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Rudrabhishek or Archana - Secrets and Results Lord Siva Abhisheka / Archana - secrets and results
Many hindus perform rudrabhisheka or archan to lord shiva, especially on mondays to please him but only few get desired results.
The secret behind lord siva is the lunar day(tithi) you visit his temple
As we all know monday is his most desired day and based on tithi at the time of abhisheka done results vary.

Multiply the tithi by 10 and divide by 7
take only the reminder.

if reminder(SEsham) is :

titHi   -    SEshaM      - RESULT
1   -   3   -   wealth
2   -   6   -   sorrow
3   -   2   -   all comforts
4   -   5   -   physical health
5   -   1   -   success
6   -   4   -          family,status,reputation
7   -   7   -   dealth,illhealth
8   -   3   -   wealth
9   -   6   -   sorrow
10   -   2   -   all comforts
11   -   5   -   physical health
12   -   1   -   success
13   -   4   -         family,status,reputation
14   -   7   -   death, ill health
15   -   3   -   wealth

will post about proper timings and items to be used in abhisheka to get desired results

April 09, 2009, 05:12:06 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
For lord siva, abhisheka is more result yielding than archana.
But if an astrologer suggests only archana, you better do that .
Though there\'s no harm in doing abhisheka also

Usually abhisheks are done early in the morning around 1 hour after sunrise.

Using Panchaamrut  : 1. cow milk 2. cow ghee 3. cow curd 4. honey 5. sugar/jaggery

is using tradition

will post more about other material and their uses in next post

April 10, 2009, 07:38:05 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
some more tips

1. Using water poured in Sankh(conch shell) for abhishek  will reduce quarrels between family members and will bring down hysteria

2. Mustard oil for abhishek will keep enemies at bay

3. using honey will clear throat related problems

4. using buttermilk made from cow milk will reduce all health problems and excess heat in body

5. using milk + gingelly seeds will clear obstacles and is usuallu used as a remedy for ill effects of saturn

6. using sugarcane juice will give more wealth

7. using 1 lakh wheat grains for abhishek will give children

April 12, 2009, 04:02:17 PM
what is rudrabhishek? and how its done?
for love or mind related problems use what DCP and nagesh_vejju  talked about above your post.

for wealth and quick prosperity in business use sugarcane juice

hi Ranjana,
i tried this on maasivaratri this year which fell on chaturdasi and had some hurdles and health problems for a week.

my experience suggests that avoid 2,7,9,14 thithis even if they are festivals

the exact time at which you do abhishek/archana are important.


most imp  days : when SUN transits through ARUDRA star\'s 1st quarter(paada) , its called earth\'s mensus period.

its imp. to worship lord siva and chant his panchakshari mantra om namassivaaya during those 3-4 days, which usually come in 2nd half of june every yr.

** also the day with arudra star in december is holy

May 05, 2009, 05:48:59 PM
The Sphatik is a snow rock crystal and comes in purest and most favorable gem in the world. Sphatik is a clear transparent, glistening and smooth stone. According to Indian astrology, Sphatik is associated to the Planet Venus (Planet of love). Mostly Sphatik is used as a replacement for diamond to quiet down the effect of planet Venus. The idol which is prepared by Sphatik does not necessitate \"pran pratishtha\" before worshipping. Holy Sphatik Shri Yantra is used for universal winner and success in life. Sphatik Mala is widely used for meditation purposes. Regular worshiper of Sphatik statues gets good luck, cheerfulness and prosperity. Sphatik is the purest material obtainable on earth to make god idols for worship.


Sphatik or Quartz crystal is a gift given by earth and a good conductor of energy. The capacity of Sphatik is to increase or strengthen the positive things in you and make free from causes you fear or anger. Sphatik posses strong field of light and energy which can be used as a sonic protection in opposition to negative vibrations. Sphatik strengthen your ability towards a loving person and can improve your abilities to enjoy life and complete the things you desire in life.

Sphatik may strengthen purpose, diminish stress, help with Centering (balancing or soothing), support Healing abilities, and makes you with safety by strengthen white light. It is a natural crystal which has a more usual arrangement of atoms. In Sphatik these atoms vibrate at a very constant frequency. The characteristics of quartz make a brilliant acceptor and emitter of electromagnetic waves. Due to this quartz is normally used in radios, watches, and numerous electronic technologies.

June 29, 2009, 08:22:48 PM
sphatik yeah
its said to be the best stone/material which can be used for making japa malas
it will remove excess heat from body and gives good concentration

but excessive waring on skin can also cause impotency

June 30, 2009, 06:43:55 PM
Famous persons and their Past/Next Lives How many of you know who was Mahatma gandhi, Jawaharlal nehru, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan etc in their past lives ?

