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Easy methods to RE-Grow hair on Bald head don't worry if you have a bald head

follow these steps :

1. shave off remaining hair

2. daily morning rub your bald head completely with a cloth dipped in RADDISH juice (you can use red onion juice as 2nd alternate).
Do it till your scalp feels the burning sensation

3. Wait for an hour and during this take a cup of gingelly oil and make it luke warm.
Put few drops of this oil in your nose with your fingers by bending your head backwards and inhale strongly.
Put some drops of oil in ears too.
In the end do some oil-pulling by gargling with this oil for 2-3 minutes and spit it.

4. Take TRIPHALA CHURNAM from any good ayurvedic shop and put a spoon of its powder in a cup of water and boil it till it becomes a paste.

5. After 1 hour of applying raddish juice, wash your scalp with this triphala liquid which is warm.

6. Repeat this process for 3 months atleast and if possible do the raddish juice thing at nights before sleep and let your scalp absorb it and remaining process in morning.

7. Take half spoon on triphala churnam with 1 spoon of honey every morning (on empty stomach) and every night before sleep.

8. Wash your head without any shampoo/soap  using only luke warm / cold water.

9. During this 3 months, keep shaving your head every 15 days.

10. After 3 months, you will see noticable hair growth on bald areas.

11. Continue this process for another 3 months and you\'ll see your entire scalp covered with black hair.

12. Consume honey, gingelly oil, cow milk, cow ghee, coconut,amla etc hair nutients and imagine yourself with thick hair before every night sleep

March 28, 2009, 10:41:26 AM
Natural Cure for Hair Loss consuming bringraj leaf powder ( 1 spoon) daily with water on empty stomach (anytime) and practicing, sukha vajrasan / sarvangasan/ seershasan and rubbing 4 finger nails of both hands against each other before meals twice a day can stimulate new hair growth(on places where it was lost)
April 09, 2009, 05:02:54 PM
Rudrabhishek or Archana - Secrets and Results Lord Siva Abhisheka / Archana - secrets and results
Many hindus perform rudrabhisheka or archan to lord shiva, especially on mondays to please him but only few get desired results.
The secret behind lord siva is the lunar day(tithi) you visit his temple
As we all know monday is his most desired day and based on tithi at the time of abhisheka done results vary.

Multiply the tithi by 10 and divide by 7
take only the reminder.

if reminder(SEsham) is :

titHi   -    SEshaM      - RESULT
1   -   3   -   wealth
2   -   6   -   sorrow
3   -   2   -   all comforts
4   -   5   -   physical health
5   -   1   -   success
6   -   4   -          family,status,reputation
7   -   7   -   dealth,illhealth
8   -   3   -   wealth
9   -   6   -   sorrow
10   -   2   -   all comforts
11   -   5   -   physical health
12   -   1   -   success
13   -   4   -         family,status,reputation
14   -   7   -   death, ill health
15   -   3   -   wealth

will post about proper timings and items to be used in abhisheka to get desired results

April 09, 2009, 05:12:06 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
For lord siva, abhisheka is more result yielding than archana.
But if an astrologer suggests only archana, you better do that .
Though there\'s no harm in doing abhisheka also

Usually abhisheks are done early in the morning around 1 hour after sunrise.

Using Panchaamrut  : 1. cow milk 2. cow ghee 3. cow curd 4. honey 5. sugar/jaggery

is using tradition

will post more about other material and their uses in next post

April 10, 2009, 07:38:05 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
some more tips

1. Using water poured in Sankh(conch shell) for abhishek  will reduce quarrels between family members and will bring down hysteria

2. Mustard oil for abhishek will keep enemies at bay

3. using honey will clear throat related problems

4. using buttermilk made from cow milk will reduce all health problems and excess heat in body

5. using milk + gingelly seeds will clear obstacles and is usuallu used as a remedy for ill effects of saturn

6. using sugarcane juice will give more wealth

7. using 1 lakh wheat grains for abhishek will give children

April 12, 2009, 04:02:17 PM
"The Permanent Atom"
The mystical heart of the world\'s religions is the identity of the true Self. The understanding of the Self is the most important insight that any individual can have in life. The Self begins with the permanent atom of being, the cause out of which the effect proceeds. We call this cause the I AM THAT I AM, the Presence of the I AM, or the I AM Presence.

God by any name can be reduced to this eternal Presence. It defines being, and it is a sphere of intense light that marks the point of our origin.

THE PERMANENT ATOMS of atmic, buddhic, manasic, astral and of physical matter, the nuclei of the causal body which constitute the foundation of the imperishable body, are of an order of size that is infinitesimal. An elaborate calculation was made recently by a mathematical physicist which seemed to place physical man, in terms of size, about mid-way between our stellar galaxy and the minute electron. Distances within are as great as distances without.

The infinitely great has its opposite and complement in the infinitely small.

April 14, 2009, 12:14:57 PM
Yin-Yang: A Symbol of Reincarnation In this ancient Eastern symbol(ying yang), we can see the mysteries of reincarnation. The black side is that half of the developmental cycle we spend in the physical, and the white side is the half we spend within the spiritual.

Together they make one cycle of growth. Because it is a circle, though, it never ends. One cycle always becomes another. Our growing and unfolding never ends.

April 14, 2009, 12:16:25 PM
Natural Cure for Hair Loss there used to be a hair tincture K-5 which caused lots of burning sensation on head when applied
radish juice also doing same

April 30, 2009, 11:41:26 AM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
for love or mind related problems use what DCP and nagesh_vejju  talked about above your post.

for wealth and quick prosperity in business use sugarcane juice

hi Ranjana,
i tried this on maasivaratri this year which fell on chaturdasi and had some hurdles and health problems for a week.

my experience suggests that avoid 2,7,9,14 thithis even if they are festivals

the exact time at which you do abhishek/archana are important.


most imp  days : when SUN transits through ARUDRA star\'s 1st quarter(paada) , its called earth\'s mensus period.

its imp. to worship lord siva and chant his panchakshari mantra om namassivaaya during those 3-4 days, which usually come in 2nd half of june every yr.

** also the day with arudra star in december is holy

May 05, 2009, 05:48:59 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done? abhisheka is to cool down the ill effects of a malefic planet (usually saturn)
archana is to get wealthier

so, you need to pick what you want.
if you already have a stable income but lack peace of mind and have hurdles, then chose abhisheka
if you need money and are struggling then chose archana

August 13, 2009, 09:23:03 AM