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Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Urgent!! Please help!!!
« on: May 29, 2017, 06:13:26 PM »
Virinchi sir/respected seniors...

Please help urgently. My wife had severe abdomen pain last night and was today diagnosed with a kidney stone. Fortunately, the stone is not too big but she had high fever with chills due to which doctor has advised to undergo laproscopic surgery to put a stent in the ureter to avoid any chance of kidney infection.

Even though its not a major surgery, I am very concerned about her because just two days ago my sister saw in her dream that my wife got a cut in her throat.

More so, when she woke up last night due to pain and came to me in the room I was sleeping to wake me up, the first question I asked her was that why is she wet. As far as I can remember, at the first glance after waking up, I saw her completely drenched in water but soon realized after touching her that it wasnt the case. I thought that it maybe because I slept really late last night and was woken up from dead sleep. But I just came to know that even my 4 year old son asked her the same question before she came over in my room. So whats the significance of seeing someone wet like this.

Therefore, fearing for any kind of threat on her life, I am in a dilemma of whether to go in for the surgery or no. Please advise as per our details given below :-

Name    kamal
Dob                           01-Jun-1983
Tob                            05.15 am
Pob                            jamshedpur
Married on              01-mar-2008
First child                 23-12-2012    00.58 am   new delhi
Moved to sydney     mar 2015
My dob                     12-sep-1980
Tob                           11.45 pm    approx
Pob                           new delhi
Moved to sydney   16-jan-2015

Would really appreciate urgent reply as we need to make a decision about surgery by 7 am local time i.e. 2.30 am ist today.

Anf sorry for posting under wrong thread as I guess I am yet not allowed under personal forum.

Thank you.

Hi everyone. I recently read an article that the maximum lifespan achievable by a human body even with all the advancements and technologies in medical science is 120 years. I hope it answers the question which a lot of people ask that why Vimshottari Dasha totals 120 years.

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