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Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 02, 2011, 06:35:21 PM »
f someone does not understand me, I can write you in Russian, and that someone be interested in reading my writings, he will pick himself a translator, which translates into better English, Hindi., Yiddish, or Turk.
But I ignore you will not, as has come to you to set your mind astray., Which began to show his ego lies in that I would be in response to the ego of the truth. . After all, only in karma and the two forces oppose each other, so that the first could be developed. Thank you I speak need not, \"my job to pull out of the marsh the hippopotamus.\"

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 02, 2011, 04:17:26 PM »

Author: .seth, what you are trying to say has already been explained in Varnish’s post clearly

Virinchi in the processes of fate just does not understand or that you do not know when it read make such conclusions. Woman forbidden to teach before. Because she has no mind, she lives on the emotions.
In the Gospel of Thomas is saying number 118, which describes the status of women. as God\'s creation.

The Apostle Peter was jealous by nature, away from him and went left of matriarchy way the Catholic Church.

The Apostle Peter said, \"Let Mary leave us Magdalene, a woman is not worthy of life\"
To this Jesus replied to him: \"Let them remain, and you\'ll see. I will send Mary and she will be a man or spirit alive as you are men \"

Not literally, of the gospel is not at hand. And gave a friend who has read his wife\'s nose starts to poke into the affairs of state that it does not allow women on the current science supports a low-feminism. His wife is a lawyer, because it is the lowest form of development, because the mind has no material knowledge. He organ error and can not have knowledge, and to distinguish between good and evil.
In our world, not every man can do it, but at this time distinguishing one. I mean women do not speak.
If you read the Bible at least once, you\'d be in the Old Testament, in the second creation, which was after the Flood would have noticed that after the flood, God gave the word a man not to drown it in water. But everything is still in this world, all drowned in shipwrecks and even in a spoonful of water. But God is the greatest truth and he can not lie to anyone - then I realized that we are not human and was awarded the \\ state of mind and soul themselves, justifying the state of the same soul. It is from ignorance, as in your case, described the fate of Virinchi.
So the man was Christ, he walked on water, and the apostles who were at 50 days after his ascension men were taken from this world, so before Christ\'s crucifixion, they like all of us were called demons of the mind of the material. A man of war is not only the demons do. And India had long been a spiritual country, there rose a state of mind, then your company has fallen spiritually. Because the Inquisition and burned by Copernicus and other demons of the mind of the material, because the truncated these monkeys chained to a tree of life, or to matter. A matter is an illusion or deception, just like you Author: there is a typical representative of this species. The woman has no seed of mind. it as the matter can only grab and save the seed, she has no idea born of creation, God has rejected her in this. So tell me dear, why should I listen to the ravings of your mind. or even an emotional outburst and other men of intelligence material, which not being able to distinguish already started hitting on me at this forum? You\'d better know your soul, your socium God gave this teaching just as the Vedas, a Jew Kabbalah, so that he could learn how to deceive others and split a single power of God. as do the sectarians of different faiths, different religions, which the mind can not embrace the one God and begins to crush him to pieces because of the narrowness of their minds. I will clearly explain your respected place in society and the state of your mind? The woman has no knowledge of the truth, it is not a man, then she is forbidden to touch it before as astrology and other free science, so as not to distort and so distorted by men. native intelligence material.

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 01, 2011, 10:42:45 PM »
You yourself do not get bored on this forums  sir ??? You can even have artificial barriers. to forum visitors. You still take money for counseling, but God said, \"Freely you received, freely give\"?? Only the material mind gets the illusion of money and gives it too for the money. Such a fate of the material mind, he can only lie, truth, for it is terrible

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 01, 2011, 10:12:43 PM »
You are correct sir, answers must be given reasonable people, the sooner someone to take them better and do not know them. and if he understood them in their own way. hence it is a problem of mentality. We say, \'Hunchback just straighten the grave.. \" Do not take this as an affront sir, it\'s just the truth. Another grandfather, Adi said: \"To each his own,\" and I\'ll add on my own, in terms of development of the species

