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Transits / Rahu in Virgo, Ketu in Pisces from 13 July 2014
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:16:30 PM »
Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in Virgo (Kanya Rasi) and Pisces (Meena Rasi) respectively from 13th July 2014 after 21:06 hours  IST (taking TRUE positions of nodes and k.p ayanamsa)

People who have been experiences restricted life since 2013, will see some relief in coming months as these two karmic planets will be out of the influence of another big karmic planet, Saturn.

Rahu in Virgo helps new discoveries in medical field, while Ketu in Pisces promotes quest for spiritual knowledge among people.

In general, these transits for next 18 months will be beneficial for people born under Moon Signs of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn

 If born under moon signs of Aquarius,Taurus, Gemini,Libra, Sagittarius , then Rahu will create problems.

 If born under moon signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aries, then Ketu will create few tensions.
Most effected will be Pisces and Virgo .

However, positive aspect of Jupiter from 18th june will save Pisces and Scorpio from ill-effects of Rahu+Ketu

Politics & Issues / Congress(I) Party Horoscope and Future Prospects
« on: August 08, 2013, 08:34:04 AM »
Congress Party Horoscope
Trying to analyze Congress Party horoscope. It was split and formed as Congress(I) by Indira Gandhi on 22nd November 1969 At 9.58am At Bangalore On Saturday.
There is one more date in Circulation, which is 2nd January 1978 at 9:00am at Delhi.

From past incidents both dates match with few events each but i personally feel 1969 date is more closer.
According to it, congress came back to power twice during its Mars dasa (2003-2010) and ever since Rahu dasa started 3 yrs back, its been facing charges of big scams. Even few of its leaders went to jail, splits at regional levels like YSRCP formation etc.

I would like to see opinion of others on which date to pick....


gaurang, can you find reasons why tamilians use solar calender when others use lunar ?
and why vaakhya panchangam has so much variation from other panchangs

Hanuman was born in Vaisakha (2nd) lunar month of indian almanac, when moon was in poorvabhadra constellation on a saturday.
But many are confusing the date and celebrating on fullmoon day of chaitra (1st) lunar month, when moon is in chitta constellation.

In chaitra (1st) lunar month, when moon is in chitta constellation, on a tuesday, hanuman has found seetha and also burned lanka on same day.

So tuesday and this day are celebrated as Hanuman Vijayam as he accomplished his task of finding seetha and warning Raavan by semi destroying his lanka.

I wonder why even organizations like Bhajrang Dal are ignorant about these

Real hanuman jayanti is on may 15th in 2012.

You can notice that people born with moon in poorvabhadra (Pooratadhi) have good built like hanuman

Astrology Discussions / Misuse of Astrology and Intuitive powers
« on: December 18, 2011, 03:52:52 PM »
Recently i\'ve seen people consulting astrologers and pyschic readers with intuitive powers for trivial issues.
This is MISUSE of the science and god\'s rare gift.

Recently one person called an astrologer to cast a chart to see if he would pass or fail in driving test.

One more person called a lady tarot card reader to find out where he lost his car keys(they were somewhere in his room but he was too lazy to search for them)

one more girl asked a horary question to know if the guy whom she loves, does love other girl or not? (none of them want to marry anyone. they just want timepass love)

A 70 yr oldman wants to know when his 92 yr old mother will die, so that he gets her propery.

a 30 year old fat lady wants to know if she should go for liposuction or not

one more guy wants to test vaastu of all lands he happens to visit, but he\'s not serious about buying anyone of them and he already got a prediction about when he would buy one.

the issues i\'ve seen are endless...

pls stop misusing the sacred science and dont waste precious time of astrologers for trivial issues like these..

If you\'re really serious to find an answer to such issues, meet some astrologer personally and pay them.
Then astrologer will feel your seriousness and answer you

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat in Tula Lagna and Vrishchik Rashi.

refering to article :

BJP really lacked leadership at centre ever since vajpayee stepped down.

look at modi\'s horoscope : (if date of birth is assumed correct, if anyone knows any other date.. they can discuss here), he has chances to become PM in 2014 but will be under continous life threats and pressure

Numerology / Numerology Predictions for 2011
« on: January 21, 2011, 11:42:05 AM »
If you are born on 1,10,19,28 dates of any month :

Number 1 Personality Traits: Ambitious, Independent and Creative

Number 1 Lucky Flower: Water Lily

General :
As per numerology 2011, number one people might need to take some important decisions in their professional as well as personal life. Marriage is on the cards for many single and eligible number one people in the coming year.

