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Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Looking for advice
« on: February 18, 2016, 10:06:09 PM »
Hello senior astrologers,
I'm working as a free freelancer/ self employed entrepreneur  from past 4 years ( As virinchi sir suggested few years back). Now going for startup will be good option for me? I am feeling stuck at the moment and trying to expand through hiring some freelancers remotely. Getting pressure from my family as well. Will it be a good idea to pursuit on my own startup or If you like to advice further?

I am not keen to go for a regular job as I am doing good enough by God grace, But as self employed and freelancer/ solo entrepreneur is not a reputable option in our society at the moment or I must say according to my family and surroundings they don't consider this as  a stable career option. So from here going for startup is advisable ? really looking for suggestion what will be the best approach this time.   

I would appreciate if senior astrologers can take up this query. Virinchi sir if you have time can you please advice me further?

12 July 1990
Bikaner, Rajasthan

I would really appreciate your time and efforts with all my gratitude. I am regular follower of this forum.

Astrology Discussions / Pending Karma Query
« on: November 25, 2015, 01:09:24 PM »
Hello Learned Members,
I have a humble question regarding my pending karmas. If any astrologer guide me further regarding my pending karma's so I can realize and work toward those things more consciously and that will help my soul progress further. I am aware of the fact that this may be the toughest question to explore and can't be done for free. I am fine with this but If any astrologer interested in guiding me further, I will really appreciate that as being realized that what's better then getting answer of this intense question .
Most of the time people ask this question during their tough time. But not such case with me.
With respect, Virinchi Sir If you can please take this query?  :-X

With due respect.
Namah Shivay

Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Serious Query for my Sister
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:58:03 PM »
hello vrinchi sir,
I need to know what is happening with my sister. I mean she is affecting our whole family due to her nature and doing. Our family and I am feeling very depressed.

Pragya Saxena
1st Oct 1981
Bikaner, Rajasthan
14:01 - 14:15 ( Not confirm but she is born in between)

If you can see her chart. You himself get idea what's going on in her life and Why I am very emphasize for her life and may be you reply my query this time.

Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Studying Hard But No Luck
« on: May 17, 2013, 05:07:01 PM »
Hello Experts,
I want to introduce myself my name is saurabh saxena and i am 23 something Student of MCA(Master in Computer Application). This is not first time i am posting here in this forum i am a big fan of astrogle gaurang sir and Virinchi sir offcourse and i cant forget LEO and Sarieskera mam as a IPL fan i often read posts in IPL Predictions.Hats off to the staff.Last year guarang ji Advice me that there is no such luck in govt jobs for me but for my parents i decided i will give myself in preparation of Govt Jobs
But as i said last year also i was here with my issue. The issue is I am an IT Student but my parents force me to study hard and get a Govt job because there is a hard time for IT Industry and Job in a Private Sector,But my personal interest is in Internet Marketing,SEO and Development , I am a freelancer web developer as well but as my parents suggest i give great amount of time for preparing for govt exams as well. I am trying hard but from past 2 years no luck.
But now i am running through a critical stage where i must decide where to go really and i have great faith on god and astrology.My MCA is complete this is my last semester. Now i need to decide should i go for the Govt Exams Preparation, Or i already have no luck in that field so i adopt the IT Field.Try to get a Job in Private sector or I have also interest in opening my Own IT Company.I am really confused what should i do and i believe lots of other students in India facing the same issue.I respect my parents but i need a real advice. I cant waste more time in this confusion   i need to take a decision and i believe you guys and i just filled 3 forms for Govt Jobs related to IT Sector. Please help me.Virinchi sir you are superstar of stars for me.
Thanks in advance.

My Details are as follows-:
Name- Saurabh Saxena
Birthdate- 12 July 1990
Birth Time- 13:03
Birth Place- Bikaner, Rajasthan

Thanks in advance.

Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Very Nervous for my carrier
« on: May 31, 2012, 07:45:53 AM »
hello seniors,i request you to kindly read my astro, because i am in  very disappointing stage ,regarding how things are happening in my carrier
I am a Web Designer and Software developer student.Beside that i always take exams of government jobs etc.
i am really frustrated about my carrier what to do and what not to do,weather go in my computer field or just try to pull things in government related jobs.
i request forum seniors to kindly please give suggestions for my carrier prospective s.
gaurang ji and other seniors pls help me out, I need it badly.:(

I am not forcing for any detail predictions but just an outline as much as you can do for me.
How rest of the year affect my carrier?
which field i should go in private computer sector or government job?
i am away from my home right now, from my birth place from 2 years i am in jaipur right now .so i want to know weather i will get job in my birth place or here in jaipur

my birth details are as follows

12 July 1990, Bikaner Rajasthan
Time : 13:07 (IST) or 1:07pm(I dont know exactly but my parents belive that i was born in mid between 1 pm to 1:15)

Please its my humble request. if you do favor...:( :( :(

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