Occult and Magick / Know any trick to make a wish come trie?
« on: August 01, 2011, 07:55:08 PM »
I watched the women who wanted to know when they have children and treated me for construction of a horoscope and predict the birth of children. So if you want something that badly, then it\'s already sold your karma, and if you already have a gift of fate to feel, then all that you think of coming true. Ah so I was always looking over time throughout the year birth for those women and children must be born.
I do not want anything in this life. I have no desires. When they suddenly appear, I already know that they will come true. I look at my horoscope and see it in my life in the near future. Or, I first look at your horoscope and then I also already know what happens to me and this image as a desire to materialize in my life .. When I have an unconscious desire, I do not create new Samsar, and old I\'ve worked out before he died, because bursts of desire are rare and they always necessarily true.
All applications for these tricks. This is also fate that makes us in the astral world by way of destiny.
Those who see aliens. This is the essence of the lowest in the world, it imposes on them the astral that image, that which is not even in reality a normal person .. We are aliens in this world and they came every one from his world. All the tricks that you are discussing here are associated with lower astral, sidhi here do not participate. Why is separation. Some predict the Pendulum, who is higher on astrology, and the prophet sees the future of the past and present.

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 01, 2011, 05:38:21 PM »
I do not understand your words. You can write simpler, because Google translator, which I use on the Internet was created for the English, it translates the text into Russian does not understand. He works in a moan. I meet with this constantly talking to Indian astrological forums. Maybe your English is not the same as the British are now talking in a world of their own dialect, so that the devil broke his leg until you understand the meaning of the translation. A set of words without meaning. And yet imperfect electronic translators exacerbate the communication.

I will try to answer your question, what to do when fate. That is, if I understood correctly translate your question.
Destiny to fulfill, and not avoid it because fate still will not change. If you get the future under the law development level. Which has always existed in such worlds, then God knew at the front, he created a code that goes in favor of development. A mind is material, which can only assume is not able to distinguish between good and evil, means to come to terms with fate, we have no choice.
Enlightened, when the state gets out of space and time, or outside the mind, is not immune to fate, and returning to this materialized world image, he again ruled by fate. The prophets know this and do not resist fate, \"they stand in the middle\" and watch as the world revolves around them. They also look through the eyes of knowledge. Their perception of the world is not such as have others. Religion is necessary for production of the Faith, and so it is the chest of a group of child care where God blind faith, but still do not understand what God is and how he created this world image. to ease the work of removing a patient soul madness ..
You write to me again plain and simple, and I\'ll try to answer too is understandable, though it is difficult to perform

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 01, 2011, 12:25:48 PM »
In the Vedas it is said. that the land there is 4.32 billion years old. So this is an allegory of rebirth in the shower with the cycle of matter in this time period, to soul was the whole cycle of energy recovery and returned to its anti-world, in the state of freedom from fate. Here I am a Slav. The level of development which I have given to Christianity. And since I already had a marvelous long Hindu. Because of your teachings given by God for your levels are still alive in me and you as first on the development of Hinduism do not have experience, it will still be a big problem to understand.
The mind has no knowledge. this is a subtle energy. most distant from the soul. The mind is dual in nature. It can be thick to assume. to plan, deceive, err. accumulate useless knowledge through scholarship .. so that we guys are demons mind and material, and is translated as circle of the Zodiac animals. If the course is among you a person who can distinguish doyubro and evil, and knows the proper construction, not distorted by astrology, then this will be one of the 10 million born in this land one of these .. Although this came into this world Indigo children. This is the warriors of God to kill demons cannibals (Rakshasa created from Brahma\'s feet)
So the prophets know. that fate does not change the matter, only when you have disconnected consciousness, you find yourself in a state outside of fate, but there you spend as much time as necessary under the destiny and then again turn your mind and you\'ll find yourself under the influence of fate. In the Bhagavad Gita states that every soul stands in the queue one by one. So here we are in the range of 360 ° rebirth stand one after the other and articulating his next destiny we get a new from in front. All of this makes sense. Since God knows in advance how to restore your energy. And since it is the collective over the mind. It consists of separate shower. Which, as a matter of overheating in the fall for the energy recovery of His God. All fates are always repeated and has already been written on before, God does not need steamed with you, everything is going according to His law. Yoga also treated his body, and spirit of yoga Hatha yoga is not worried over his body. They are more important than soul. Here is the principle of eternal God, who restores himself as Jesus being the Son of God (man), he was able to restore itself in the image, the power of reason to restore the image of the body., As well as to parse it.
In this world comes a day 72 of the Soul, the other that gives you an illusion of statistics of your real perception of the world, this is the Archons, the material gods of the astral plane, creating images of people. but they have no soul, yoga, see these entities. That crowd as God before his eyes flashed, and you consider them alive, but you do not talk to them and do not touch them. This mirage of your mind. So what in the world of the Indians as much as other species, no billion Chinese and your fellow citizens, so to all. So many supposed otrytsya passages for passing shower in the shell of consciousness in this world of development, it is an illusion to you through your mind not having the knowledge to impose a fraud. Since the soul in this world to be in septenary seven shells of energy consciousness, which rotate in opposite directions and through the mountain lions and five organs of sensation you astral forces (the demon image and thought) creates the perception of the world materialized, even where the mind is not yours and they also Astral operates. So everybody goes to his fate and as a religious fanatic given to blind faith, it may not yet have and its annex, which is called Truth. Wherefore it is said that the demons also believe in God and tremble. It says everything about us, the demons of the mind of the material that eat meat are at war with ourselves and call this a war with Jihad, have the image of women and children. And truly we are each in their own shell sitting, we do not even breathe, there is no air, air movement is the concept of the energy of your consciousness, it is only in the perception of the material is present, as well as time and the planet and all that you used to be called by their names.
So that without having any knowledge of the Truth astrology as a science will not suffer the fate of anyone. Everyone gets on his fate. Or \"to each his own.\" And with your mind even more to know nothing, only the illusion you accept as reality and deceive the whole world talking. that you are the chosen people, and in fact, Jews for example occupy last place in the spiritual hierarchy, and you do not know even then that if you\'re smart, you\'re the lowest form of development. You have to be stupid, this is a state of faith and closer to the truth, even the concept of real is not true you know. This is all from the same mind, who, through astral deception creates your destiny
To be out of fate. to stop the mind, but it can not be one until the soul has passed the appropriate number of rebirths and not degenerate into the mind and sow the seed in her will and mind Holy Spirit himself. Shakti, or God.