Robert Clive (1725-1774), British governor of Bengal, who was one of the founders of British rule in India.
Clive on June 23, 1757, with less than 3000 troops and with the help of a traitor within the enemy ranks, defeated Siraj-ud-Dawlah and his army of 50,000 at Plassey; this victory permanently embedded British power in India.

Clive returned to England in 1760 and bought a seat in Parliament. He was elevated to the Irish peerage in 1762 and knighted in 1764. The following year he returned to India as governor and commander in chief of Bengal.

Ill health forced Clive to resign his office. On his return to England in 1767, the enemies he had made in India and England accused him of having used his offices in India for personal enrichment and caused Parliament to impeach him. He defended himself brilliantly, but although Parliament acquitted him of the charges in 1773, the acquittal was so qualified as to make him feel disgraced. This feeling, continued illness, and addiction to opium at length resulted in his suicide on November 22, 1774.

Now, what happened to Clive\'s soul after committing suicide ?
He died with the blame imposed on him by british government that he misused his position, and also he was feeling sorry for destroying cultural heritage of india.

So, robert clive was reborn as Mohandas karamchand Gandhi on 2nd october 1869 , almost 95 years after his past life ended.

To seek his grudge over british government, gandhi fought against them and made them leave india but his mentality of getting fame by misusing power continued in this life too and he made nehru PM of india, though almost all PCCs supported Sardar patel.
Also to keep up his reputation high and make nehru PM instead of Jinnah, he allowed partition of india-pakistan, for which we are still praying the price.

Clive took revenge on british, who blamed him but indians kept suffering !!!
Thats why gandhi\'s own son wrote an article titled
Mahatma\'s Curse for India

July 24, 2009, 12:45:45 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life this was published in a book also

Bahadur shah Zafar, the last mughal emperor of india, who ran away to Burma during first sepoy mutiny in 1857, died there with the guilt feeling that he couldn\'t help soldiers in their cause to get independence

he was reborn as jawharlal nehru

Nehru fought for independence of india, became its first PM, but died again after depression from the loss in China war after 1962

July 24, 2009, 01:05:37 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life NO...According to researcher of past lives, Dr Walter Semkiw. Amitabh Bachchan had been linked to a plethora of beautiful actresses during his hey days and one of them was the sensuous Rekha. However according to Dr. Walter, Amitabh was a Victorian actor known as Edwin Booth during the 1860�s. And according to the researcher, Rekha is the reincarnation of Booth�s first wife, Mary Devlin Booth.

after her death, edwin booth married another stage artist by force of his family and was never interested in 2nd wife. now that 2nd wife is reborn as Jaya bhaduri/bachchan

Dr Walter Semkiw is a member of the board of directors of the International Association for Regression, Research and Therapies. In his book �Born Again� the researcher has shown with detailed studies and pictures how Amitabh Bachchan could be the reincarnation of Victorian actor Booth, how Rekha could easily be Mary Devlin in a past life and also how Jaya Bachchan could be the reincarnation of Booth�s second wife Mary McVickers. Devlin died after a few years of marriage and then Booth remarried McVickers. Well not all people may believe in past lives, but Semkiw definitely has put forth some interesting concepts in his book and is a staunch advocate of past lives.

Co-founder R.Ranganathan of the Institute of Metaphysics and Research, Pune says �Past Life Regression is all about opening your subconscious to learn about your past lives.� Dr Walter has compared the facial features, personality traits, interests, likes and dislikes of actors Amitabh, Rekha and Jaya in his book and according to him they come very close to the likeness of Edwin, Mary Devlin and Mary McVickers respectively. Walter�s has also used other high profile people from society and compared them with people from a past life.

Well whether you believe in the concept of past lives or not, we�re sure that Mr. & Mrs. Bachchan are not going to find their counterparts of a past life very insightful especially since it involves the tale of another romantic liaison with a popular ex-flame.

July 25, 2009, 01:26:18 PM
Ramanujacharya reborn in next life ramakrishna paramahamsa was born in tamilnadu and he met another guru through his disciple knew his past life , as that disciple was a naadi leaf reader.
it was written in his naadi that ramakrishna was supposed to attain salvation but he didnt know or understood god and was made to comeback on to planet earth to realise it, as he thought only godess kaali in idol shape was god
he went into space and searched for godess kaali but failed to realise that space itself is kaali

August 06, 2009, 02:32:21 PM