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Vishwanathan Anand is currently playing his world championship defense. He drew the first six games and lost the 7th game and is trailing by a point. There are 5 more games remaining and hence Anand needs to win two more to win out right, or atleast need 1 more win to take it to rapids.

The games are on following dates:

8th game : 21st May 2012 : Starts at 3 PM Moscow time
9th game: 23rd May 2012
10th game: 24th May 2012
11th game: 26th May 2012
12th game: 27th May 2012

Please could the senior members help me understanding if astrologically Anand has a chance to retain his title?

Anand was born on 11th December 1969, in Mayiladuthurai, in TamilNadu. I do not know his birth time, but based on my reading, his life indicates that he may be born in Kumbha Lagnam

Please could the senior members help me


Transits / Jupiter Transit in Taurus from 16th May 2012 and effects
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:45:55 PM »
Dear Learned members
Please could you post rasi/lagnam wise predictions for the forth coming Jupiter transit into Taurus.

Thanks and Respects


Transits / Saturn Transit in Libra, 2011-2014 and effects on signs
« on: October 24, 2011, 10:47:15 AM »

Enlighten on the upcoming Saturn transit in November 2011 and predictions for all raasi's.


Hello Learned members,

I will straight away clarify that this post is not intended to get free predictions. I am just curious when I noted something about my forth coming birth day. I have heard that every 19 years, the date of birth and nakshatram falls on the same date and it happened to me when I was 19. This year, on 13th April, I am turning 30, and I noticed that 13th April 2011 is also my nakshatram (aslesha) and the same thithi as I was born in (sukhla dasami). I have never heard of such an occurance. Have anyone else had such a birthday? I am just curious to know this is happening.


Astrology Discussions / Combination for Sanyasa and dealing of Vakhra
« on: March 29, 2011, 02:15:32 AM »
Hello All

I am new to the forum. Please could you someone assist me with answers for two questions.

1. How to determine if a person will become a sanyasi or a spiritual guru based on his horoscopre.

2. How to deal with a planet if its vakhra (retro)? I am confused as there are many thoeries for this one.

Thanks in advance

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