Then I\'ll tell you about the birth and I will destroy your illusion of apparent child\'s birth. This is also a misconception of the mind, like the rest of your astrology. There are only two books in this world, which, if properly translated enlightened man and give them the right way astrologers, not the mind, then the mind will still distort this knowledge, because the mind can not accept the truth, he would always preach lies, but we are different and standing in their respective places in the chain of rebirths and receipts lives. In this world of balance and truth always will always struggle with falsehood. A false will tend unconsciously to the truth.
Sorry. That the quality of the translation wants to be better. I angshliysky not taught. I have only 7.5 years of comprehensive school, If my will, but no luck and jujube are not educated and do not clutter up your mind this unnecessary waste. who still do not know. and deception of the mind.
That\'s the truth of God u guys. Is not that what you read in books.

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 01, 2011, 12:25:07 PM »

It raised the question of the fate of the beginning of the soul consciousness enveloped certain levels of development. Fate is present only in the matter. The material is crushed Gods power (God) on his particle (the soul) and the envelop of consciousness. So in this world is embodied consciousness is the image of the stone. When you are after the animal rises to the level of inkstinta material demon, you are given intelligence material, the body which has no knowledge, who can not distinguish between good and evil. So there is no choice. The highest point of the mind in this world, Jew. Means the highest point of confusion and atheism. Uda and Jesus came. so that its society of unbelief and atheism killed. And he, as man was able to rebuild itself and recover. Advanced Yoga is also a higher astral plane. mean matter. What matter for the (astral) this is immaterial. There is born a man. Man is a twice-born status. from the material mind and the mind illumined (Truth). In English. as the most primitive has no concept of the Mind, what I write here, is translated as the mind. We live in the second creation, which began after the Flood, is an allegory about a talking immersion of the world to the level of intelligence material. God gave the first creation of Adam to Noah. is 10 demigods, as the level of transition from mind to mind, there could have chosen to become a man, and after the flood, people in this world was not, only those who came to the Kali Yuga, it was the teachers and prophets to the world on the level of Christ, or the third son of Adam, Seth. First and second son of Adam is an allegory of good izla confrontation. Then these two sons of Adam are not mentioned. In genealogical ladder of Jacob, which shows the spiritual growth of the demigods and shower each relating to his demigod .. The Vedas are you to the knowledge of his soul, but few of the Indians understood them, and in this dark time of matriarchy mind can not understand the illumined mind, because his perception of diametrically Truth. In the Vedas it is said.

Astrology Discussions / CAN WE CHANGE OUR DESTINY
« on: August 01, 2011, 12:24:16 PM »
Karma does not change, God will not allow you to create chaos in this middle world of matter ..

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