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Personal Horoscope Reading Forum / Pls Pls Pls answer me. Only ONCE.
« on: August 12, 2010, 03:50:24 PM »
I bow to u all learned and kind ones.

 I am Going through WORST phase of life from last 10 yrs(yr2000).(equivalent to \"death\")(in terms of emotions,health,work). Totally devastated  life since then.
tell REMEDIES ,POOJA and my ISHT DEV.(I love shiv , durga, n krishna).
dob - 25-09-1980 time - 4:30 AM place- new delhi karol bagh.
can i wear copper(sun)/silver(moon) metal  & white sandal(rahu)    &
yellow/orange colors.
can i daily donate daliya and gur to cow.
can i offer wheat flour and sugar to ants daily.
pls tell my malefic and benific planets.

  I will always remain kritagya to you forever.
Can u also elaborate my BENEFIC AND MALEFIC planets as they are basics so as i can MYSELF also do some EFFORTS to appease my malefic planets.
Also it seems form my experience that my mercury dasa ran from 1983 to 2000 which was till now best part of my life, after that in ketu dasa from 2000-2007 i was devastated, and now in venus dadsa its not very rewarding till now, i have not been able to recover my BALANCE till now.
Also my mind /emotions are restless and in pain- is that due to BAD MOON, shall i wear silver chain and bangle to appease it.  Because u know if MIND is right and strong u can face anything.
Again lots of thanks for your efforts and all good wishes from us weeping and painfull souls that u r showing light to.
regards and thanks,
(thanks is very small in front of your spiritual guidance and blessings)
Om namah shivay, om ganeshay namah.

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