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Dream Interpretation / snake in the sleep
« on: April 25, 2010, 09:01:39 AM »
learned members,

it was the night of akshaya tritiya this month, saturday night. wonder why such a fearful snake dream on such an auspicious day. had offered white rice and black sesame seeds in the morning at the shiva temple in our colony compound in the morning.

had asked my youngest brother and family to perform puja at kalahasti that saturday evening and they had been there - just a coincidence.

saw a snake in the dream/a white snake. tried to escape rolling farther away. the snake came nearer and seemed to surround my body and sniff me on the head behind,

i roared alond in fear in the sleep and woke up late into the night could be 4.00pm or so i guess - my family members woke up too on hearing me roar.  few minutes later i again went to sleep not saying anything to anybody.

never had such snake dream earlier.
yes, did roar in sleep twice earlier
when i was in the 5th standard or so summer vacation,
later once in mid 1985.

any critical meaning and implications to this dream, now! any future trends that could be expected.

regards and thanks,


currently no job since dec 25 07.
dob 06 jan 1956, 01-57am, tenali/andhra
chitra-3, kumbha navamsa
running saturn-jupiter-venus dasa

kalahasti charanau sharanam aham prapadhye!!!

myself had performed puja at kalahasti
on a saturday evening way back 02/03?


seeking job since dec 25 07, taught MBA-hr weekly classes june-nov 08, free again since then. had literally no job feb 02-dec 05. and again now. practically leading a retired type of life since 2002 impacting family peace. what has happened. is it planets or some other occult forces.

what are chances of my career renewal now, job again by any chance, what are my options now for my earnings with college going daughter and son and daughter to be sooner married. applying all across the country with very rare responses which again do not work out.

dob 6th jan 1956, 01-57am, tenali/andhra
chitra-3, kumbha navamsa, meena dasamsa,
running saturn-jupiter dasa

marriage event ref : 28th may 1983

hr professional by experience dealing with recruitment,training,performance appraisals, etc
astrology is my personal hobby.

started working early jan 1974 alongwith college studies. started as hr assistant to reach Manager-hr 1995-01.

jupiter is in my 11th house leo but saturn-jupiter dasa has not worked out till date. saturn yogakaraka in the 2nd house alongwith mars/rahu.
got a satisfactory assignment during saturn-mars dasa jan 06, a much better one in terms of remuneration during saturn-rahu mid 07 but followed by a quicker fall ending dec 07 saturn-rahu-ketu dasa.

how does one know that a job break would be too long or quite short or permanent.

seek valued empathetic astrocounsel from learned members for hope and learnings -  hope my chart would evoke interest!

thanks in all anticipation and, regards again,


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