Career :
Numerology 2011 mentions that number 1 people will need to change their directions to reach their set targets and goals in 2011. They will get immense support from their co-workers.

Love :
As far as love is concerned, numerology 2011 predicts that most of the single number one people will be meeting their dream mates in the first quarter of the year itself. There are high chances for these people to be highly intimate and passionate in their love life in 2011.

Wealth :
2011 will be an easy and good year for the number one people in terms of wealth and finance. There won’t be any shortage of money for these people, as per Numerology 2011.

Health :
People having numerology number one are going to face some health problems due to over times and too much anxiety in 2011.

percentage of humans to other types of Beings is approximately 28 percent human to 72 percent other. In the USA it is slightly higher

Human .................................. 89.30 million

Sirians ......reptilian form............ 52.60 million
Sirians......human form................ 6.00 million

Annunaki....human/reptilian form........ 6.00 million

Pleiadeans...many and various forms..... 5.87 million

Arcturians.............................. 2.00 million

Gargoyles & other lower forms of alien life 6 to 700,000

Other reptilian species................. 300,000

Orbs.................................... 75,000

Artificial intelligences................ 7.376 million

Clones,Orion robots,
bio-mechanical Beings............. 7.5 million

Spicans................................. 600,000

Antarians............................... 245,000

Angelic Beings/sprites/water
and tree spirits ................ 4.685 million

Orions.................................. 27.1 million

Fairies, elves, elementals.............. 22.8 million

Pre-Pleiadeans (Lyrans etc)............. 21.0 million

Wraiths/MIBs............................ 1.0 million

Intergalactic criminals................. 5,000

Saurians................................ 9.5 million

Assorted other alien species 35.604 million

Astrology Discussions / Sick Spouse or cheating in marriage - K.P rule
« on: August 10, 2010, 10:57:48 AM »
How to find if your spouse will be sick and will he/she lie about this disease and cheat you into marriage ?

If your 7th cusp sublord is placed in a constellation, whose lord is conjunct Neptune, or if 7th cusp sublord is itself conjuct neptune, then spouse will be sick mentally or physically and this issue will be hidden by them and their family members.

After wedding it will be discovered and it may lead to divorce (depends on significators or 1,6,10 houses being stronger than 2,7,11 significators) and second marriage (depending on placement of 7th and 2nd cusp sublord)

The serpent of light that sleeps at the base of the spine is said to rise through the body to the head like the semen retained in vajroli. Along the way, she reveals that within this fleshly body we take for granted resides a \"subtle body\" comprised of \"wheels\" (chakras) and passageways connecting them. As she rises along the vertical axis of the body, parallel to the backbone, these chakras open, one by one, like lotus flowers; and as each one opens, we are introduced to a new level of consciousness. Our subtle body amounts to an internal diamond ladder. Indeed, the name given tothe \"transubstantiated body,\" the body no longer comprised merely of flesh but made up of a \"ladder\" of chakras is the \"diamond body\" (vajra-deha). The Sanskrit word vajra is variously translated as \"thunderbolt,\" \"diamond,\" and \"adamantine.\" Hard and brilliant as a diamond, kundalini moves with the suddenness of a lightning bolt; and the body she reveals is of like substance. \"The Mahabharata mentions a race of beings whose bones are like diamond . . . They are said to have a steady gaze, to live without eating, and to emit a beautiful scent\"
This chapter will be limited to a discussion of kundalini as a transformative energy. We shall return to the topic of the subtle body in Chapter Eight. For now it will be sufficient to give only one indication that kundalini\'s rise through the several [8] chakras of the subtle body is by no means always a gratifying experience. Basing her account on texts from Kashmir, Lilian Silburn notes the following disturbing indications of kundalini\'s ascent.

If while freely moving up it stops for a few minutes at each wheel and causes it to vibrate, during the long period of preparation, and when a center is pierced for the first time, certain, often spectacular, disturbances do occur; under the terrific pressure of the ascending Kundalini and the extreme tension she generates, the body can react in unpredictable ways. Thus a violent tremor spreads from the heart; then the vault of the palate starts vibrating. And just as the yogin becomes omnipresent, he feels dizzy -- a stage indicating celestial sight (divyadrsti), which pierces through everything unobstructed. And again, under the influence of the pure mystic Science, the limbs oscillate at the joints,  the heart throbs when the yogin shifts from the individual to the universal state.

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