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Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Urgent Suggestion
« on: September 14, 2015, 11:18:07 PM »
Hi DB members,

I need urgently needed advice.. i am confusing a lot from past one month regarding my marriage.
My marriage trails delayed for a long time.Recently, my parents settled one alliance, eventhough i didnt like her, i have no option other than to accept.

As per my horoscope, second marriage is showing due to mercury in dual nature sign.

Actual, i had one love failure during 2009. Eventhough i didnt talk with her directly , we fought and abuse each other through mails due to misunderstood nature from her side and finally i intentionally called off her due to various reasons. After that i went to depression for almost 2 years.

Now due to my parents force, i accepted this alliance. Girls parents behavior is irritating me.. they questioned about my finances, loans , dues and parents take care after marraige. My worry whether can i go with this girl throughout my life, because answering to my heart is very difficult to me now.  one more reason, i am not at all feeling attracting to her. Still we are not engaged. next month my engagement will be there.

I know my horoscope is very bad. I'm not bother about my future. If any divorce happens, i feel bad because i know about my horosope. It really ditches  them by knowingly.

my dob: 28-01-1984
Birth place: puttur 13n27 79 e33
time: 16:55 PM
Andhra Pradesh

Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Career Advice Please
« on: August 14, 2015, 05:56:48 AM »
Hi Senior members,

I know Just basics of astrology but not that much that expert. So i need suggestion for my career. But i need to gain some money due to financial position. Becuase of that iam looking for foreign travel. By your posts in your db,I looked kp astrology. Saturn is in 12th cusp sublord and signifies 3,6,9,12. That means foreign travel is promised.

I am looking for job in foreign, foreign travel through my current company. When will i expect to go to foreign travel. Can i expect long and safe stay at foreign?? will i gain good amount??

My Birth Details:


28 January 1984

Time of Birth: 16:55, Nagalapuram near Puttur (13n27, 79e33). It is also closest to chennai.

Thanks in advance..

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