, and it is a sphere of intense light that marks the point of our origin.

THE PERMANENT ATOMS of atmic, buddhic, manasic, astral and of physical matter, the nuclei of the causal body which constitute the foundation of the imperishable body, are of an order of size that is infinitesimal. An elaborate calculation was made recently by a mathematical physicist which seemed to place physical man, in terms of size, about mid-way between our stellar galaxy and the minute electron. Distances within are as great as distances without.

The infinitely great has its opposite and complement in the infinitely small.

April 14, 2009, 12:14:57 PM
Yin-Yang: A Symbol of Reincarnation In this ancient Eastern symbol(ying yang), we can see the mysteries of reincarnation. The black side is that half of the developmental cycle we spend in the physical, and the white side is the half we spend within the spiritual.

Together they make one cycle of growth. Because it is a circle, though, it never ends. One cycle always becomes another. Our growing and unfolding never ends.

April 14, 2009, 12:16:25 PM
Natural Cure for Hair Loss How to avoid BALD HEAD - if you still have some grass on head ;)

avoid dandruff :

dandruff is a skin disease n has various reasons to get onto you

rub your scalp every night with neem oil and morning wash hair with shikai / reeta powder

doing this for a month will remove dandruff for ever

more tips later

April 15, 2009, 06:31:42 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
for love or mind related problems use what DCP and nagesh_vejju  talked about above your post.

for wealth and quick prosperity in business use sugarcane juice

hi Ranjana,
i tried this on maasivaratri this year which fell on chaturdasi and had some hurdles and health problems for a week.

my experience suggests that avoid 2,7,9,14 thithis even if they are festivals

the exact time at which you do abhishek/archana are important.


most imp  days : when SUN transits through ARUDRA star\'s 1st quarter(paada) , its called earth\'s mensus period.

its imp. to worship lord siva and chant his panchakshari mantra om namassivaaya during those 3-4 days, which usually come in 2nd half of june every yr.

** also the day with arudra star in december is holy

May 05, 2009, 05:48:59 PM
9 Mukhi Rudraksha: there are many other forms of rudrakshas upto 21 faces and even more and combos
but pick any 1 that suits your horoscope and body type

May 05, 2009, 05:52:08 PM
Pressure points in PALM and underFEET - to relax yourself pressure points under FEET

May 05, 2009, 06:09:32 PM