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Dear Eminent members,
Does the following timing point matter in marriage and do they ensure safety despite hurdles in married life. The time at which the following events occur --

1. In Hindus- Time of mangalsutra worn around the brides neck
2. In Muslims - time of accepting "QUBOOL hai"
3. In Christians  - The words - "I do".
and in other religions too where the timing point comes of accepting each other as husband and wife.

Do those timing of the above acts decide the marriage safety from seperation even if divorce exists in rasi chart??

100% pure

Astrology Discussions / A Billionnaire in advance
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:52:36 PM »
Money is the petrol to survive in this cruel world of Power. what kind of planetery combinations or dashas you have known so far re have come accross which can give you a hint or a clue to an astrologer to find an EARLY Billionnaire in making. I have known a few rags to riches stories where the common placement are 3 planets in one house,  which are nearly true to make even a rag picker to a billionnaire status. I am a newbie and this is my observation. Your valued inputs would help many learners like me.

100% Pure

Respected Learned Master Gurus,

O Great learned ones--What is your prediction for property markets for the coming year 2012 and from when will they go down from the present prices?? or will they go up ?? Specially 4 cities- Mumbai Delhi Bangalore and Chennai. Is there a specific precise time and month that you can gauge.

Regards 100%

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