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I always have a doubt. Can anybody identify that whether a person died or not  by looking at his chart. is it possible to identify the nature of death i.e. natural or unnatural. I am interested in identifying related material. I will be thankful if seniors can guide me.

I met so many astrologers and read so many books but could not find answer to one question? any body is there to help me?

Is it possible to find anyone as an incarnation of god by looking his or her chart. examples rama, krishna, ramakrishna, satya sai baba etc. if so how?

Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / when will I get another baby
« on: April 14, 2010, 12:28:14 PM »
I born on 17 jul 1971 around 6:30 am,near by vijayawada, I got married in7 jul 2007 at 10.07 pm.(hyderabad) my daughter born on 13-08-2008, 5.50 pm at macherla-Guntur district. I need confirmation about my exact time of birth and will I have son or not?

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