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birth time Sorry forgot his birth time 7:55 AM ( morning)

March 31, 2010, 10:14:13 PM
Life has become constant struggle:on the verge of breaking down
Dear Astro Legends,
I am Jayesh, I am facing Grave situation since 2012, things just do not fall in place, especially in career and personal life is hell.  Each day  brings greater struggle then the previous one. I changed a job with the hope of a better life in  early 2013, but it only brought even more problems, I was working in humiliating conditions, which broke my  self image into pieces, and I  had to  resign from job without having anything else in my hand.Since Dec 2013 I am jobless, trying to search for jobs, even trying for one walk-in interview each day. but things are not working out.
I am totally depressed the way things have folded out in my life, at one point of time I was the provider for my family, and now since 6 months I am being burden on family. both my parents are retired.
please help me and tell me when will I get a Job and will it be a overseas job?
I am also ready to move anywhere(including outside India) for job as, I have grown frustrated with family and want to make my life away from home.

my details are as below:
Name: Jayesh Ramesh Agrawal
Date of birth: 31st jan 1984
time of birth: 9.30 pm

Place of birth: Mumbai

Dear learned people please help.

Jayesh Agrawal

May 22, 2014, 09:27:26 PM