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Australia vs India 2018-19 Series Predictions Day 1: Australia
Day 2: average/tilting towards Australia
Day 3: india
Day 4: Australia (india's nakshatra lord transiting in 8th)
Day 5: average

It really depends if india can score a lot of runs in first innings or bowl Australia out cheaply in first innings.

December 21, 2018, 05:54:38 AM
Andhra Pradesh State Horoscope and Future Astrology Predictions I seriously want my prediction to be reversed and TDP gets 95-100 seats instead of YSRCP.
I am sure many people from andhra too want this to happen. Eventhough TDP is accused of corruption everywhere, it is still better than YSRCP.
Jagan wants to be CM just to save himself. He has no vision.
I expect Asc/Dsc to reverse (just like in sports) and TDP wins back 55% seats as Dsc.
Can confirm this in 1st hour of counting on 23 may

March 26, 2019, 01:43:02 PM
ICC World Cup 2019 Predictions Respectable Admin and Astrologers

                     I am using this forum since 2014 and calculating sport (like cricket) by astrology since more than 4 years. I saw many  same predictions on other pages for business purposes. I would like to say that they are making good money  while utilizing our knowledge. The big question in my mind why they are selling our predictions without permission of admin or others astrologers. Even these astrologers did not earn any thing.why astrologers waiste their time while fraudys are making money. This site is usefull for betting purpose mostly. If it is only for learning purpose please allow only astrologers in this usefull platform where only astrologers contributed and share their work.if it is for business purpose then took the good astrologers and give them salary monthly. I dont know you guys are agree with me or not. But i would luv if astrologers got some money for their work. On face book there is page name cricket kundli which is using our divine knowledge.
Best Regards

June 28, 2019, 02:13:08 PM